Nokia 5100, the first SUP

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5100_1.gifGot the Nokia 5100 in for review today (for MobileTracker). Very nifty. It’s the first of a new class of phone that I am dubbing SUP’s (Sport Utility Phone).

It’s not for corporate whore’s, but it’s not for poor kids. The waterproof exterior that lets you chat in the rain is a nice touch. As is the built in LED flashlight. It’s not all gadgets though, it’s got a 4,096 color display and all the trimmings (XHTML browser, MMS, Java, polyphonic, speakerphone).

The unexpected feature is an FM radio. You need to have the hands free plugged in (works as an antenna), and it works quite well. You can even make it go through the speaker phone for those times where you just gotta have something going on.

PS: It’s also got a thermometer and now I know I’m not crazy… It IS hot in here!

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