T68i email useless

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For the most part I love my Sony Ericsson T68i… I really do. However, its email functionality is amazingly limited. Simple things like being able to save addresses (or even getting an address from the phonebook) cannot be done. While in the phone book I can’t hit the menu key and email a contact. It’s a quick hack that allows their PR monkies to say it “supports POP mail”, not a well thought out and integrated feature.

Why the complaining? Well when trying to post to this here weblog via the phone, I wanted to save some time by not having to input a 16 character alpha-numeric random key @typepad.com email address more than once. I won’t remember it, so I figured I would be able to input once and use many times. No dice. Also, inputting non-words into a mobile phone is a tough process (no T9).

Thinking I could one-up Six Apart, I made a forward address so that I could type xxx@mobiletracker.net (not the actual address of course) and have it forward to the 16 character alpha-numeric random key @typepad.com email address. Well, Six Apart is too smart for that.

I could opt to use the reply back feature, but even then I’ll have to input an email address every time I want to post. Not handy at all. Shame on Sony Ericsson.

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2 Responses to “T68i email useless”

  1. Pete Hopkins says:

    I have a T68i and am able to get e-mail addresses from the address book. On the screen that lets you type in an e-mail address press the arrow left and you should get taken to your address book.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    You’re a genius Pete! For every other feature you can just hit the menu button (below yes) to get the options.

    I’ll have to try the phone post again!

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