Filed under: Rant | No Comments » launched today. No big surprise. It’s lame too:

1) Their search is broken. They messed up the HTML. Here’s where the form points:\searchResults.aspx

Dumb asses. Backslash baby…. Backslash.

2) It’s based on WindowsMedia. That would make me nervous.
3) They say 79¢-$7.95, but I just looked up 50 Cent and it’s 99¢/$9.99. Beynoce is 99¢ too… But hey–Tommy Lee is 79¢!
4) Album cover art is broken (404’s)
5) Eminem is 99¢ too. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but no one that’s popular is 79¢.
6) DRM is a little weird. It’s artist specific. With the iTMS I know I can download a song (re-download if I need to), burn it to a CD x times, and if need be transfer it back and forth to a portable x times. This Coldplay single can only be burned 3 times and transfered 3 times. That’s really lame if you don’t have an iPod (especially solid state players that max out at 128MB).
7) Their ads are exactly like Apple’s. Look for Apple Legal to rape these poor souls.

Update: Added an extension to #1

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