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nnw.jpgI subscribe to a lot of feeds. So many that I almost consider NetNewsWire a friend. You say “Ya buddy, we all have a lot of subs in NNW. You’re not special.” Well you’re probably right…. but mine are organized like only a sick freak could manage (see screen shot).

Yes, that is an incubator. What’s it for? Any new feeds I add get stuck in there for a few weeks just to make sure they are really as good as I thought. I wouldn’t want to put something half-assed in the mix of pure goodness now would I?

I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t even use folders to manage their subs. If you’re in NetNewsWire, just go up Subscription>New Group. Very handy. Also, you may note I have a “Live Journal” folder. Since I am not a member (thus do not have a Friends page) but want to read a few journals I stash them all in there. With any LJ user, just tack a /rss to the end and you’ll get a feed:

It's pretty handy. So let's get this rolling. How many feeds do you watch? I just trimmed about 30 off (a lot from the incubator actually) and I'm down to a thin 93.

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9 Responses to “RSS Anonymous meeting tuesday”

  1. Lee Bennett says:

    51 but thinking of dumping a couple yet am willing to add others if i deem them nifty.

    i need an “incubator” like yours.

  2. mark says:

    Only a paltry 34, but constantly in search of more. Thanks for the group idea, mine are organized now.

    I’ll be borrowing the incubator idea as well.

  3. Adam Keys says:

    Suckers. 151 subscriptions. 8 groups. Groups are a savior. Without them, trying to get through everything is massively demoralizing.

    I like your incubator idea though. I’d probably only bet at 120 if I used that. Creating one now…

  4. John Roberts says:

    53 subscriptions, 7 groups. I like the incubator idea, although I don’t add feeds willy-nilly.

    I thoroughly understand Adam’s comment about “trying to get through everything is massively demoralizing” (and I have 1/3 the subs).

  5. Jon Gales says:

    Anyone else really digging the combined view? It’s sweet. Little rough on big groups (at least on a slow machine), but I love it. Especially once WebKit gets bundled :).

  6. yaj says:

    18 groups [i’m a big folder guy] though i love the idea of an incubator… consider it added! thx.

  7. Dave Rogers says:

    49 subscriptions, but I realize that what I want now is an aggregator that is organized around saved searches from Feedster, as well as regular subs.

    There are more RSS feeds coming online every day, and I can’t hope to track all of them, or discover those that cover things of interest to me. Feedster helps to point those out, but I’d like some way to set up Groups that correspond to Feedster search queries. That way any feed that pops up on Quicktime is brought to my attention. More signal, less noise.

  8. -wonderyak- says:

    To fit like a glove.

  9. Kookaburra says:

    RSS roundup

    Fellow TypePad beta tester, I heart Mena, offers some tips on how to really make good use of NetNewsWire via the group function. It has really accelerated how I rip through my 102 RSS subscriptions. Meanwhile over at CNN they

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