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Here’s a test-post from NetNewsWire… All I had to do is enter my URL, username and pass. NetNewsWire went to the site, pulled down a meta tag that told where to access the web service from.

What is the advantage of writing from a client? It’s got some nice features:

  • Spellcheck as you type (via OS X’s Cocoa)
  • Support for custom tags. If you have a combo that you do a lot, you can have access to it right from a drop down menu.
  • I’m always using NetNewsWire, so it’s quicker

Update: It worked great. A lot faster than when I post to my MovableType powered sites. I only wish that I could upload images from here… That’s why I don’t use it to post to MobileTracker more.

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2 Responses to “Posting from NetNewsWire”

  1. Illtron says:

    In all fairness, you can do spell check in the browser in OS X if you’re using Safari. For uploading, try Kung-Log, it’s amazing, though I haven’t set it up with TypePad just yet.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    Heh. But that would mean using Safari (I’m a Camino user). I can’t get past the brushed metal, and I’m quite addicted to URL-substition powered favorites.

    I tried out Kung-Log a while ago, I’ll have to give it another whirl. I didn’t really like its interface, but that may have changed.

    I think NNW will gain uploading soon enough (seem to remember a post about it a while ago on Ranchero). I appreciate its elegance when compared to something like K-log. And that it’s always running :).

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