Winer Watcher is fun for the whole family

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Winer Watcher is a great tool… It probably has a better use than Scripting News, but it’s powerful nonetheless. It reminds me of a teacher/boss hovering over you while you work, but since I let people know when I update a post, it wouldn’t bother me.

I’d like to see Mark aim this beast at something like the New York Times or the Washington Post. From doing my fair share of scraping, I see that they change stuff all the time. It would be interesting to see what. Of course, a fair share of their content is either from the AP or from the paper so you’d have to pick your battles wisely. I’m sure there is enough original work to make it fun.

The problem with taking WW to the Times is that the RSS feed isn’t full posts. You’d either have to create one (not that hard) or just write WW to work on normal .html documents and then make sure to identify content areas (don’t want ads messing things up).

So Mark, how about it?

Update: Mark has password protected the site. Sorry if you missed out on the party.

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7 Responses to “Winer Watcher is fun for the whole family”

  1. Brian Dear says:

    Fox News Launches ‘Winer and Pilgrim’ Talk Show

  2. Jon Gales says:

    Nice. Submit that to CNN, I think they picked up Jason Blair as their resident fact checker.

  3. Tom Bridge says:

    I would love to see real, honest-to-Ned, RSS feeds from the Washington Post, It would be just great to follow columnists (like Cindy Webb and Filter) or the O’s column, etc. That stuff is made for RSS…


    They will not listen, though.

  4. Jon Gales says:

    NewsIsFree has some feeds for the Washington Post… Not full-text, but they should help you keep track of stuff.

  5. filchyboy says:

    Now where did you get that idea?

  6. Jon Gales says:

    Hah. I don’t know who posted first, but I came up with my idea completely on my own. It’s a crazy world :).

  7. filchyboy says:

    Just giving you a hard time. It’s a fecund idea. We probably are not the only two.

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