Support ticket phenomenon

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I’ve submitted 3 support tickets in the TypePad system. Only two are of interest (one was an accident and I marked it as closed soon after I opened it). The two in question are #1009 and #2009. Yes. I skipped exactly 1,000 posts between questions. What are the odds? Follow my pseudo-statistical calculations below to find out.

  1. 1) Odds of first ticket being number 1,009 is 1/1,009*
  2. 2) Odds of first ticket being number 2,009 is 1/1,000
  3. 3) Together this means the odds are 1,009*1,000 or simply 1,009,000

Too bad I can’t say “one in a million”… Sounds a lot cooler than “one in one million and nine thousand”

* I realize this is a stretch… The odds are completely determined by time. I couldn’t really have supprt ticket 1. To get the true odds I’d have to find out how many tickets were in the queue when I started becoming a tester. This is just for fun purposes. You math types that try to ruin my fun have pathetic sad lives. Go away.

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