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By running a [semi] popular website, you are automatically set in the sights of nearly every dumb ass with a keyboard. Here’s the actual text of an email (from our feedback form) I received today. It’s edited to have the source remain anonymous:

To: jon AT macmerc.com et al
Subject: MacMerc Reader Feedback
From: xxx@mac.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 08:38:37 -0700 (PDT)

Sender’s Name: XXX
Sender’s E-Mail: xxx@mac.com
Message: I am sure you folks like Newtons. So perhaps it would be better to say Newton Tricks. Get rid of the word stupid.

He was talking about this post (it’s titled “Stupid Newton Tricks”). As I<3Mena readers, I'm sure you all grasp the allusion to David Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks", but even if you do not (international for instance), it is plain to see that we do indeed like the Newton:

Apple’s Newton is a great example of a well made gadget. Even though they’ve been KIA for many years, Mac-geeks are still making them do new and cool stuff. Seven Frank of Panic Software fame has his Newton checking his Mac.com email via a wireless GPRS connection fed by his Sony Ericsson P800. Why? Because he can. We salute you Steven!

If that isn’t geek love, I don’t know what is. Even Steven called his post, “Stupid PDA Tricks #2304”.

Oh well, 1,300 other people understood.

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