List of content farms

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Now that Google has an official extension to block domains from search engine results, I thought it would be handy to list the largest and most prevalent content farms. Google’s Personal Blocklist works well, but doesn’t let you access a shared block list so it’s up to you to have a good list. It also makes you add sites from Google search result pages, so you’ll have to search for these domains and use the new block links that get injected by the extension. It’s a few more hoops to jump through than I’d like, but well worth it for less spammy SERPs going forward.

Update: Google has now made this an official feature of their web search, so there’s no longer a Chrome extension required. It’s a bit more of a hassle to block sites with, but having cross browser support is a big win (I was already bugging out seeing spam results in my mobile searches).

Update on March 23rd 2013: Google has removed the Blocked Sites feature and is suggesting everyone use the extension. The list below should still be a good starting place.

List of content farms and general spammy user generated content sites:

Note: The links go to a Google search for the associated domain, which lets you easily add it to your block list.

Further note: while it should go without saying, the below list of content farms is entirely of my own opinion. If you disagree, don’t block them (and feel free to comment and tell me why).

I’ll keep this list updated as I go. Please leave a comment if you see any I missed.