Free slurpees

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711_slurpee_d.jpgAs smart people, I’m sure you all realize today is free slurpee day. For those of lesser intellect, it’s 7-11-03 which is a great date for a clever marketing ploy for the crack PR team over at 7-Eleven.

If you get one let me know… I want to start a movement and cost 7-Eleven at least $4.

Update: I got mine. It’s a mere 7.11 ounces (told you it was a marketing ploy), but it’s 7.11 ounces of sugary frozen Pepsi. You can’t beat that.

Oh, and welcome to all the Kottke readers. Hope everyone hearts Mena!

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3 Responses to “Free slurpees”

  1. Lee Bennett says:

    well it is now officially too late (the time says 11:59:53 at this moment i type…whups, there’s midnight) but i wonder if 7-11 would do anything special for me or anyone else who’s birthday is july 11.

  2. Ed Dowd says:

    Has anyone tasted the brand new Diet Pepsi Slurpee that contains a new sweetener called Tagatose? Rumors abound that it has been in 3 cities for several months and that Pepsi is in the process of delivering it to 7-11’s nationwide. I’d really appreciate knowing which states and cities now have the product on site. .

  3. 79 Decibels says:

    Free Slurpee Day!

    Free slurpee day mofos!

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