Mobile DrudgeReport

Website last updated on Nov 8th, 2010

Mobile DrudgeReport is a reformatted version of the DrudgeReport made to be viewed by mobile devices. Any device capable of displaying HTML should be compatible, though the site is only tested on major smartphone platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile). From time to time the code is updated to adapt to any changes that Matt makes to his page structure. If you see that it's missing some of the links on the DrudgeReport, email me (address is at the bottom of this page) and I'll fix it in a timely manner.


Known issues:


The Mobile DrudgeReport was made by Jon Gales. The project started for personal use, and is simply intended to aid mobile users who want news on the go. It is in no way meant to be a desktop replacement for the DrudgeReport. All questions and comments should be sent to: