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From time to time Jon posts something for other people to use (or maybe download). Here's what is currently up for use.

715 Franklin

A creative co-op based in Tampa, FL

Donald Trump Assault Database

A timeline of Donald Trump's failures to pivot toward being Presidential


Tampa installed 60 hi-def CCTV cameras before the RNC and I mapped their locations

Crossword Tracker

A reverse crossword puzzle database and search engine

it's for dinner

Original recipes, tips and kitchen equipment reviews

Netbook Tracker

A browseable/searchable database of all the netbook computers on the market

Local Eater

A restaurant database organized by neighborhoods. Find out what's near you, not what's across town. The test data set is for Tampa, but should expand soon.

Mobile DrudgeReport

A service that strips out the clutter of the DrudgeReport so that it can more easily be viewed on a mobile device. There are two versions, with and without images.

More coming soon!