USPS tracking is a joke

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Call me a conservative, but the USPS is worthless. Take for instance their “tracking”. It was instated because consumers were laughing at them for not having tracking, and then going to UPS/FedEX/Airborne even though it costs more. Imagine paying more for a better service?

Anyway, USPS finally got with the 21st century (a while ago, but this is still relevant) and has tracking on some shipments. Everytime I have had a package coming via USPS that includes tracking, I check the site religously. Every time I get greeted with the same thing: it’s been shipped.

Yes, just that it has been shipped. I knew that. I couldn’t be checking it if it didn’t ship. Like the moron I am, I keep checking for updates (something that UPS/FedEx/Airborne do all the time) and nothing changes. I then receive the package, and then check the site (see, wasn’t kidding about the moron part). Still nothing. A few hours later it updates and said it has been delivered. Again… I KNEW THAT.

This faux tracking is nothing more than a bureaucratic tease. It half works–I keep checking just in case they get their junk together. It’s a lost cause.

So why do I ship with USPS? Stupid Amazon. I can’t see paying extra so I can track how slow it’s taking. I’m not sure how they decide who to ship with, the last time I selected “super saver shipping” (AKA free), they sent it UPS and I got lovely/timely meta data.

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763 Responses to “USPS tracking is a joke”

  1. Wenchie says:

    Woohoo finally some one else who thinks USPS sucks. My mother, in ny, always sends stuff that way to me. With me being in Las Vegas, I am always trying to track things. So I completely understand your frustration!

    • in understanding says:

      So good to know im not the only one to feel this way, like being in some kind of death camp for shippments. We know we are all going to suffer, but it helps a little to know your not alone.

      • Brittney says:

        I have noticed their lack of ability to update anything. I am not so much angered by their slacking, but because of the fact that they CHARGE people to do it. I refuse to use USPS unless absolutely necessary until they figure out how to do use the computer…welcome to 2010!

        • Kaleb says:

          I think usps is junk myself… it takes them 10 times as long to ship me something from 700 miles away than having me drive there and pic it up myself…

          • USPS Sucks says:

            It’s not just the tracking system at USPS that sucks. The whole organization has gone to hell in a basket full of crap! What ever happened to “neither rain, nor snow, blah, blah, blah”? I now have at least 3 to four regular mail delivery days a month that my mail carrier just doesn’t show. I hav had mail and packages mysteriously disappear. It’s to the point that I almost expect things not to make it to me if it’s sent USPS. And if you go to the post office to speak with someone in charge, they are very defensive and treat you like you are in the wrong. They are overrun with internal theives and worthless, incompetent low-lives.

            • Mical says:

              I couldn’t agree with you more. They couldn’t find their asses w/both hands! It’s time to STOP using USPS for anything!

      • jbondhus says:

        Wow… You ressurrected a thread that’s been dead for 7 years…

    • Greg says:

      Amazon and USPS need to get their shit together. First I pre-ordered Tiger woods 11 two month ago, instead of shipping it so I can have it on the release date they ship it three days after it releases, next time I’ll just buy it in the store. And USPS tracking it? Forget it, it shipped two days ago and doesn’t say where it is other than “in-transit”. No shit it’s in Transit! Where the heck is it?

    • chann says:

      Wow, Shipped package to china, now its lost. I have no way to contact an “agent” thanks to their stupid automated answering system. I’ve been through the whole thing and now the tracking for my package has disappeared. What gives?

      Even though UPS is slower, you can DEPEND on it they won’t loose your package.

      Usps sucks as much as usual.
      Ups ftw.

      • Bigboy says:

        Oh hell yeah they will lose your mail here in the US !So far this fall of 2015 they have managed to lose 3 of my packages with tracking the worlds biggest bunch of F-tards work in my area!!!!

      • Amy says:

        Omg, i had a package from China just go missing….it made it to the sorting facility in Williamsburg VA, then nada… No package, no info. And just like you, the tracking data had now magically disappeared, i couldn’t even bring it up to cut & paste into a complaint email!

    • Chase Veillon says:

      Yes they do suck, i had something deliverede to me, and every time i get on to check my status, you know what it says? Tracking information has a a delay, check back later, and it says elctronic information has been received. Hello, no shit , i know that was recieived, just tell me where the hell it is!

    • HCorrigall says:

      USPS is total crap-no tracking once it is sent from NY. Trackings states-in transit-I hope to hell that the airplane has enough fuel to be in the air for 4 days?? Will not use them again ever. No such problems with FEDEX-received the good within 3 days !!!

    • Nikki says:

      I am completely furious with this god awful company. I am an extreme stickler for good customer service. I was not told that I would be charged a fee for a package THAT I HAD NO CLUE WHEN TO EXPECT. By the way… the mail woman broke my $400 mailbox and never once apologized. (this is the third #&$*#&^$@*#^$*#&$ time)

      • Sweeney Toddski says:

        Nikki says:
        August 5, 2011 at 4:34 pm

        “I am completely furious with this god awful company. I am an extreme stickler for good customer service. I was not told that I would be charged a fee for a package THAT I HAD NO CLUE WHEN TO EXPECT. By the way… the mail woman broke my $400 mailbox and never once apologized. (this is the third #&$*#&^$@*#^$*#&$ time)”

        If you ask me, I’d wait and get a good view of her next time she delivers mail to you. Out of the blue, take a claw hammer and with as much force as can muster, BRING IT DOWN ON HER FOREARM. And as she collapses to the ground clutching whatever’s left of her arm, ask if you can help her today. Do it really sweetly. Then laugh and walk away. Don’t be nice, don’t waste your time.

    • Obummer says:

      Even if they do track my package, they say that it is delivered 3 days before it actually comes.

    • Michael D. Smith says:

      I have a package coming that has my grail custom knife, well i receive a tracking number and wow it updates twice and oh no, i cant believe it for a hole day before delivery date nothing no updates nothing why i dont understand how hard is it to scan a package with tracking and update its location, wow its a stressful shipping service,, Sincerely Michael Smith

    • Aurtisum girl says:

      Mom worked with ups a long time then she stoped going there to work with grandmas company. We never had this problem ups before and moms boss back then that’s Chinese , I grew up with him , always bring my sodas.on the 8 this year I sent a package to my Costemer and she still hasn’t gotten it and mom said it’s not the first time it happened. This 2015 I am starting my bussness and I might be 20 years old now but I do have aurtisum but I worked so hard to make that jewelry set for a close family friend that is one of my Costemers that bought that set from me. Ups people probly stole and lie they can’t find it, I get stressed out and last night I have heart pain and my Costemer and me trying to find out what happened to it. I was told I’m an angel and sweet and special, my jewelry is not just a product. It’s my art , what happens if some one bought my paintings and they said delivered but it’s not really found in there door step or mail box, I’m angry so angry. It’s the people that hired the wrong people not ups fuilt completly

    • Windingdown says:

      I have a home office and I sell things all over the world and guess what, the post office in other countries is just bad! They don’t scan an update anything either it must be a thought process you have to have to work for the Postal Service UGG

    • Carol says:

      I am VERY DISAPPOINTED IN USPS Their tracking is a huge JOKE, if it gets lost and you didn’t put security on it, then your out of luck, they won’t even try to find your package that you have tracking on. It stops in cities like Bell Ca. where it just doesn’t move after that until (if your lucky) it finally arrives at its destination, but you couldn’t see where it was. I mailed a package on Feb 3rd to New York, she never got it. on Feb 13th it stopped tracking. On Feb 26th it came back to me FROM FLORIDA where it was delivered to someone there. NOT THEIR NAME, NOT THEIR ADDRESS AND NOT EVEN THE RIGHT STATE. But it was delivered to someone, who was nice enough to mail it back to me. So on the 3rd of March I took it back to the post office, complained and they resent it back out. and now again its lost in the system, but today it picked up tracking and is in Pa. ???? is that where it should be? its suppose to go to New York. I just hope its gets where its suppose too. I talked to a mail lady and told her all this and was told that they are hiring people who aren’t qualified and they don’t care to scan packages or do their jobs right. They are not as reliable as they once were. very sad.

  2. Michelle says:

    No kidding. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon and I specifically decided against Super Saver Shipping because I thought if I was paying them more they might use UPS, but NO they had to go and ship it via USPS. Apparently my package has left Nevada. How helpful. It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t let you choose your shipping method in a more specific way… such as “Please don’t ever send me anything via USPS. Not ever. Not even if it saves me money. Thank you.”

  3. Jon Gales says:

    It must be a weight/distance ratio. I can’t figure it out though. Oh well, free shipping is free :).

    • Margaret says:

      Yes, but FREE is worth even less than that if the item never gets delivered, which has been my experience TWICE in the past 6 months (one going and one coming). The tracking updates show it moves all around to places in an illogical pattern geographically, then the trail just STOPS and the package evaporates. It is clear that in addition to gross inefficiency there is quite a bit of thievery going on or they are mangling the packages so badly the label is no longer readable. Privatize this monstrosity without further government subsidies or better yet give the regular mail delivery contract to an existing company – UPS, Fed Ex etc. The only way to show them how you feel is to NEVER use them for anything if at all possible and put them OUT OF BUSINESS.

      • Andy says:

        I thought I was the only one having problems. Their is a lot of thievery going on in there because I sent out an item that was supposed to go to the same state I live in and “poof”, they can’t find it. I have a tracking number, big deal, Nothing can be done about it unless their is insurance on it. So someone can easily steal and you can’t make a claim if you didn’t buy insurance. A watch I sent out that I was getting 100.00 for is now gone and I have to pay back the money that was paid to me. I am out a watch and 100.00 thanks to the usps

  4. ben says:

    as an actual amazon employee, you’d think i’d know how to game the system definitively, get the shipping method one wants, but I don’t. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to tell you if I did, though, so (famous words of treachery) you’ll just have to trust me. I actually prefer that we organize things in terms of how long it will take for one to get one’s swag instead of by method, but that’s probably just because they pay me.

  5. Raena says:

    Heh. Could be worse: I’m waiting on a package from StarTrack ‘Express’ and the tracker says it arrived in Hobart last Wednesday.

    It is now Sunday: it’s scheduled for delivery to a Hobart location on Monday. Hello? It doesn’t take five freakin’ days to get a relatively small parcel forty minutes up the highway.

    • ryans says:

      Sure it does- it has to be shipped across the country and then back- I’m sarcastic, as wondering if my own package i was supposed to get on Oct 27 is lost? As now its Nov 13!

      • Janet Eskue says:

        USPS tracking bashing? I have to get in on this. I’ve been watching my tracking. My package shipped from Gilbert, AZ. It went through to Phoenix, and then showed it had been delivered to and processed at my local post office. Yay! I’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow. But wait… Nooo! My local post office turned around and sent it back to Phoenix where my package now resides. Oh brother!

        • Amy says:

          I’m completely shocked they even updated the tracking info for u to c that much! Normally it’s more like “your package is @ sorting facility” then “in transit” then “poof”…I’m mean they should actually lousy it that way “poof! Lol”

  6. filchyboy says:


    As a big shipper with USPS I can relate to your frustration. You may be interested in why this is the case. USPS instituted this sytem before having rolled out the entire system. Each PO along the transit route is supposed to have the software and equipment available to manage tracking however only small numbers of actual PO’s are actually equipped at this point. Some routes can work perfectly well while others do nothing but say either the shipper is aware of the shipment and will pick it up or the package has been shipped.

    Neither of which is helpful. On rare ocassions a package will be tracked through its entire route but that seems to be pretty rare. The rollout seems to be taking quite a bit longer than was originally promised. My firm was one of the first users of the system in the LA metro area and that was almost 2 years ago. It has not seemed to be getting better for at least the last 6 months.

    No doubt the folks involved with this are off fighting terrorists.

    • Edward says:

      “off fighting terrorists”
      Are you suggesting special priviledge to lie, cheat, dishonesty, no accountability, no honesty, failure, llack of integrity, etc?

  7. filchyboy says:

    Whoops sorry John!

  8. Jon Gales says:

    Ha, technically it’s “Jon”, but who cares? I’m glad this USPS stuff isn’t just me. And a very nice explanation filchyboy.

  9. Ken says:

    Try working for those (USPS) boobs! I do, but it soon could be did. Management is worse than nonexistent; it is contra productive. At least most of them are either high school grads or have their GEDs–right. Most blue collar postal workers are Zombies or soon will be. This is due to institutionalization. Nepotism is rife, and minority promotion incompetent or not is a must. In short the system is so badly broken that even Congress will not or can not fix it.
    South Boston, MA

  10. tazilon says:

    Umm… Here’s the real deal folks… and nope, I’m not a Postal employee. The service that USPS offers is called “Track and Confirm”, and it’s NOT meant to be a full fledged tracking service like the other carriers have (not yet anyway, but that’s coming). It’s real purpose at this point is for the delivery confirmation service that the USPS offers… it’s intended to show you when a mail item was sent, and when it was delivered, period. There *are* occasions however, when you’ll see some additional scans showing up. Anyway, for now you’re going to be extremely disappointed with USPS “Track and Confirm” if you compare it to the superb tracking service that FedEx has for example. Also remember that FedEx, UPS, etc. are business organizations that are driven by market forces and competition… they *have* to be better. Good old USPS is still a government subsidized (read taxpayer funded) venture, and as such isn’t as motivated to be as efficient as it could be.

    Full tracking via USPS is coming… when? I don’t know. I do know that for most of what I send out (it’s a lot… packages, etc.), USPS Priority Mail gets the items to their destination faster and cheaper than UPS or FedEx. To top it all off, USPS sends me FREE packing materials, right to my door… packing tape, envelopes, boxes of all sizes, an ANY quantity I want… sort of makes using USPS a NO brainer for me.

    Hope this hasn’t bored you folks… comments expected and appreciated. Have a great end of the year, whatever your persuasion is.


    • billy says:

      Pretty funny how its been like 7 years and it still sucks just as much nuts.

      • dyanna says:

        OMG…I was thinking the same thing billy..yep…I have a “lost” item that is being tracked. Great, LOST and TRACKED. I get an email that said, they have NO RECORD what so ever. I am say the least.

      • thedudeabides says:

        so true

        • Marc says:

          Shipped on 12/17
          Arrived on 12/19 to shipping facility
          Sorted through shipping facility 12/19
          Mis-Shipped? 12/19
          Arrived in other (farther away shipping facility) 12/20
          Sorted through facility? 12/20
          Sorted through same facility on 12/23 – whatever this means and why it takes 3 days boggles my mind…

          But yeah, in sum, the tracking still sucks, I have no idea where my package is and why it is being sorted for 3 days or what this means…

          • Glenn says:

            I order stuff from a company from California frequently and usually get it USPS within two days to Oregon (the two states border each other mind you), and don’t even need to check the tracking info because I know when it will be here already. But this last time I placed an order on the 4th of July. The company processed my order and sent electronic notification to USPS on the 5th. So I can expect the Package on the 7th. On July 8, I get concerned and give the USPS tracking website a whirl. It has one single update, July 8, says it’s at the sorting facility in ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!!! I don’t know why my package is on the other side of the country right now. It’s now July 9, still no change in status, and the weekend is here and I have to leave town without the package I needed. It’s all a guessing game in 2010.

          • Niambi says:

            Funny how things never change. It’s 2013, and I’m dealing with the same issue. The package was sent to a sort facility in CT on 02/19/2013. And today , 02/23/2013, It’s still in CT, at the sorting facility. The estimated delivery date is 02/23/2013, that’s today. So erked, I need it for a party, TODAY! No wonder why they are about to go out of business, starting thé cancellation of Saturday mail service. The writing is on the wall….Closed. Thanks You for Letting Us Service You . Our poor incompetence and lack of reliability was our demise.

            • Nick says:

              Literally dealing with same exact thing right now. Package from California to Oregon but for some reason it’s chilling in ohio. Shit never changes.

      • Nick says:

        now 9 years and things havent improved.

        Still waiting for a package to arrive here in the UK….it took three days to get from Houston to Chicago and now its been in the air for 5 days….those balloons sure are slow.

        Contrast with something I bought from Korea a few months ago…..tracking seemed to update every three or four hours and they even told me what the Flight Number was of the plane carrying my parcel and whether the flight had taken off.


    • NO bama says:

      Lmao Not to change the topic but you just made a very valid point when u said its a government organization and they wont move as efficiently. Keyword Government so now i have a question to all you out there? Why in the hell would we let the government run our health care if they cant even simply scan boxes or envelopes and update often lol. God we are all going to die. Nurse: “Hey Doctor was it the patient in room 201 who is having surgery or 267?” Doctor: “Hell if I know!!! Just Pick One!!” Sorry for changing topic just really wanted to make that point and thank you everyone for being very informative you guys really helped me understand why my package is 3 days late

      • fred says:

        Are you serious?
        The doctors would still be the same doctors you idiot.
        It’d be more like if you could use UPS and have all the same service that UPS provides, but it’s paid for by USPS.

        And did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, the issue of life and death is a little more important than knowing the specific location of a package?

      • Mysterious Bill says:

        Retard, the government that runs the health care will be different from the one that does the UPSP.

        • pat says:

          “the government that runs the healthcare will be different”? Its the us gov., you idiots! the same people appointed by their friends to run agencies, and whether the usps, va, doe, dot, etc. YOU WILL GET THE SAME OUTCOME……………………….and the mds already DO NOT run most medical systems, and you will have the same TYPE of gov employees running the healthcare system. I deal with the va medical system, and you idiots are going to love obamacare. EVERY thing that is said about this wreck is true…………….but you cant tell an idiot anything. Like a low iq animal, they must learn it themselves, and sadly, you will. You think youll have “healthcare”? God rot the bunch of you unwise jackasses who have brought us to this with your choices and votes. Welcome to sovietcare 2.0

      • NRA larry says:

        you are seriously misguided. health care isn’t the post office. the health care industry doesn’t draw it’s employees from the same pool. ask your mailman or lady where they went to college, then ask your doctor.

        stop listening to crappy news stations, it’s clouding your judgment.

        private gun dealer for 32 years and counting

      • The U.S.Mail was privatized during the Nixon kakistocracy. Calling itself the Unites States Postal Service, it is operated today under “government guidelines”, but all other aspects of the USPS operations is that of a private company, including the fact that profits are now “siphoned” right off the top of the gross income for executive bonuses – hence, higher stamp/shipping prices than they were when the U.S. Mail was government owned and operated. See, those profits BEFORE the U.S. Mail was privatized, went right back into the operational needs of moving the U.S. Mail. But, no more – now that money goes to execs, and you and I keep paying the rising costs of their bonuses, while experiencing higher stamp/shipping costs and less service (stopage of Saturday deliveries, as an example). Welcome to privazation at its’ greedy best.

    • wafot says:

      The shipping supplies that USPS provides are not ‘FREE’. Everyone is paying for their poor business model that loses money and has to raise rates on a regular basis..and still loses money. Their Priority Mail packages are actually subsidized…so we’re ALL paying for the ‘FREE’ supplies you receive.

    • Ken says:

      One small correction
      the USPS is not… I repeat NOT subsidized by the government
      However, we are required to be self-supporting. We don’t even set our own prices ( the Postal Rate Commission does that. The Rate commission is NOT part of the USPS and not under our control)
      What business can be forced to deliver letters for 44 cents to any destination in the US. Downtown Los Angeles and the boonies in Nebraska or Oklahoma for the same 44 cents.
      We don’t set our own prices.
      Sure we make mistakes ( we are human) but we must do a good job because both UPS and FEDEX use us to deliver their parcels ( Take a look at parcels sent via Fedex but delivered by the USPS its called “smartpost” (
      I would like to see you walk 10-12 miles each day of the week ( yea that is how far I walk every day)
      I am a letter carrier and have been serving my customers for 25 years.

      • Sarah says:

        You are the exception, not the rule, Ken. 🙁
        Most USPS workers I have come into contact with have been belligerent and even downright nasty to me if I so much as complain that my package is two weeks late.
        I don’t have anything against the actual deliverers, though. Most of the time they are very friendly.

    • Sass says:

      Almost 11 years since OP and guess what?

      USPS is still screwing up in this department (and others).

      While FedEx and UPS have had a few glitches they are nothing in comparison to the quagmire that is the USPS.

      We actually have a wonderful carrier so I feel bad when a package is lost or damaged because she’s the one I have to ask about it until I’m mad enough to go to customer service. They are about as helpful and accommodating as a drunken rhinoceros.

      • Amy says:

        I love it when it’ll say “estimated shipping date 12/14 (4 instance) then on 12/16 when u still don’t have it & log on 2 check it still says “estimated shipping date 12/14” !!!

  11. Jon Gales says:


    They should change the name to just “Confirmation” then. Having tracking in the title and providing quasi-tracking on the website is misleading.

    But you do have a good point on the packing materials… That’s a plus!

    • Margaret says:

      Again – worth less than nothing if the package NEVER arrives once sent. I want this organization and all of these smug, lazy, incompetent fools back on the welfare they came from. THAT is what’s wrong. Hiring people who are unqualified to hold a job that does not entail food service or housekeeping and keeping them.

  12. I got more to say about USPS.
    They lost my $400 worth computer chips. I sent it via express, and signature confirm. It arrives a month later to the destination, and to the wrong address. I lost that worth of money, two years ago.
    I decided to give another chance with my college applications. I sent three college applications via express. Luckily, one of three arrives next day on time, because the destination is only about two hours away from my home. (I live in ILLINOIS) The other one goes to Pennsylvania. It arrives day late, and of course, there are no one to receive the application, so they are holding on to it. They will attempt another delivery, and if there are no one, they will hold on to it for five days, and return it to me. Another one, was supposed to go to Massachusetts. Instead, it goes to Colorado. The last time it was processed in Colorado, in the morning yesterday. Now, I don’t know where my stupid applications are. It’s not even around the destination. Instead of going to east for 700 miles, it went to west for 700 miles. Now, by the time the applications that I sent to Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, arrive, or come back to me, it will be after the deadline. If I don’t get accepted in either schools, it’s all those stupid people at the post office ‘s fault. If they were able to deliver the damn applications on time, just like I paid for, those should be in by now. I don’t care if they give me billion dollars. They ruined my chance of getting into college.
    People. Don’t trust USPS. They don’t do anything right. You pay more, more they screw it. Use UPS. They do it right. I used UPS more than I’ve used USPS, and they’ve never failed me. Out of four times that I used USPS, they’ve only succeed once.

    • Tiffany Baltimore says:

      I agree the the track and confirm is a joke and so is USPS. I placed an order from a company in Brazil on 12/05/10 registered mail was shipped 12/10/10 i was given a tracking number that was useless i have been checking the usps site every day and all it stats is what date and time it left Brazil and to check again later and it is now 12/31/10 no package in site. I contacted the seller and they stated that my package and others were being held for security inspections and due to the holidays there are some delays. Not sure how they found this out because after speaking to the usps customer service rep you would think they would know something about this. all they could tell me was this package hasn’t reached us yet and this is all of the information we have. why even have a tracking number? i regret now for not paying the extra money to have it sent ups instead. i understand that shipping times are not guaranteed and the holidays slow things down a bit, but Damn this is a really big delay here. i am out of the money i paid for shipping, my package and i have no product this really sucks. i ordered this for my birthday i didnt get it then, not even for christmas, now it about to be new years. USPS SUCKS! 🙁

    • Confuzzled says:

      To: the5threvolution

      Seriously? you are going to sit there and say the USPS is at fault that you didnt get in college? you procrastinated and didnt send your applications in until it was 2 or 3 days to the deadline. stop blaming others for your laziness. I am sorry, but you can’t honestly say that its USPS’s fault you failed to get your college applications in on time… This is and always will be on your own head.
      most college applicants get there applications filled out and mailed off MONTHS before it is due in.

      Quote from you:
      “I sent three college applications via express. Luckily, one of three arrives next day on time”

      Consider it a life lesson, stop procrastinating and blaming others for your own mistakes.

  13. Chris says:

    I hate the USPS. Only the USPS can take 2 day mail and turn it into a 2 week hassle. UPS is the only way to go. Oh I hate Fed-Ex too. I just love getting those tags on my door saying they won’t leave the package. GO BROWN!

  14. Kevin says:

    From the USPS web site:

    Q. What is the difference between tracking a package and confirming the delivery of a package?
    A. With tracking service, packages are scanned at acceptance, in transit and at delivery. Our confirming delivery services are designed to be a low cost alternative to full tracking and primarily provide delivery information.

    Q. Which services provide tracking?
    A. Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed® and Global Express Mail™ (depending on destination country) provide tracking service at no additional cost.

    So, “Track and Confirm” are TWO DIFFERENT services, both of which you can access from the same web site.

    The USPS, FedEx and UPS offer tracking, the USPS also offers a Confirm Only product, which is a lot cheaper.

  15. Deuce says:

    USPS… what a waste of human flesh. I have had a package that has “been accepted” at this point 25 days ago. No one in the postal system can tell me where it is. No one can tell me anything other than “Well, if you had insured it, no one would have stolen it” Yes, a real quote. I am about ready to take $440.00 out of someone’s ass…

  16. Vicky says:

    USPS never leaves those stupid peach “Sorry we missed you” delivery notices in my mailbox. So my packages sit at the post office when I don’t know about them. Then they get sent back to wherever they came from. That was great when it was my birthday and 2 packages got sent back to my father and my sister. When I went to complain the postal employee asked me why I didn’t realize that my packages had never been delivered. It was supposed to be a SURPRISE!!! I hate FedEx too. But that’s a different sort of stupid that they have going on there.

  17. mel says:

    If you don’t like USPS then don’t use it and SHUT UP-or either go get you and job there to make it better

    • Margaret says:

      Yes, exactly the attitude we won’t miss when you go under and we LAUGH as you are trudging back to the social services office to sign back up on the list you no doubt got hired from. The only thing that will make this situation better is to get rid of the blight of the USPS altogether.

    • Sass says:

      Maybe I will go work there and take your job, Mel. Clearly that would improve it since I have people skills, and you do not.

      Punk ass bitch.

    • Jess says:

      Um, I don’t know about you, but when I order something from amazon or eBay most of the time there isn’t any shipping options. It’s just whatever the seller has decided to use. I got a dress from china because I’m too small for American XS and using china post it got to California from China in 4 days. That’s from the day I ordered it to the day it said it had arrived in LA. Well, it’s been sitting in LA for a week, now it’s in transit and has been in transit with no tracking updates at all for 6 days. Mind you I live in Oregon… I can drive to California in a day if I started early enough. So, I would have LOVED to use UPS or FedEx, but I was given one shipping option and sadly, you only get one option with most purchases.

    • ryans says:

      yes seriously? How about I had no options as to get a package here or not (its been 17 days!! and no sign of anything) so shut it Mel! 12 yrs later

  18. KIRKY says:


  19. MaulRat says:

    To Mel,
    Hey clownshoe … trust me, if I ever HAVE the choice to not ship with the joke thats called USPS I don’t, but when you make purchases via Amazon they pretty much pick the shipping for you (like grabbing names out of a hat I suspect) … USPS has lost in the upwards of 7 packages out of 11 that were to be shipped to me over the past 3 months (theres a good track record for ya, eh?). And every time I’ve asked for a re-ship of the missing package I have requested UPS or Fedex …. and guess what? Yep, the packages actually arrived.

  20. Michael says:


    UPS is a joke, I am waiting since 6 days for a overnight parcel from the states to germany. The tracking don’t work. In Miami stopt the tracking, says that the parcel is in germany. But where the fuck is it? When I try to call the hotline, it’s eighter bussy or nobody answer the phone, since 3 days. I wrote a e-mail, nobody try to contact me. Nobody cares. Thats the last time with UPS!

    • mellissa says:

      please take a lesson in grammar and spelling…..seriously

      • Sarah says:

        They live in Germany. You can’t possibly, truly, expect them to have correct syntax ad Grammar in a language that is not their native tongue. It is just plain idiotic.

      • Alexis says:

        Seriously, be polite. Not everyone comes from your neck of the woods… thank goodness with that attitude!

      • andrew says:

        Scumbag redneck “Mellissa” can’t even spell her name right.

      • Von Jon Stuebenstein says:

        Ok hot shot All American cheese MeLLissa lets see you type a simple reply in German and get it right. Pardon me but isn’t English from England? Americans mess it up in ways more appalling to me than any foreigner because it’s honestly cute to me how other foreigners use grammar. It’s all good Mellissa we love you just share that love with everyone please. Your hereby ordered to hug 5 people at least today ok. Use some proper body language M’am and get your grammar proper on some love.

        Ps USPS is piss poor. supposed to arrive today shipped from TX priority 2 day. Says it would arrive today albeit it left holy Toledo, Ohio this am. Guess where the bastards have it now? Michigan?!!! Truly because Michigan is so on the way to PA when your a crack smoking USPS service. I sent them hate love mail alright, just to make the poor customer serv rep laugh 🙂

        Here it is:

        Why?!??! Why do you say it would be delivered on Sept 4th which is today when it left ohio this morning?? Now i’m expecting it to arrive 2mrw based onit leaving Ohio this past a.m. But now it updates saying the package is in Michigan??!!!!! This is seriously beyond messed up. I’m in PA why go from Ohio to Michigan to here? I have searched and found other customers are having issues with this “priority” mail. Get your priorities straight or people will never use usps again. I’m upset because I expected it today and have not had issues with usps before now. apparently ground is quicker. Suckering people with a botched “priority” service is a disservice to us and your reputation. This is directed to you the corporate end of the usps whom are also a disservice to your hard working employees. Customer service rep please notify the big wigs that this will not be tolerated, thanks

  21. Eric says:


    Government service government work. A item that was ordered from California is taking forever to get here to Florida and it only weighs 16lbs. This stupid computer parts company in California only ships their items through USPS. I’m paying $27.50 for the slowest delivery package system in the country. Tracking is a joke, duhaa we no nothing George.

  22. kay says:

    stupid people! if you think working for usps is so easy, i’d like to see you try it just for one day. that would shut you up in a hurry. you have no idea what we put up with from idiots that have no understanding of the process. all you can manage is a complaint & we’re all sick of hearing from morons that have no idea what they’re talking about. get a life!!

    • craig says:

      Kay you would last about 10 seconds in the real world.

    • David says:

      I did do a summer thing deliverying mail, I have to say it is hard work in the Florida sun. It wears you out, but I can say the people there are lucky to get paid the way they do because they would not last at another job that would put up with their attitudes. My friend who works there says you have to be caught stealing to be fired. The union fought against GPS tracking on mail trucks as well to check on carriers actually doing their jobs. Dumb unions. Who the heck are they protecting. A lot of them are social rejects, much more than a regular non unionized company would put up with. There are also some really good folks as well. I think the union is too powerful there. I wonder if the VA hospitals are run the same way.

      • HooHaw says:

        The union? Ha! First of all, federal decisions over a century ago make the FT employees state wards for life. Unions had nothing to do with it. This is true for all Fed FT employees (such as they are).

        The real problem children are the armies of contractors they employ. They employ contractors because they don’t want to employ FT help for seasonal mail–be it snowbirds, Christmas, whatever. The contractors are chuckleheads–often some dude who owns a truck and hopes to make a fast buck b/c the government pays well and doesn’t pry too deeply.

        In my town they have a basically FT mail contractor who speeds around at night with his raggedy trucks–nearly ran me over a few times, the asswipe. I’d be much happier if that were a government employee and government truck b/c then the driver would give a s*** about driving safely and not be in a damnable rush to hustle a few more pallets. It really burns me that the government is essentially paying somebody to go around and be a sociopath with a large Class B vehicle.

        Oh, and those who talk about taxpayer subsidies, the only “subsidy” is the USPS’ legal status, as established in the Constitution, as the local post. They have a quasi-monopoly, but as you know there are many other legal courier and package services out there, if you’re willing to pay. The only, only thing postage does not pay for are the employee pensions, which are partially subsidized by the US gov (but that is true of many Fortune 500 companies as well over the last few decades). Postage is not subsidized! (The roads your post travels on are, but that’s another tale.)

        UPS and USPS sometimes contract shipping services to and from each other to save money, so is it not possible that some of the package bouncing has occurred because of that? You can easily find tales online of FedEx and UPS sending packages on ridiculous, 3000+ mi unnecessary, fuel-wasting journeys because of mis-sorting (incompetence) or complete breakdowns of route optimization. You pay $30 on FedEx and maybe $5 is going to wasted fuel costs b/c their amazing computer software isn’t so amazing? I could believe it.

    • Margaret says:

      I can’t wait until your welfare-to work keister is back on the dole when USPS goes bankrupt. Oh wait, you work for USPS – the same thing except you try to pretend you are providing a service.

    • Sass says:

      Some of us would love to understand the process but nobody wants to tell us why a package we shipped express two day mail takes two weeks to arrive.

      Do you understand simple math? Then you should understand why that is an actual problem.

  23. Jimi says:

    The USPS service IS A JOKE! If you think your job is hard try working for a carrier that actually gets the package there, quickly and with proper tracking. Not just SENT and DELIVERED notification……hell I could call and ask if it was shipped and I’ll know way before the inefficient tracking system of the USPS even has it in their system by looking in the mailbox. The fact is the USPS is run so poorly that they instated FEDEX to be a mail carrier for their Priority Mail and everyone knows you outsource ineffectiveness to try and make up for poor workmanship. I really am sorry that I do know what I’m talking about and I have a life…….you on the other hand sound just like a USPS worker ready to go POSTAL. To the people who agree with me Peace to those that don’t try working in the real world, because Government work is a cakewalk I’ve been there!

    • The USPS utilizes scanning devices. Thousands of them. Some are fixed-position devices, some are hand held – but ALL read and record bar-coded information on packages/mail. That information, at every location along the mail-movement pathways, should be directly routed to a multitude of databases, including a real-time package/mail tracking database. The REAL reason that isn’t done, is because the privatized USPS execs siphon off bonus money for their bank accounts instead of turning that money back into the needs of the mail system for more computers and more sophisticated software. It’s GREED that is destroying the mail services of this country. If you want a less expensive, more reliable, six-day-a-week mail delivery system, then demand that the USPS be handed back to the United States Government for ownership and operation.

  24. IdreamofJeanie says:

    Hello All,
    I am an employee at the USPS. I can tell you first hand that we are doing the best we can to track over 50,000,000 packages/day. Unfortunately, with a daily intake of over $700,000,000 in revenue we are still unable to afford the appropriate equipment. USPS only has 12-1982 model apple computers(nationwide) which are the sole heart of our tracking sytem. It simply takes alot of time to update our tracking system daily, so we just don’t do it. When a customer comes through the door and demands to know where their package is, that’s when we start typing on our fake computers and quickly spirt out a location within 100 miles. It keeps the customer happy for the time being and buys us time to actually have their package shipped. When a buyer pays for Priority mail, that only means that we wish for it to be delivered within 2-3 days. Occationally we have found bags of over 100 envelopes stuffed away in broom closets and such. That is our way of bringing the customer back, hopefully if they aren’t too pissed off, they might purchase a book of stamps upon there visit. Within a few months the price of stamps is going to have a slight jump in cost, only $.25 more/stamp. That will ensure for a much faster delivery. Keep the faith, and keep on shipping with USPS!!!

  25. ggibby says:

    USPS tracking joke of the week:
    If the Tracking site says:
    “Your item was processed and left our REDWOOD CITY, CA facility on May 13, 2004. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.”
    And it’s now the 17th, with no package in sight, where is it?
    The RWC Post Office is two blocks from the delivery address.
    Now THAT’S what I call incompetence.
    There’s a very clear lesson every worker knows, regardless of your work: If the Tool Doesn’t Work, Don’t Use It, or Get One That Does. And the USPS ‘Tracking’ Does Not Work.
    More later after my visit to said PO tomorrow…

  26. litesong says:

    Guess this is the place to complain. But I don’t have any complaints. So far, I’ve had over 200 letters & packages I’ve sent or had posted to me by UPS, USPS, or FedEX within the last year & a half, & only three haven’t made it to where they were supposed to go. Judging by what people have said at this website, I’m way ahead of the game. Or maybe, people who get their mail & packages aren’t broadcasting about the good service… just happy that things are delivered. Grace & peace to those of you going thru mail trials…litesong

  27. bobjones says:

    I agree USPS tracking is a joke, they may as well not have any tracking at all. Its pretentiuos crap to make customers feel better about their parcel/letter getting delivered.

    You’d really think the US Govt Post Office system would have the funds to get a decent webpage and provide decent tracking like UPS and FedEx.

    On one hand I am mad at the postal system, and on the other I am pleased with some of their services like Media Mail and Priority Mail. I’ve been using the post office for my ebay goods for well over 4 yrs and am very pleased with them. Every Piece Everyday!

    Bottom line they’re doing their job of delivering mail FAST!

  28. backache says:

    With most things you have choices. If the usps is not satisfying your needs after working under all the demanding day to day struggles of delievering all the stupid items you people order choose another delivery service. The items that are successfully delivered to you, you knuckle heads turn right around and refuse the item and then have the nerve to leave the at your door so that your overwoked and physically worn carrier has to retote your “stupid,late night order this because I’m bored” packages back to the truck, while deliverying all the oversized self-degrading/porno magazines you morons order. Stop ordering all this stupid stuff. Get your lazy-asses up and go purchase what you want from the store like normal people so you’ll know before lossing your money and time. Hey, maybe thats why over 60% of America is overwieght. Those things that you do send make sure all the neccessary information is correct and clear for the workers to read. Just the name is always good enough.

    • Sass says:

      Most people order things online because they cannot find it in a store locally.

      That’s the statistically realistic story.

      And most shipping options don’t list a choice of carriers.

      If they do, I choose the cheapest NON USPS entity.

      If they don’t, it’s usually being sent USPS and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  29. Headache says:

    Hey backache your post gave me a headache. Why is it all postal workers like to cry how hard they have it? Whaaaaaaaa! I already know a debate would indicate fruitless just by evaluation of your post. (ADD???) If your satisfied then I guess your just Mr. Wonderful but in case you missed the topic it’s “USPS tracking is a joke” Something your dull witted repudiation utterly missed. Have a great day and may prozac be in your near future.

    • HooHaw says:

      Wow, kid, have you stopped popping zits or having nocturnal emissions yet? Guess what, in the real world the postal carriers are very overburdened. For years first class mail revenues have been dropping and the PO is forced to do more with less. This is the result. People like you who cry every time the first class rate goes up by one penny are the problem. 99% of my mail gets to me in a timely fashion. Yeah, I feel bad for those whose local PO sucks balls (my wife used to live in one of those) because you can’t do much about that. University PO’s seem particularly bad for some reason. Rural delivery is also slooooooow, but that kind of makes sense. When sent between good routing centers the PO sometimes delivers first class mail next day (heck, I heard they canceled some pickup times to force people to buy priority mail but that might just be a rumor). Most times first class in standard envelope takes three days–door to effing door. That’s pretty damn good no matter how you slice it, for a fee that’s so low it’s practically robbery.

      Every once in a while the mail sorter eats a letter or the mail carrier gets attacked by someone’s vicious dog and you get this thing in a plastic slip … yeah, that ticks me off. But I can pretty much count the times that’s happened in my entire life and finish on one hand.

      When you have to do something for real before Mom kicks you out of the basement, instead of just criticizing everyone and everything from your throne on the internet, I can bet you’ll be less eager to run your mouth like that.

  30. uncledaddy says:

    this is very very true, i mean i waited like 10 days for this thing from cali. i mean it shouldnt take that long and i NEED TO KNOW where my package is, but im with you that the usps tracking system REALLY SUCKS.

  31. danielle says:

    I must say, I’m seriously considering going “postal” right now. My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. We are constantly sending things back and forth from Cleveland to New York and New York to Cleveland. My post office almost NEVER delivers express mails on time. Usually it takes an extra day to receive it. His often is late as well. When paying the 14 bucks for an express mail, they tell you “If it’s not delivered by 12, you get a refund!” Really? I think not. Out of the dozens of packages my boyfriend has sent me, I’d say about 5 were delivered on time. He got no refund from them, because USPS often takes it upon themselve to change information in the computer. Example, I sent a package last Thursday to New York. It was said to be delivered before noon. My boyfriend waited patiently all day by the door. After 12, he called the post office and asked where it was. They said they accidentally put it on the regular mail truck. It was delivered at 1:54PM that day. I went to get my refund just now, and guess what? The lazy postal witch comes back 10 minutes later with a sheet of paper claiming it was attempted to be delivered at 11:00 that morning. YEAH RIGHT! Another example of why I’m going crazy, I once called to complain about express mails that were late to my house. I had about 10 tracking numbers to prove it. I was told by my branches manager to call a special customer service center to file complaints. I spoke to a man there and had hope that something would be changed. My boyfriend would get his refunds and they would start delivering on time. Perhaps an idiot or two would be fired and replaced by an intelligent educated man. After filing my complaint, they said “We’ll call you back after we investigate.” Months went by, no one called. I called them and left messages, no response. After a while, I got so fed up with chasing them down, I quit. So now, both me and my boyfriend have 3 years of frustration, we’re annoyed, angry, bitter, we’re out 14 bucks for every package we sent, about 1 a week and what do we get in return from USPS? More laziness, lying, cheating, stealing. It’s pathetic. And what’s so sad, is there’s nothing we can do about it.

  32. jack mcsplat says:

    I’ve also noticed Track & Confirm in addition to Delivery Confirmation are worthless. I have been anticipating a rare CD finally found on ebay for 8 days now. Was shipped via USPS and touted Delivery Confirmation.

    It was expected on Friday but did not show. On Sunday I checked the status. USPS (in addition to Endicia) said it was delivered on Saturday. Well, that couldn’t be, since USPS doesn’t deliver to businesses in my area on Saturday. Yet they said it was delivered on Saturday.

    So I drove the 65 mile round trip to my place of employment to pick up my package. Of course, they didn’t deliver it the day before because they don’t deliver to businesses on Saturday. Learned my lesson.

  33. Henry says:

    My post office have been faking package delivery. I always receive a notice of final attempt to deliver package, and I would have to go to post office to get the package. It happens everytime, and there is always someone home. Post office people are too lazy to deliver the package, and tries to make people pick it up instead. The last time, they didn’t even leave a notice of delivery. I didn’t get my package for three weeks.

  34. Matt says:

    You’re completely right! Every tracking number I’ve had usually comes up with nothing in their system. But then again, remember that we’re dealing with the USPS here. I’m happy whenever I get a package from them that hasn’t been crushed underneath a box of Olympic style weight sets.

  35. Joe says:

    haha 3 weeks and still no package…says its still in NY…I hate USPS for packages, they are great with letters…hehe

  36. Coach says:

    The USPS contracts out the 1/800-ask-usps, the operators are NOT postal employees!! Ha!Ha!
    The postal service has a MOTTO, “VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER” (yeah right!!being sarcastic) Gotta admit, they’re consistently inconsistent. Come on people, we’ve been given a false perception that the mail is secure. I suggest paying bills on-line.

  37. geoh777 says:

    Who say USPS tracking doesn’t work? When my package finally arrived after four weeks, I entered the tracking number on the package (first time I ever saw it) on the USPS web site and got the following:

    Track & Confirm

    Shipment Details

    You entered 9102 0271 3967 9000 8762 12

    Your item was delivered at 1:56 pm on August 27, 2004 in Yourtown, NY 12%%%.

    Here is what happened earlier:

    * ENROUTE, August 25, 2004, 9:26 am, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097
    * ENROUTE, August 23, 2004, 9:41 pm, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097
    * MISSENT, August 21, 2004, 10:48 am
    * ARRIVED SHIPPING PARTNER FACILITY, August 02, 2004, 11:50 pm, AUBURN, WA 98002

    So I found out that the package was lost in the system from the 3rd to the 21st. This is very helpful to know after the package has arrived. No thanks to Powells Books either, who didn’t bother to send me the tracking number and didn’t respond when I inquired as to why the package hadn’t arrived.

    I’ve also had other people’s delivery confirmation packages handed to me over the counter in the PO when picking up multiple packages and wondered why I received a birdhouse, until I looked at the address label.

    Could have been worse, I suppose. I also suppose that is coming.

    • HooHaw says:

      So what that means is that the USPS tried to save you time and money by sending your package with others to UPS or FedEx or somebody like that, and they f***** up. Well, whoop-dee-doo.

      • repete says:

        HooHaw – no, actually what it means when the site says “Electronic Shipping Info Received”, it means just that. USPS has been notified to expect the package for shipping. It DOESN’T mean that the package is in the mail system. Also, my guess is that since this package was from a book store it was sent media mail. Media mail service can take up to two weeks to arrive once it is in the mail stream depending upon the distance it is traveling.

  38. JOE says:

    I’ve had bad luck on both fronts. So-called 2-day priority usually did “so-so” up until today when we’ve been checking for a week so far only to find out that we dropped off our packages a week ago. We also used FEDEX for several important packages(legal documents). Three out of five got delivered to the wrong address(not even close)and were not retrieved and then delivered to the proper address until two to three weeks later.We can only cross our fingers every time we entrust our valuable packages to strangers who couldn’t care less about delivering them conscientiously.USPS and FEDEX are both unreliable and full of B.S.

  39. Seminole says:

    I like the services the USPS provides, when they provide them well. The tracking system is such a joke, just as the delivery confirmation and the signature confirmation. I sent one (the first) college application via priority mail from Miami to New York City. It should have taken 2-3 business days and instead it took 10 days and also the delivery confirmation was not scanned.

    They should put on their things *- service may not be available in all areas. It is not like German post is any better. I sent a box via packet express (with a Einlieferungsnummer-trackig number) and I could not even find the place online to get my tracking. I later found out that you can only track postpacket express at a post office.

  40. tracker_2 says:

    Ha yea i know how that goes, i bought an item off ebay and the seller only uses usps, that was on the 24th aug its now the 10th sept and keep getting the same message from usps tracking item confermed,site updated every evening, so every evening i check and get the same message. what a joke.

  41. Funk says:

    I’m convinced the web was designed for bitching and whining. Don’t like the current list of couriers? go start your own friggin company. Oh, and when you start gettting a little confused when you have to move MILLIONS of parcels around the WORLD at any given second stop by this blog to find out what a “what a waste of human flesh” you are. You just called a few hundred thousand fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers a waste of human flesh. People trying to make a living JUST LIKE YOU ALL, you Nazi skunk.

    Pissed at your courier? Drive YOUR damn car to get your item, pick it up with YOUR hands, and carry it YOURSELF and save your 37 cents and shut your whiney ass mouths. Or do what seems sensible: complain to someone who cares. Googling “usps sucks” and ending up on some blog with 10 other whiners is really gonna make a huge impact on society now isn’t it?

    Hey, aren’t you at least happy the usps doesn’t make you lick their stamps anymore? If I were them I’d make em taste like sh@t just for you all.

    • Chris says:

      Funk and Kay are the reasons the USPS is so fucked up. If they took the time to look at what people are complaining about…they probably would agree. If we got rid of the USPS…do you think anyone would really miss it. Really, the only problem would be that we would a lot of uneducated, unreliable, rude, over paid retards, to the unemployement system. You can keep them. If it wasn’t for the USPS these types of people wouldn’t be employed.

      • HooHaw says:

        Don’t like it? Don’t use it. I wouldn’t want to do business without the USPS.

        For all those people whining that they hate shippers using USPS, you realize that scammers often avoid USPS because the US Postal Inspector can send them to prison for flim-flams that would barely elicit a shrug from the FTC, FDA, or your state government.

        Think about it.

      • Margaret says:


  42. me says:

    funk forgot to add that yea we dont have to lick the stamps anymore because everytime you turn around they raise the price of stamps, lets get it right if your gonna start something like tracking THEN DO IT RIGHT!

  43. CityCarrier says:

    First of all, on the rollout of Delivery Confirmation, nobody told us anything… we were given these nice little handheld scanners, fifteen minutes of training, and told to scan anything with a barcode. Second of all, the official position of the postal service is that the customer is more interested in a “proof of delivery” service than a full-fledged tracking system if there is only a latent price difference in the product. With e-indicia service, the delivery confirmation service is waived. The problem is, you’re expecting a service from us that doesn’t exist and isn’t purported to exist. We give you proof of delivery. It’s more for the peace of mind of the shipper than the recipient, and is simply geared at businesses wanting to be able to prove that a package was delivered to prevent loss due to customer dishonesty. The “I never got that, it never showed up” syndrome (which happens a lot, let me tell you.) The USPS is not tax-funded, and has not been since the early 1980s. We are a non-profit company, we are not allowed to be competitive, and as a direct result we can’t just go out and buy all this technology like FedEx has overnight and expect to roll it out. We are primarily in the business of delivering MAIL. Letters and magazines. Packages are an ancillary service, and we are really just now developing that. Tablet scanners with signature boxes are coming soon, and a full fledged tracking system is down the road. We’ve got a lot of overhead, though, considering we have to deliver to every address in the US every day, whereas Fedex and UPS only have to go where they have packages to deliver.

    Yes, our ‘tracking’ is a joke. It quite simply doesn’t exist. Our product is acceptance/delivery confirmation only.

  44. John Wayne says:

    Hey funk did we hit a nerve? Out of all the posts yours seems to be “bitching and whining” the most. And if “Googling “usps sucks” and ending up on some blog with 10 other whiners is really gonna make a huge impact on society now isn’t it?” If thats true why waste your time “bitching and whining” back at us? Just because you took a job walking around the neighborhood with a bag of letters, don’t be upset with us, we all took the time to post on topic “USPS tracking is a joke” Unlike an anti-American like yourself who would rather censor out complaints.We would rather voice our opinions and the best part is if you post back I’ll know you now take the time to come back to this site to see what else we had to say.

  45. Nich says:

    For 2 months, We had an USPS carrier that did not speak or read english, everyone on our street would stop at the mailbox and exchange mail each night. Don’t bother to compain, If you pitch too much of a fit, your bills will NEVER see the inside of your mail box.

  46. Ricky says:

    I live in Bluffton, SC and there was a big scandle here about our post master and his wonderful employees throwing our mail away in dumsters behind the post office.. This dumping and lost mail went on for about a year before the postal inspectors finally decided to get involved.. Our mail was getting here to my home after 9 PM at night!! It used to get here between 12 and 2 PM until this new minority post master took over and then it all went to hell. Our carrier would come by with kids in her vehicle and loud music playing. People here had problems with their rent payments being mailed on time, insurance payments that never made it, magazines thrown away, and many other important documents were thrown out.. You think our wonderful post master was arrested for this crime? No, he was simply demoted and nothing else.. The carriers were let go and that was it.. I no longer will ever trust the us postal service again.. Their service sucks and their employees are rude as well..

    • HooHaw says:

      So he got demoted and shoved into a file drawer (probably because the lawsuit if fired would cost too much) and his “people” were shitcanned, but you’re still mad. Oh, I see, you demand no less than a public hanging! You go, girl!

  47. Raging Aries says:

    Where is mah fookin laptop???? it betta be here tomorrow or theres gonna be a very unhappy panda!!!!

  48. J Da Man says:

    Fellow USPS Worried Costumers:

    I wanted to let you know the negative & positive sides of USPS.

    Timely Delivered Letters
    1-800 ASK USPS Representatives are nice
    Economical Prices For Shipping

    Poor Tracking Service
    Exesive Mail Loss
    Poor Mail Handling
    Poor Costumer Service at Local P.O.’s
    Your Letters Ending Up In Someones Mail Box

    I always get my mail delivered to me withen 3-5 Days, On rare ocassions, I might never get a letter that has been mailed to me. Whenever I need support, 1800 ASK USPS has the information I need. The prices USPS has to offer are unbeatable.

    However, I love detailed information on where exactly my parcels are. Tracking information is horrrible on USPS. The loose or misroute 3 out of 10 of my packages. If I dont insure a package, its like saying “Keep It.”. Im treated like SHI* when I visit my local P.O. And finaly, Other peoples mail repeadly ends up in my mail box.

    And To Spice It Up:
    Look at tracking information on my latest Parcel:

    Tracking Number: 0103 8555 7493 0319 0726
    Your item arrived at 9:06 am on December 11, 2004 in BRONX, NY 10458. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    Here is what happened earlier:
    FORWARDED, December 09, 2004, 6:45 am, BROOKLYN, NY
    MISSENT, December 09, 2004, 6:45 am

    This goes to say, That a 2-3 Day package takes 6 days to get to me. Its mis routed, Lost, Found & Maybe just Maybe I’ll recieve it today.

    Or just maybe, I’ll recieved a Pink Ass Wipe Notice. Or maybe, It will be forwarded incorrectly again.


    • HooHaw says:

      If the private shippers were held liable for delivering packages to the wrong person, a lot of that s*** would stop.

      Of course, if they paid their employees decently instead of hiring college students for cruddy money part time, you might actually have someone behind the wheel who actually knew where stuff was. Instead, you have some kid relying on the GPS, and (have you ever used one?) the GPS is wrooooong.

      Wanna hear a scary story? Fire/EMS is using the GPS too. Hope you don’t live on a hard-to-find or obscure street.

  49. looneytune79 says:

    Tried for 3 hours to track the item I purchased on e-bay….kept telling me site not available..I will never ship anything to my customers usps….

  50. Josh says:

    Wow, I googled usps sucks because at the very least 4 or 5 letters have not been delivered to me from a friend of mine out of state and i am pissed. Not only that… take a wild guess how long ago I sent my netflix back and how long it took for them to get them?! 7 days!!!!! 7!! I live in the middle of bloody atlanta… ATLANTA… metro-atlanta. What a damn joke. I’ve even tried fedexing the movies back but they go to a freaking po box which wont work. bunch of crap of you ask me. There has to be a way to boycott/petition usps to do a better job…. fedex rocks my socks and usps needs to take some points…. blah.

    • HooHaw says:

      Wow, you fail. The first step would be to inform Netflix. They always ask how long it’s taking. Netflix knows how critical fast turnaround is to them and they WILL move their muscle with USPS to speed things up.

      FedEx? You made that up, right? Nobody could have that much money and that much stupid in one place. Of course it wouldn’t work, as Netflix uses USPS exclusively–they’re corporate partners.

  51. Uri says:

    The idiots at USP tried to deliver my college application on Christmas morning in NYC! Are they kidding me? I think they just landed up n threw in the We Missed Ya note in the box.

    • Windingdown says:

      Oh I know the feeling I’ve had more sorry we missed you notes than I care to remember I’m retired I’m home I’m waiting for it and they slip me a note? How dare they are lying scum I bet they have a day off they want to have the next guy worry about it obviously

  52. justin says:

    hah i googled usps sucks also. anyways, i have overnighted like 3 packages within the last few months and all of them took like 2 or 3 days for me to recieve. go figure. then i ask the postman why i didnt get my package and he is like “uhh overnight usually takes 2-3 days.” im like wtf am i paying for overnight?? i also just ordered something that was shipped out monday by USPS. stilll has yet to come…maybe it will come next thursday.

  53. lena says:

    USPS incompetence varies from place to place. I’ve never had a problem with USPS until I moved here to NYC. Now I’m getting missed or slow deliveries, no notifications, and lost/damaged packages. Maybe it’s the local post office or the New Jersey hub.

  54. jo says:

    usps delivers on saturday for free

  55. Jon Gales says:

    Jo: Ask any M/F business if that’s a good thing. Several business owners I know have to pay an employee to go get the mail on a Saturday–you can’t opt for business day mail only!

    So even with extra service, the USPS still sucks.

  56. CJ says:

    The USPS tracking is a joke!!! I agree with the above comments. YOu can never get any information besides “shipped”. The USPS should take a lesson from Fed Ex & UPS’s tracking services.

  57. USPS Hater says:

    Hello, I ordered a good and paid through paypal as always with the same dealer and it was shipped jan.3-05 and tracking number was given. It is now jan.13-05 and nothing has arrived and i’m pissed off. It was sent priority mail and ive done business before with this dealer. I enter my track # and it says that it was shipped from california jan. 03. I’ve never had problems with the dealer screwing me so I know this is a USPS problem. Local post office workers suck and don’t know what to tell you.

  58. Vadym says:

    I do like USPS. Priority mail in comparison to UPS is (1) faster and (2) cheaper. Point.

  59. Gus says:

    Fed-Ex is the way for me. Their tracking is great. I’m currently waiting on a package from usps and have been checking the traking number daily. After 5 days, it finally showed me some info…and its still 2 days away from me.

  60. Orlanz says:

    I no longer want to shop at Amazon. I used to love it, but this whole “free shipping” crap has been a total failure.

    There have been other disappointments before this, but this was the latest and the one that put me over the edge.

    I wanted a book. Amazon was the only one who carried it AND said they would ship in 1-2 business days (book was being released that week). It was discounted and it had free shipping. WOW, how could I lose. So I ordered on the 6th. The shipping estimate is 16-17!? Ok, 1-2 business days just became 10-11. Huh, I thought someone screwed up and accidentally put 1-2, so decided if it didn’t ship by the 11th, I would cancel it. And it shipped on the 11th. NOT bad AMAZON. Then it goes downhill.

    Amazon used USPS. The estimate on the delivery is 18-22. But everyone gives such far away estimates, and still delivers in 3-4 days. It is the 18th, and the package is still sitting in the local postoffice (that Amazon is sending from) which is less than 8hrs away.

    Everyone knows USPS sucks for mail, so I am going to place the blame on Amazon for using them. Hopefully, this is the last thing I will ever need to buy from them.

  61. Mikamikem says:

    Hey guys I have been having some issues as of late with the tracking on a very large shipment I sent out and I have come across a more detailed site that works a lot better for me. The site can be found at:

    When I tried punching in my tracking number on the usps official site it gave me the your order has been requested for pickup and basically nothing else. When I went to this site it unfortunately didn’t have any extra information as far as its current location but it did have something about when exactly it was requested and from where. Hopefully this site will be updated more often than the official tracking info and I might be able to get something out of it. Good luck to everyone looking for a lost package.

    Oh and after reading a lot of the posts made here from some USPS employees I have the following things to say. First off I can understand the stress involved in your job and I can understand that there are most probably an extra large amount of people that complain about the stupidest things. This taken into account I would still say that if you do not do everything you are supposed to as was originally outlined when you were hired why are you still there and if it is a money issue then ask for a raise or leave. If enough employees complain about the unfair working conditions you might be able to enact a change that would benefit both yourself and all of your customers hoping to someday soon recieve their packages. Just a thought and don’t flame me too much for it. And also I have not yet lost anything in the mail however I have had a few times where the delivery estimates where off by weeks so I don’t have much to complain about with the exception of the bad tracking service of course.

  62. Scott from NZ says:

    Im from New Zealand and i brought an ipod off ebay, well anyway the person i brought it off decided to use USPS and well its priorety air mail and its taking FOREVER to get here. Its so annoying, they said it would be here within 4-6 days, its been 2 weeks !!!!

  63. Sean from Oregon says:

    USPS sucks isn’t that the truth. Small business mail envelopes, boxes (AOL cd’s) have no problem getting to your door or mailbox. When it comes to sending a package to your friend it takes WEEKS. If you do get your mail it looks like hell. Like they deliberately opened it and messed around with your mail. USPS does xray boxes and sniff your mail and probably does open your mail. Now everything is a NSA risk. It wouldn’t be this way if kept our fat nose out of other peoples business.

    Furthermore, not to mention all the dishonest postal workers who wants to STEAL your pakcage. It’s pathetic that I have to buy insurance just to protect it from USPS. “Would you like insurance on your package sir?” What are the odds of a package honestly getting lost or destroyed? I believe that laws should be changed, any federal mail employee caught stealing get’s LIFE in prison. I know that may sound harsh, but they will think twice and know the conseqences of their actions. Make them sign a paper so they know.

    That’s my 5 cents worth.


  64. Brian says:

    Hahaha, I totally agree. USPS tracking is completely useless.

  65. Jon says:

    I ordered a pair of sunglasses about a week and a half ago, and they were scheduled to arrive in ‘five to seven days’. It has now been twelve days and USPS still says on their ‘Tracking’ system that it is in California. If they’re right, then the package will be at least fifteen days late, and if they are not, the tracking system sucks and the package will only be at least six days late

  66. Jon says:

    By the way, I have shipped a bunch with UPS and everything has been early.


  67. usps_sucks says:

    I agree. These idiots at USPS lost my $84 greyhound ticket I send via priority mail. And I put in the ‘confirmation number’ online (which is a joke), it says an attempt was made to deliver and a notice was left. My bro lives in apartment, and he said that he never got the notice, and his apartment management never got the notice. When me and my wife called them, telling we paid extra for priority mail because the mail was time sensitive, and that they lost it, they said that it was our responsibility to insure it.

    Everybody from the postmaster to the carrier had a different story. One said, he misplaced the mail. The other said that the address wasn’t written clearly (which is a big lie).

    So I pretty much lost the $84 for the ticket + $4.30 for priority mail. Even now when I go online and check the status with their bullcrap tracking system, it says the same old thing.

    This is not an isolated incident; in my apartment where I live, almost every day I get other people’s important mails: the other day I got a ton of my neighbor’s mail, I gave it to him personally. Another day, I get someone’s time-sensitive invoce. Some day, I get somebody’s wedding invitation from overseas.

    Don’t tell me about their ‘large volume’ crap excuse. That is no excuse. The error rates shouldnt be this high! Is the carrier blind? Does he not read numbers?

    Anyway, I would recommend anybody if they have to send something important, spend a little more money and send it via Fed Ex (the best), or else UPS (ok), never USPS (sucks!)

  68. Reptileszz says:

    HAHAHa, I just emailed the USPS about their fake tracking system. I ordered something on Sat and want to track it as I am anal like that. I go to the tracking and it says it has been informed of pick up. For the last 3 days. Geez. So I complained and then I decided to google “USPS tracking a joke” and found you guys. I wish there was a way to ensure “NEVERSHIP ME ANYTHING VIA USPS”. No guarantee and fake tracking… whee.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  69. Michele says:

    yes, that is right, the government is making money off of our personal losses. There has to be something done about it. I purchased a collection of Sheltie magazines on Ebay. The lady shipped EIGHT boxes, some costing more than $8 a box from Berryville, VA. I got the first 7 boxes and then a week later the 8th box came broken open, but USPS had taped it and had a message on it that “WE CARE” and noting the box was damaged in Capitol Heights MD. It was only half full. I had 13 magazines it it and 14 were missing. I contacted the postal service right away, I kept getting voice mails and leaving messages with each number, I wanted a REAL PERSON. Only one person called me back. They did nothing. I called again, telling them that I was still hoping they could find my magazine collection. I called the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center and a lady told me that they get magazines all the time and they burn them. I was furious! I then called the manager of the northern Virginia area. Keep in mind that the magazines were lost within the 120 mile route. I live in Chicago and it happened over on the east coast. They don’t care! Then I found out TODAY that USPS has an auction all the time for the items that are shipped to the mail recovery center.
    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Atlanta Mail Recovery Center is scheduled to hold public auctions on the sale of unclaimed, damaged, and claim-paid merchandise as indicated on the following dates at the following location and time:
    Dates Type of Auction Location
    Jan. 12, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Jan. 26, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Feb. 16, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Mar. 02, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Mar. 23, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Apr. 06, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Apr. 27, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    May 4, 2005 Books only St. Paul
    May 11, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Jun. 01, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Jun. 15, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Jun. 22, 2005 CANCELLED St. Paul
    Jul. 06, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Jul. 20, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Aug. 3, 2005 CANCELLED St. Paul
    Aug. 10, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Aug. 24, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Sep. 14, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Sep. 21, 2005 CANCELLED St. Paul
    Sep. 28, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Oct. 19, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Nov. 02, 2005 Books only Atlanta
    Nov. 30, 2005 All Merchandise Atlanta
    Dec. 14, 2005 Books only Atlanta

    *Please note auction dates are subject to change
    *Purchasers must supply their own containers for transporting merchandise
    Mail Recovery Center
    5345 Fulton Industrial Boulevard SW
    Atlanta, GA 30378-2400

    Directions: From Interstate 20 East or West, exit at Fulton Industrial Boulevard and continue South for approximately 3 miles. After 3 miles, exit right onto Bucknell Drive, then right at the next street which is Bucknell Court. Follow this drive around to the stop sign and the Mail Recovery Center will be on the right.

    Inspection of Merchandise: 8:30 am – 10:00 am
    Auction Time: 10:00 am – Completion

    Terms of Payment: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Travelers Check, Postal Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and Bank Debit Card. All checks require a valid state driver’s license or identification card with photo, along with one of the above major credit cards. No personal checks or company checks will be accepted.

    Special note: Bulk book lots may be available for auction in Atlanta that must be picked up at the St. Paul facility–address and directions shown below.

    St. Paul
    Mail Recovery Center
    443 Fillmore Avenue East
    St. Paul, MN 55107-9607

    Directions: Take Interstate 94 to Route 52 South. Take the Plato Boulevard exit and turn left at the light on Plato Boulevard. The road will come to a “T”. The Mail Recovery Center is in front of you at the top of the “T”. Enter on the left side of the building.

    Take Interstate 494 to Route 52 North. Take the Plato Boulevard exit and turn right at the light on Plato Boulevard. The road will come to a “T”. The Mail Recovery Center is in front of you at the top of the “T”. Enter on the left side of the building.

    It is not fair that they are selling the things that we have paid for and not getting! Please let others know about this injustice. I have written to Oprah and 60 minutes about it. Write to them and tell them about what your experiences have been… Write to me also:

  70. usps is the man says:

    i am a postal worker if you dontlike it tell us and we can move on to do what you want. maybe you should try working for the po i bet you would quite like so many others i see come in & yes i will take your stupid e-mail’s get a life !!!!

  71. intheusps says:

    As an employee of the USPS, you need to know that the business is going in the tank.
    There is no revenue and expenses are through the roof. Of course, there’s mismanagement and incompetence and unions and stupidity galore. When businesses are in the process of collapsing you should re-evaluate the risks and benefits of using them. Fortunately, for you-THE CUSTOMER-there are viable alternatives. For us-THE EMPLOYEES-there’s no way out.

  72. rob welsh says:

    The usps is full of BS services. Why pay more for priority mail when First class will get it there the same time. Nobody scans the parcels at each arrival point. THey only bitch to scan it when it’s delivered. They don’t care what happens to your mail. As long as it’s not in the post office. You ever get wet mail when its pouring rain out. who cares how important the piece of mail is or if it’s soaking wet. Just get it out of the post office. THe mail is just a number. Mail does get lost. I deliver mail and find so many pieces from another state and sometimes the wrong country. They say don’t go through the mail just deliver it the computers are never wrong. Yeah right. They use second rate technology.

  73. Earl says:

    For the people who say “if you don’t like USPS, then don’t use them” – well, sometimes we have no choice. My company has a government contract which REQUIRES that we send their items via USPS. (I guess the government has to support their own.) The item I shipped yesterday has a value of $8000, yet the USPS will only insure up to $5000. Guess who has to suck up the other $3000 in case of loss!! To top it off, the clerk was specifically told that this package contained DOD items and required a tracking number. Today I tried to enter the number off the slip she gave me, and the website tells me that it is an invalid number. I called the office and was told “she must not have scanned it in” and “there’s nothing we can do about it now”. Let me know if an aux fuel pump for an F-15 shows up at the Atlanta auction….

  74. Ron says:

    Sometimes, like Earl, we have no choice but to use the USPS. I agree the tracking system is merely smoke and mirrors. Have you noticed that the comment on the tracking page is that the information is updated nightly (WHEN AVAILABLE). “When available” just means if someone at the USPS did their job and scanned in the info.

    Give me UPS or DHL any day of the week.

  75. AQS says:

    Well, I used to like USPS, I really did. I thought they were quick, relatively cheap, and moreover conveinent. That’s what I get for thinking, though.

    So, on Dec. 7 I get a package shipped Priority. It has yet to arrive today, the 30th. I just got an Express mail today that was mailed three days ago. The clerk (only helpful one I’ve met so far) was very surprised and said this was “wild”. She said that my package had been “mishandled” all the way here from it’s destination a couple hundred miles away. It was in with regular mail.

    Also, it seems they may be covering their asses as the website tracking doesn’t seem to work. As in, the server is not responding to requests. Seems strang don’t it?

  76. Ash from NZ says:

    omigod, ive stumbled upon a mine field! how hilarious.
    Little did I know how terrible USPS is, until stumbling upon this website! :O I’m shocked! I had a package with $686 dollars worth of clothing shipped from Florida to New Zealand. From previous experience it takes 5-7 days for items to arrive. I have been checking my tracking number and my item supposedly arrived in NZ on the 28th of december, it is now the 5th of January and USPS tracking is still telling me my package is with customs in NZ, which before finding this website had me worried that my package had been seized… BUT now I’m thinking it’s because USPS is a FUC*ING JOKE!

  77. David Snow says:

    USPS is a joke. I mailed a package to the UK on Dec 05-2005 “airmail priority” . 4 to 10 days delivery time . This package was actuall a 5 gal. drum of Chanel Perfume. Weight was 55 pounds . This container was vertually indestructable. It never was scanned. The tracking numbers come up (not in system”. My local postman says he has done everything he can to locate the package , but no luck. I have contacted every organization associated with international mail but received no word about the package location or condition. I have entered posts on the USPS website offering a large reward for the return of my item.
    It has been 30 days = still no word , no de;livery , no return , no answers. Just the usual run-around.
    The kicker = The retail value of this item is over $25,000.00 . Do you suspect some
    stinky USPS worker decided to take it home ?
    I do !!
    Up till now , I spend several thousand dollars per year shipping items with the USPS. Never again will I spend more than a 39 cent stamp with them. They stole or lost the most expensive item that I ever mailed in my life. FEDEX will get my business. If i am still in business after loosing 25k.

  78. First Time User says:

    Hello can anybody tell me how can get information from USPS about my packet , that was shipped on Dec 18, 2005 and has not yet been delivered .I am tracking it for now around 1.5 months. It says foreign international despatch on 18th dec . no further information is available.
    acn anything be done to locate it if it has been lost or mishandled ? it is urgent .

  79. USPS, but the SWISS WAY

    Here the translated version of how a Swiss Post Tracking looks like. Free of charge with every Express Mail, Insured Mail, Signe Mail and with every Parcel no matter how.

    That’s how you get it per Mail in your inbox, a wonderful tool. ;-):

    Sent something through international Mail from Swiss Post. They have a high reliability service thanks to the small country we have. That’s an advantage but look:

    13.01.2006 09:40:15 M’BUCHSEE | Order received (online)
    13.01.2006 09:58:00 M’BUCHSEE | Pickup arranged 11:05 est.
    13.01.2006 11:08:15 M’BUCHSEE | Parcel received, 431g
    13.01.2006 13:59:45 BERN 12 | Pickup arrived
    13.01.2006 15:01:00 BERN 12 | Enters Terminal
    13.01.2006 15:50:30 BERN 12 | Exits Terminal – Relay arranged
    13.01.2006 15:57:00 BERN 12 | Enroute to customs
    13.01.2006 17:23:00 BERN 12 | Arrives at customs
    13.01.2006 17:40:12 BERN 12 | ANOMALY (31)
    13.01.2006 17:48:09 BERN 12 | ANOMALY RECOVERED (32)
    13.01.2006 17:49:30 BERN 12 | Cleared customs
    13.01.2006 18:15:15 BERN 12 | Leaves Terminal
    13.01.2006 18:30:00 BERN 12 | Flight arranged
    13.01.2006 21:45:12 BERN 12 | Load Sealed in ACFT

    Note: The Parcel has been relayed to the United States Post Services, a UPU-Recognized Post Agency. There will be delays in tracking updates and the routing may not be complete. This is due to the different tracking technologies in use and cannot be avoided.

    14.01.2006 12:45:00 USPS | KENNEDY SWISS POST XCHANGE
    15.01.2006 11:12:00 USPS | JAMAICA NY – RELAY
    18.01.2006 08:03:00 USPS | SAN FRANCISCO – RELAY
    19.01.2006 09:11:00 USPS | CUPERTION CA – DELIVERED

    Just an example of the service:
    (31) Parcel exceeded insurance value shown. Customs not allowing export for safety.
    (32) Swiss Post has recovered the issue by increasing insurance on it’s cost.
    (33) Swiss Post has recovered the issue by increasing insurance on your cost.
    (34) Swiss Post has recovered the issue by increasing insurance on the recipients cost.

  80. Postal says:

    I am so glad someone agrees!! The USPS “tracking” is such BS! The only time they update the ‘current location of the package’ is 2 days after it’s been delivered. The USPS was, is, and always will be a complete bureaucratic joke. Like the old saying goes, “if they drug-tested in the Post Office, one drug they certainly won’t find is ‘speed'”.

  81. Eddie says:

    South Carolina, Year 2006….
    I requested the package be scanned when I shipped it Priority Mail. Clerk said, “Yes, we scan all incoming Priority Mail”. Result is NO scan or NO tracking update on the website. Seems like barcodes don’t really mean anything to USPS if you use Priority Mail in SC. I still can’t figure out what is the priority in Priority Mail.

  82. Michele says:

    Here we go again.
    I had purchased some Sheltie ASSA handbooks on Ebay and had them shipped to me from Minnesota to the Chicago area.

    I had PAID INSURANCE on the contents to the shipper. He mailed them and insured them, and would’nt you know it, the box was opened and re-taped and missing the 1981-1982 American Shetland Sheepdog Association Handbook. A couple of the other books were damaged with pages torn out!!!

    I called the post office, they sent me a form, I filled it out right away. And I have not heard a thing. That was months and months ago.

    ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! They don’t care!

    They did not reimburse me what the book was worth or even try to contact me back.

    Please don’t ship with USPS. Use FedEx or DHL. Michele

  83. Sonny says:

    I bought an item on Ebay the 7th of January. It is now the 27 of January and still no package through USPS. It was sent with a USPS tracking number, but the item is not listed on their (USPS) delivery list. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? What good does it do to even make a comment on this website? USPS incompetent employees probably log on to this site and laugh. SEE, WE GOT ANOTHER SUCKER!

  84. Pony Express says:

    Unfortunitely Sonny the only good posting here will do is allow you to vent with fellow commiserateors. Problem is the USPS is still delivering cross country on Ponys! (little known fact) The “Tracking” they use is on a Pony identification basis. The Bar codes branded on the Pony’s arse are supposed to be scanned at every outpost across the union. Problem is it’s bloody hard to get Ponys to sit on the bed scanner without breaking them. Consequently most units are down across the country. If this weren’t bad enough my “2nd day air service” left honolulu on a flying pony the 17th of January, bound for me in Oxford, England. It is the 27th (10 days not 2) so I checked the infamous “tracking” site with my number. Turns out they haven’t been able to get Pony’s to fly and my package is still proported to be in Honolulu. /Sigh I guess it is my fault for trusting a valuable shipping job to a company stuck in the 19th century. However for those of you just stuck with the USPS, feel fortunite, after the american end of the shipping gamut, I have the Royal Mail to look forward to on the British end… heh you think Googling “USPS sucks” gets alot of hits 🙂
    To all you Pony haters out there, I feel ya, to all you USPS employees, thanks for making the saying “going postal” understandable to us all, I feel you as well!

  85. It’s 2007 and I can watch TV on my phone, while my car parallel parks itself but can I find my package through the USPS tracking system ? – NOT A CHANCE – then you call the 800# and the idiot says ” wait 21 days and file a claim” then hangs up. The Feds can OK Billions in spending to bomb foreign governments – How about we send one less bomb and use that billion to upgrade the USPS system that 50 million Americans use everday!!!

  86. I ship many packages a week for my eBay business and I always thought USPS was the cheapest but when a friend showed me and I realized that FedEx and UPS are comparable in rates and I don’t have to deal with the hassles of the post office. Now I only use the post office for bills.

  87. Josh says:

    Yeah man I would be checking if I didn’t know that my package was shipped. And thank you very much for notified me an hour after its been shipped that its been shipped.

  88. I send 500 dollars in cash (I know stupid) to my GF in iowa beacuse she needed it then and I dident have any other option. After takeing about 30 days to arrive it was emptyed of the money and taped shut, YOU USPS HAVE SHIT SO HARD YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERS? FUCK USPS BOYCOTT THAT FUCKING SHIT!

  89. Matt says:

    I sent a $150 MP3 Player via USPS Global Priority. Sent it at the beginning of the month. It’s now the end of February and no one at the f***ing USPS knows where the hell the package is. For all I know it’s stuffed at the back of some USPS Truck, roaming around Canada without anyone knowing it’s there. So Now I’m Basically out $150 and a Perfectly good MP3 Player. Oh, and Track and Confirm still shows “Item Not Recieved”. A$$holes…

    Oh well, USPS is part of the Federal Government so I guess we shouldn’t expect too much out of them… *rolls eyes sarcastically*

  90. Kevin says:

    At least half the time I get something shipped via “Express” Mail, it gets misrouted or delivered a day (sometimes two) later. This is their highest level of service that is guaranteed next day delivery. On each of these occasions, they go back and add a false delivery event to make it look like it was delivered within the guaranteed time.

    If you ever get anything shipped USPS, make SURE it is signature required! Otherwise they can just do whatever the hell they want with your package and say “waiver of signature was exercised at the time of delivery”!!

  91. unsatisfied customer says:

    yeah, i fucking hate the usps and everyone who works for it.

    in new york city, we have it the worst. i am filled with terror everytime someone sends me something via usps.

    the tracking system is a joke. many times, i have had packages “delivered”, at least that’s what it says on the tracking system. only thing is, no one ever delivered the package. this has happened many times to me.

    one time, a postal worker rang my bell, he said, “postal service”. i went downstairs to open the door, hoping to pick up a package. when i opened the door, he ignored me and went to the mailboxes. i told him, “you rang my doorbell.” he told me, without even looking at me “just needed to get in.” i wanted to fucking kill that motherfucker.

    the post office station close to my house is completely useless. the people there curse you and hang up on you whenever you call them for a question.

    in new york we have the most uneducated, least repectful, lowest intelligence people working for the usps. i really hope more post office workers go nuts and kill off their fellow workers. i’m sure the ones who died deserved to burn in hell.

    fuck them all!

  92. Tyler says:

    USPS Sucks so much! I sent a package to someone in canada. It took 5 days, and I’m in Indiana. SO that wasnt bad. Well this time, I orderec something off ebay, and its beem three fucking weeks. WTF is going on with USPS?

  93. brandon says:

    their pieces of shit. i orderd something from pa and its been 8 days and still nothing. and i live in ill. the tracking is a fucking joke. it just keeps saying label created.

  94. Chad says:

    Well, I guess I’ll add my 2 cents here. 2 weeks ago I got something on ebay and unfortunately the seller decided on sending it USPS. He sent it priority mail though which is supposed to take 2 to 3 days. Well, it took 5 days to get to me! I live in PA and the package was coming from GA. It’s not like it had to go clear across the country or anything! I called them a few times and they kept telling me that it should be here any time now! I also got the old, “94% of priority mail packages arrive within the 2 to 3 day window. Well, I guess I’m the unlucky 6%. BTW, it was shipped to me on a Monday and finally got to me on a Saturday so I’m not counting a Sunday or anything. And yes, the tracking kept saying the shipper created a label for it and said nothing else until well after I received it. Why even have this so called “tracking” when it doesn’t even do that. Either get rid of it or upgrade it to at least UPS and FEDEX level.

    Now I’m expecting a package that unfortunately is also USPS and it’s parcel first class which says 2-5 days. I’ll post back and tell you how long this one will take. I’m wiling to bet at LEAST a week. And yes, it still says, shipped has created a label and he said he shipped it 2 days ago. Yes, what a joke!!!!

  95. John says:

    The USPS morons misdelivered my $500 worth of shipment. They “delivered” it to a wrong address, wrong zip code, wrong person. More… it was insured for $500 but they don’t have a signature on fiole even if a signature was requested! No more USPS, because it SUCKS!!! USPS = U.S. (govt.) Pee (on) Us. That’s what it is! USA edcation standards are Third World. Postal delivery – Third World and going down fast!

  96. John says:

    Our misdelivery occurred on Feb. 21, 2007 in Houston, Texas. We suspect a corrupt USPS office in Houston or a postal delivery employee has an innovative mail theft idea. We will report our case to US Postal Inspectors and FBI.

  97. Michelle says:

    You americans are fat spoiled brats. You complain if your mail delivery is 1 or 2 days late. So what? You complain about everything, ou sue everyone, world hates you for that you mama’s spoiled bitches.
    Your smiles are fake, you seem nice on the outside, but inside is all evil. You need war in your own country, and hunger, so you learn what really hard life is. Bastards.

  98. Jeff says:

    Well thanks michelle…. although this is about USPS tracking service issues.And while my mail is a few days late im not mad I just want to know where it is. The USPS Tracking system just says shipping info received. And thats all it’s said for 4 days. Not shipped. Just info received. I ordered another part (computer peripherals ) the same day and got it yesterday through UPS. And the reason I have to order online is because I live in a small town that doesn’t have any mac stores. It only has one computer store. Anyway good luck everyone and while yes the US government isn’t doing so hot right now there is an open door policy.

  99. ashley says:

    LOL @ john! we are not just complaing about late packages. USPS sucks! There tracking website is shit! Im dealing with this right now! I only like UPS but like a dummy i bought shit on ebay…you think i could sue? LOL

  100. ashley says:

    another annoying thing USPS does is give my mail to the neighbors (FedX does this too). I get the neighbors mail…they get my mail. Its soooo annoying!!! I even got a neighbors check in the mail b4. And magazines always come to my house all bent up and WET! Now i think i can sue!

  101. usps_tracking_sucks says:

    This is an awesome thread. I live in Texas and I got this today. This was “shipped” last Wednesday…….


    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
    Delivered BIRMINGHAM AL 03/10/07 9:40am

    Arrival at Unit BIRMINGHAM AL 03/10/07 5:34am

    Enroute ATLANTA GA 03/09/07 12:56pm

    Acceptance BELLEVIEW FL 03/07/07 3:20pm

    First of all, I’m in Texas, and why the heck did it go to Atlanta at all? The seller confirms the correct address on the label.

    Here’s my thoughts. The USPS is just not good at packages, and I don’t think they have the personnel, funding, or technology to ship parcels/packages, or to have a decent tracking system.

    However, every mail person I talked to never answered a single question I asked. It’s like they read off of a sheet that listed what I “might ask.” Their answers were very general and unhelpful.

    Also, my packages always show up looking like a wild animal has had its’ way with them.

  102. usps_tracking_sucks says:

    I think that “Michelle”, a few lines up on March 1st is just pissed off because they are a man and their name is Michelle. But at any rate we are not all full of evil, but evil does know evil Michelle.

  103. TC says:

    Can someone who works for the USPS and is knowledgable tell me what the signifigance is of the Jersey City NJ post office? Is it a main routing hub?
    I live in Seattle I ordered a record from Chula Vista CA it took 25 days to arrive here the tracking said it left Cali, next scan was in Jersey City NJ???
    why would it go East and come back West that makes no sense? I’m not the only one this has happened to recently
    comments appreciated

  104. TC says:

    Hey Michelle my guess is you’re from France
    right? you’re one to talk you’re country has been taken over so many times you might as well just hoist up the Islamic flag now and go ha ha
    ungrateful cheese eating surrender monkeys!
    and back on topic La Poste sucks too!
    I’ve lost 2 packages this year through them.

  105. Joseph says:

    I don’t know if I have been a victim of theft or not but the tracking information on the USPS site (and states that my package has been delivered. However, no package showed up. I suspect either:

    Someone stole it

    or the tracking information is WRONG.

    Any ideas, guys?

  106. cam says:

    Yes, I am anxiously awaiting some limited edition nike dunks that I purchased from ebay…and once I got the tracking number (and quickly realized it wasn’t ups or fedex, whom i deal with everyday at work..)I checked it and it said the order had been received in China…then a day had ‘left’ china. Now I sit and way of knowing when I should have someone at my apartment to receive the package…complete lunacy.

  107. Derek Leach says:

    My fiancee shipped some of her clothes from Virginia (was working as an Au Pair) to my place in Ontario, Canada … no big deal you would think. Shipped it USPS airmail … that was Oct 2006, still has not arrived as of Mar 2007. I feel someone has stolen it at the shipping PO, because if it was turned back by customs, her Au Pair family would have received it. USPS can’t help us, and they never returned a fax I sent recently. She lost the receipt (!), so no tracking #, but reading through these comments, it doesn’t sound like it would help much anyways!

  108. Crumbfish says:

    USPS’s tracking is like selling sour milk. It’s milk, of course it is, but it’s freakin’ sour and I can’t drink it!

    Sometimes nothing is better than something; as is the case with sour milk… as well as USPS’s tracking

  109. MONGO says:

    Hallelujah! I just received a postcard that I mailed to myself last month. Our local Post Office sucks monkey nuts. The USPS employees can’t read or speak English and they laugh and fart(out of their mouths) when they drop or throw packages. I complained to the Postmaster and he just drools. Yes, slobber. or spit pours out of his mouth. He looks like some sort of freak. Anyway, I like to test the system to piss them off big time. I mail postcards to Woodbridge,CA from Lodi,CA and it averages 3-4 weeks. I sent overnight express mail and it takes from one week to never to deliver. Here is the fun stuff. The post offices are only 3 miles apart. I can mail from one PO and walk to the other PO in less than an hour. Very fucked up system. I tried sending packages insured, they lose it. Pure idiots? No, just clever thieves. I found that if you send a package of Sees brand chocolate candy in the mail, you will probably see the wrapper, label everything in their trash. They just open up mail looking for stuff to steal. So i got them good. I bought a box of Sees chocolates and filled it with dog shit. The “candy” never got delivered, but I wish I could have seen th look on their faces when they illegally stole my mail to eat the dog shit. So I mail “everything” to mess with them. Empty boxes, sent from A to B will be found behind the PO opened…and empty. I have been sending garbage -coffee grounds, used toilet paper- both ends, rotten eggs wrapped in nice looking packages weighed down with rocks or bricks. They hate it. Cool way to mess with them. One time I sent some chocolate candy to myself filled with armed mouse traps. YYYiii when they sneaked open the “candy” to get clipped with my mouse traps. The employees are SLIME. My FAV deal…go to a Raghead store and buy a tube of HENNA. They use this stuff as a fake tattoo. You touch it and you are permanently tatooed. Well I sent some expensive moisturizer to myself, and it never came….but the postal clerk had black dots and streaks all over her damn face. GOTCHA thief. I am thinking of sending myself some expensive poison oak coated gloves. I will wait for the next postal worker who starts itching and scratching. QUIT stealing the mail and just deliver it. Yes you are asswipes.

  110. Jack says:

    Anybody can screw up, but if you REALLY want something screwed up, you’ve got to let the government do it. I’ve lost more stuff shipped USPS than I can recall. Pathetic and Abysmal do not begin to describe their performance.

    I mail a letter from my post office to a PO box at the SAME post office and it has to go 100+ miles away to their regional facility to be “processed” before returning to the same PO. Call me stupid, but is this efficient?

    As for Amazon – what a friggin joke. These jackasses have hijacked several of my favorite online retailers. What used to be excellent customer service with a real live representative is now on par with the USPS. Order from an Amazon store and get ready to wait, and wait, and wait. Call them and you get to speak to “David” or “Susan” with curiously thick Indian accents. American corporations believe US consumers are idiots. I will not buy anything through amazon. I’ll gladly pay more elsewhere. You get what you pay for and unfortunately there are still enough shit for brains idiots in this country to support these services

  111. jay says:

    USPS does not offer a tracking service!!! It is called “Delivery Confirmation”. NOT Tracking!!!!!!!! That is why you can’t Track your items. First learn what it is “service” you pay for……

  112. scarpe says:

    Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

  113. Will says:

    Really? USPS doesn’t offer a tracking service? Well, I would agree that it isn’t a tracking service, but it is funny they have a box on their homepage labeled “TRACK & CONFIRM”! Hmm, that doesn’t look like “Delivery Confirmation” to me. Before you tell us to learn what service we pay for, why don’t you learn to read first?! T-R-A-C-K, does that make it easier?

  114. john axeman says:

    I hate when ebayer’s ship using the worthless usps. They Suck so bad it makes me sick that they even have a tracking system to let you know somethings been shipped and then you get the item and it still has not been updated. The government is the same worthless operation. Bastered’s

  115. Green says:

    Hi Sam! Photos i send on e-mail.

  116. USPSSUCKS says:


    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 23, 2007 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

  117. stan says:

    USPS tracking sucks. But, out of 100 packages I’ve shipped within the last month, I’ve only had an issue with 2. Those 2 problems were customer address issues. Only thing is – it took the USPS over 3 weeks to get the items back to me. Also, sent a package to myself once as a test. USPS showed the item as delivered on confirm – never got the item. Oh well. USPS is pretty fast though with priority. UPS and FedEx have some problems too.

  118. riceroni says:

    In my experience and I run a business where I have to do a lot of shipping. All of them have issues. UPS have screwed royaly on many occassions. FedEx, have really screwed up the least and their screw ups just really amounted to a delay or two. The USPS are not screw ups as much as they are just plain slow and incompitent. Out of all of the delivery services the one that I’ve had the best experience with and remains screw up free (so far) is DHL. DHL actually works with the USPS. But if I had to hand out the fuckups of the mellinium award it would have to go to UPS. Remember shit is “Brown” or “Brown” is shit, either way it stinks!

  119. UnusuallySlowParcelService says:

    I could not agree more. USPS tracking is a joke. Not only do they not update the tracking online they don’t meet the expected delivery dates. When Amazon sends a package via USPS it is the equivalent to dropping it in the local mailbox and then hoping it gets to it’s destination. Not only does it not track the item, several of my packages only say that they have been notified to pick up a package. 10 days later they can’t even confirm if the package was ever picked up!

  120. Randy says:

    You can get good or bad service from any of the three big shippers. Alot of it depends on the people on each end that handle your package and true, USPS personnel are generally less reliable than the other two. I have personally not had any problems with USPS, but their tracking does suck.

  121. Ivan says:

    Oh, my! The initial blog was written almost 4 years ago. One would have expected USPS tracking system to improve meantime, but I guess that ain’t happening yet. And Amazon still uses USPS. Amazing indeed.

  122. uSPs LIKC MY BALLS says:


  123. uSPs LIKC MY BALLS says:







  124. Tim says:

    I too am having an issue with the USPS and their asinine tracking system (which is really just a “confirmation” system, they don’t scan or track ANYTHING). I ordered from a reputable seller on Amazon on May 11th, and the package was shipped on the 17th (confirmed with seller on this one). What does USPS say… “Electronic Shipping Info Received” Doesn’t even say that they picked it up, it was shipped or anything. Not only that, but my pack is late.. 2 weeks LATE.

    I should’ve learned from my mother, the same thing happened to her her not 2 weeks earlier. Only she got the seller to send a replacement cause they figured that it had gotten lost in the mail… go figure she gets BOTH packages on the same day.

    Heaven forbid that the USPS should have to actually do some work and scan their packages in and out of each location it passes though. I wonder if that would cut down on losing customers packages? You know… knowing where the stuff they’re responsible for is.

    • HooHaw says:

      Looks like the tracking code originated with the shipper. They let shippers initiate this kind of stuff for convenience, but the seller might have effed up.

      Small ebay seller was telling me the other day that you have to ship the same day payment was received for legal reasons and that causes a lot of hassles.

  125. Dave says:

    Wow, this is quite the comment thread. Four years and counting.

    Anyway, similar issues here. Ordered a package from Amazon, they estimated 5-10 days for delivery. Within an hour of tracking info being posted, USPS claimed that it was at the local distribution hub and enroute for delivery. That’s where it’s been for the past two weeks. So apparently they can deliver at light speed to the local post office, but the truck is powered by hamsters on wheels so it takes weeks to get it to my actual house.

    Also, we always have one or two pieces of our neighbors mail in our box, and they never knock to deliver items (I actually watched once). They just leave a slip in the box claiming that they’ve tried to deliver the item several times and that we have 3 days to pick it up at the post office.

  126. John Martin says:

    I just did a google search for “USPS tracking is a joke” and here I am. Ditto to everything said here aside from the comment about them dying. Anyway I am glad to see that I’m not the only numbnuts checking their phony tracking site multiple times daily. I’m sure I’ll cure cancer before I ever get any info on my package.

  127. aynus wring says:

    Here’s an idea. Get a nice looking Dell box, or otherwise “something expensive inside” looking one. Drop a giant shit in it, and send it across the country to a nonexisting address. If it doesn’t come back to you, you got your shit jacked.

  128. Trevor Dodd says:

    really infuriated by USPS.

    Use express option quite a lot. Now, in the past two weeks, I’ve had three consecutive items ‘missent’ or misrouted.

    Sending me my mail is the only thing you’re supposed to do. Can’t you do it correctly?

  129. Jessie says:

    I’ve moved a lot, and thus been serviced by many different local post office locations in this country. I realized at age 18 that the USPS was utterly untrustworthy after being ARRESTED while on vacation in FL b/c my probation office in upstate NY never received two (monthly) restitution payments, and had issued a warrant for my arrest.

    Fast forward to now, 7 (totally reformed) years later, and in the past year I 1. Did not receive textbooks ordered online for college till months into the semester, 2. Received a scholarship check TORN IN HALF, in an opened envelope, which was not torn, 3. father’s mail, which was to be held after his move to TX from PA, was somehow forwarded to an address in upstate NY where he hasn’t lived in 4 years, and the latest 4. still waiting for a package from a Barnes & Noble partner that chose to mail my purchase USPS.

    And the funny thing is, I never use USPS. I was screwed by other people or merchants choosing to use it.

  130. USPS tracking is useless says:

    I found this thread while trying to find an alternate site for tracking USPS packages. I have had packages shipped to me via USPS (which BTW I never use to ship anything) several times, and each time I have not been able to track my package. Not only does the crappy system not track packages, it doesn’t even register the tracking numbers. Each time I have tried using this ridiculous service I’ve either gotten a message saying there is no record of the item or an equally useless one stating that my package shipped, but doesn’t say when, or from where, much less when I could expect to receive it.

    I’m currently waiting for a package that I ordered on June 2nd – almost three weeks ago. The merchant confirms it was shipped on the 14th. Over a week ago, but still no package, but what’s most frustrating is the USPS tracking system has “No record of that item.” Exactly how long does it take to deliver a package? It would be one thing if this was an isolated event, but this same thing happens every time. Then inevitably they will attempt delivery when I’m not at home, then I’ll get this note in the mail saying I have to go the Post Office to pick it up. Of course I won’t see it until I get home after 6pm, and the Post Office will be closed so I’ll have to take off at lunch the next day to make a special trip to go pick it up. Or else wait until Saturday. How much more inconvenient could they make this whole process? I won’t even talk about the sorry state of mail delivery. What the hell is the Postal Service doing with taxpayers’ money? They keep going up on the rates, but the service just gets crappier and crappier. Truly sad.

    • HooHaw says:

      What you don’t understand is that to the USPS, the shipper is the customer, not the recipient. Obviously, UPS and FedEx view this a little differently. Hope that helps.

  131. c w says:


  132. Jake Bee says:

    I sent a package overnight from the east coast to Seattle. Received 1 week later at a cost of $21.40 for overnight service. When I tried to file a claim for the guarantee, I was told the guarantee for overnight is that if the item does not arrive after 30 DAYS, that it’s guaranteed to be sent back free, but there’s no cash refund. Use Brown or Fedx — USPS is a joke. Speak with a real person now means speak with a real voice when you call 800-222-1811 to get information on lost items. Much of my Amazon orders by USPS take between 2-3weeks.

  133. Eddie Ortiz says:

    This complaint was filed on the website. I have never received a response from the postmaster or anyone. Even after another attempt to send it a month later.

    USPS Postmaster General:

    I placed an order on Ebay on April 13, 2007 for A Windows Vista Home Premium Program from Tara Neitzey of Blue Nova Computing, 115 West Main Street PO Box 865, Floyd, VA 24091. I paid for the item on the same date Via paypal website in the amount of $118.95 to the Seller. The seller sent the item on April 17, 2007. After waiting for delivery for 5 days I went into my apartment complex manager’s office to ask if I had received a parcel from USPS. This Item was sent Priority mail and should have been received before that time although I had not received any notice of delivery by the mail Carrier of a package left at the office and I always receive a notice in my mailbox when I have a parcel left at the manager’s office (Manager’s Name: Deanna ). I was told by an Assistant to the Manager, Denise that there was no parcel left for me by the mail carrier on 4/20/2007.

    On the following Monday April 23, 2007. I contacted the Seller of my item and asked if it had been shipped, that I not received the item. The seller e-mailed me and said the item was sent on the 17th of April and gave me a delivery confirmation number 9101010521297263295375, and said the item had been delivered according the delivery confirmation number on 4/20/07 at 10:20AM.

    I went back the Manager’s Office of my apartment complex and told her that I had indeed received a parcel on Friday, April 20th according to the USPS website delivery confirmation. They looked through there bin where they keep parcels etc. delivered to the office by the mail carrier and again told me they had received nothing. So, I waited for the mail carrier to show up at my complex to deliver the daily mail and informed her that I been sent a parcel that showed delivery on 4/20/2007 at 10:20AM. I also told her that I HAD NOT received the usual orange notice in my mailbox informing me that I had a parcel waiting at in the Manager’s office. She said she thought I had received something that day. Although I have been purchasing many items via eBay in the last month to upgrade my computer in order to install this Windows Vista program. So I do not think she could not be sure it was delivered. The mail carrier walked me over to another building in my apartment complex where another Tenant with the apartment number (B-20) who has the same last name that I have (Ortiz). This person has since moved. The Carrier opened the mailbox for this tenant and checked but found no items or notices of delivery with my name on it.

    This item was scanned as delivered on 4/20/2007 at 10:20AM. Our mail carrier normally does not deliver mail to our complex until around 12:00 noon. There was no notice of a parcel delivery in my mailbox on Friday, 4/20 I always check my mail before I leave for work at 2:30PM so if I received a package in the office I can pick it up from the office and take the item to my apartment. I do this every time because this same thing has happened to me before about 2 years ago where I had ordered an item on Ebay, it showed it was delivered and it just disappeared never to be found. I had lost $60.00 that time and no one was ever held accountable for the missing item.

    Now I don’t know what happened. Either the mail carrier has misdelivered the item to to wrong address and someone got a free Windows Vista program or it was stolen from may apartment complex’s Manager’s office. All I know is I never received the item in question.

    Eddie Ortiz

    Las Vegas, NV

  134. Snowe says:

    USPS wasn’t doing TOO bad when I lived in Las Vegas. I moved back to Delaware and things have been insane. It took an entire month for a letter to get from DE to Vegas {A MONTH!}. A friend of mine thinks it’s OK to send things USPS (oh it’s just a card ~ it’ll be fine) = Two weeks. Birthday presents? I think I’m out some gifts. He lives 110 miles away and it takes 2 weeks+ to get here! He says next time he’ll just drive them to me himself.
    -heavy sigh-

  135. Nick says:

    Nearly a year ago my registered mail sent to UK was lost. In February 2007 I went to USPS Post Office. They gave me a wrong form. I filled it out and brought it back. When I brought it back they did not tell me it’s a wrong form (I noticed it myself only now) but they told me it does not work that way. They told me now I must call USPS and submit claims on the phone. I did. 2 months later I called to check the status of my claim for the lost REGISTERED AIR MAIL letter to United Kingdom. USPS told me there is no such claim listed in their system. The person who took my claim simply tossed it into a garbage bin… Then I called and wrote down the USPS reps ID# and submitted my claim again. 2 months later I called and they told me they wil be sending me claim forms in June to get my money back ($43). Waited for the forms for 3 weeks, which never arrived. Called USPS. They told me they really shipped the forms to me, address is correct. They said they will resend fotr,ms again “today” (June 26). They told me it takes 3-5 business days for the forms to arrive. Almost 2 weeks later nothing has arrived yet. I’m thinking should I forget about it or sue the USPS, because I’m tired of dealing with a lying and cheating government agency. I wonder how they expect us to pay taxes in time?

  136. Nick says:

    By the way, I lived in the US for 10 years and I noticed how USPS service deteriorated and became like a Third World postal system.

  137. Adam says:

    yep my package says it left the usa. that’s it. it’s the longest plane ride i’ve ever seen. 5 days and counting.

  138. Bob says:

    Two days after placing a catalog order and being informed that my purchase was shipped by USPS Tracking, I checked with USPS. They could only inform me that they had been contacted for pickup – no tracking information yet available. While reading this site, my doorbell rang and the package was delivered – prior to any information being available. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess; I received my package.

  139. Sheila says:

    I’m a postmaster at a small office in FL. Very sorry to you folks that have had negative experiences. I was looking for P.O. shirts when I came across this. The reason the web site calls it track and confirm is because it is for all of our services. Express, certified, delivery confirmation and signature confirmation. Delivery confirmation is supposed to be scanned on acceptance and delivery. Old equipment in some small offices can not scan accepted, but we all have scanners for delivery.Electronic info recieved means the mailer put a bar code on the piece, but the P.O. doesn’t know if it is actually in the mail stream. I know that there are some problems, that people cheat, because management raises depend on scan scores, but truth be told, most of us are honest,hard workers who do the right thing. I’m all for harsh penalties on anyone who steals. If you really believe they are, contact the Postal Inspectors. They don’t take that lightly. If a postal employee does get caught stealing, they will lose their jobs, all of their benefits and their retirement. They also will probably get jail time. Just so you know, I’ve been a customer of the USPS longer than an employee. I have never had anything lost, but did have an e-bay item delayed and broken. Of course, there were three hurricanes going over our state that month. I made a claim and was paid. Our service is not perfect, but we do handle one billion pieces per day, and let’s be realistic, we never hear about all the right things we do every day. Our carriers save lives on a daily basis. For shut-ins, they are the only link to the ouside world. Last week a carrier found an abducted little girl. They report gas leaks, fires and find people who are hurt inside their homes. I hope some of you will see the good. Who doesn’t love to get a greeting card or letter? You can get correspondence anywhere in our country, including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in about three days for 41 cents. To me, I think it’s a bargain.

  140. Chris says:

    I have sent a package from Dallas to Chicago, they promised me it will reach before noon. And it did reached Chicago by 8:24 am, and they say it cannot be delivered for the day bcos delivery truck already left. So stupid senseless idiots. Why would I send something in express mail, if it cannot be delivered the next day. USPS is useless and these guys are just eating and sleeping may be.

    USPS Sucks.

    Tracking is a eye wash, no one know in reality where the packages are.

    No one picks the phone in the post office.

    Customer service is utter useless.

  141. Rasmussen says:

    I ship thousands of packages from the US mainland to Guam and hundreds back to the mainland…all by USPS Priority Mail. Very rarely do they get lost…like 2 a year perhaps. The delivery is 5-7 days either way. The cost is less than 1/2 of the courier services. Plus the free shipping materials are a big plus.

  142. Sheila says:

    Bravo,Rasmussen! Glad to hear it! We do alot right!!! Better than anywhere else in the world!

    • That would depend on how much you have seen of the world, which cannot be much when making such a statement. When it comes to public infrastructure, the US is way behind north-western Europe: canalization and sewers, telephony, streets, banking system and postal system. Did you know that DHL is the international branch of the German post? Have you taken a look at the log from the Swiss post a little further above? Have you ever had something shipped from Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore? All of these offer better tracking and more reliable, speedier delivery.

      When I moved from the Netherlands to France, a letter that my parents accidentally still sent from Germany to the Dutch address was forwarded to me in Paris with no problems, and there are still Belgium and Luxembourg between Holland and France. In total, that means three days for crossing five countries with three different languages. Never had a problem with packages either.

      I also lived in Utah and Los Angeles for a while and had no problems with USPS back then, but it seems to have gotten worse over the last years, especially when it comes to international deliveries.

      On the bright side, anybody who complains about the Poste Française, USPS, Royal Mail or whatsoever has never had to experience the Mexican combination of customs and post offices. The president from 2000 – 2006, Vicente Fox, sold five main customs offices to the drug cartels — not as astonishing as the fact that the federal prisons in 29 of México’s 32 federal states are controlled by the “Z”/”Zeta”, but it means that nothing gets into or out of the country without the crime families allowing, controlling and charging for it. The president from 2006 – 2012, Felipe Calderón Hinchosa, is a member of the Cartel de Sinaloa himself, so don’t hold your breath for improvements just yet.

      Apart from the drug cartels, there are organized groups in the customs and postal offices that steal whatever they find useful for themselves and their families, or to sell it off to the street vendors on flea markets. In cities with a lot of foreigners (Acapulco, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos), 25% – 30% of everything that is sent from abroad gets “lost”. Letters, e-mails or phone calls with reports including tracking numbers, names, dates, etc., are useless, because the authorities and supervisors in ‘Control Interno’ receive a commission and are part of the scam. In fact, blackmailing, extortion, kidnapping and all imaginable and unimaginable forms of corruption, murder and theft is how politicians in México finance their election campaigns.

      If you are lucky to live in a district whose post office is not infested with a group of criminal employees, you stand a good chance to eventually get your merchandise and gifts, but patience is of the essence: five to six weeks within the same city are normal, up to three months possible, due to the lack of education (reading & writing), morale, equipment (scales and typewriters from the 1930s, no computers) and general inefficiencies in a third world country. Oh, and since there are no cars for carriers, anything over 3 kg/6 lbs needs to be picked up during their office hours 9:00 – 16:00 h. Tracking is not a joke, it is a misery and rather used to falsify data in order to avoid claims than to provide any useful information at all, and the ‘tracking’ information is always outdated anyway.

      Consequently, I would praise all the ancient deities of Asgard if I could get the USPS down here. Everything is relative …

  143. L says:

    “we have the right to have until 5 pm to deliver your mail” FUCK YOU

  144. AlexDoane says:

    I am SO glad that I am not the only one who has this problem.
    I bought something off of ebay on July 26th, it is now August 6th. They sent it with USPS, it said it would only take 2-3 days. BULL CRAP. I’ve been checking the tracking religously, and the only thing they have said is that I’ve been notified. Well…yeah. USPS is super slow and does not provide any help. I wish I could of chose my shipping method.

  145. Garry says:

    I buy some things from e-bay on occasion & it is usually sent USPS, but if you want to find out where your stuff is it is like pissing in the wind. Because you sure can’t get any information from the USPS tracking site.

  146. Instigator says:

    I’ve never visited this blog before. I just found it by Googling USPS AND sucks. Right now, I’m waiting to learn the fate of a very substantial check I sent by Certified mail to a local P.O. Box. I sent it on Monday, Aug. 6, then checked in by online tracking the following day. Its status has been “Accepted” ever since Monday.

    I called USPS “Customer Service,” at which I managed to reach an actual person after hitting the 0 button several times. She, of course, provided no actual help in locating the Certified envelope, but gave me the phone number of the branch where I took it on Monday.

    Calling that number, I reached someone who couldn’t understand that because the address was a P.O. box number I had no idea where the destination was located. He indicated that it would help him find the point of delivery if I knew a cross street or street in the vicinity. Shouldn’t the USPS be able to determine the point of delivery from the ZIP Code, which also had the four-number suffix? His big helpful comment was that it did leave the branch, but that maybe the Certified label wasn’t scanned at the point of delivery.

    Maybe it wasn’t scanned at the point of delivery? WHAT WAS THE FRIGGIN’ POINT OF HAVING IT SENT CERTIFIED MAIL, THEN?

    So my next step is to call the company to see if my check’s been received, then call the bank to put a stop payment on it – and pay a hefty fee – if it hasn’t.

    Obviously, I agree with all here that USPS TRACKING IS A BAD JOKE! And so is Certified Mail.

  147. Instigator says:

    To all the faithful readers of this blog who express concern about the fate of my untraceable check, I called the company today and they confirmed that they received payment. Although my story ended well,

  148. Sheila says:

    Maybe if you knew how to spell, asdsad, your parcel wouldn’t be lost!!!

  149. Alex says:

    Yup I get the same problem with the tracking myself! Isnt it frustrating not to know whether your package is sent or not? especially if it’s not insured or about over $300. Those lazy USPS bastrads! It only take then 1 fucking second to scan the bar code label, and they can’t either bother to do just that!! Fuck them and sack them all, and that includes the customs and excise.

  150. postman pat says:

    ha ha my cat have eatten all your mails!!

  151. Stephen Hoffman says:

    RE comment 15, that USPS offers TWO DIFFERENT services, Track AND Confirm. Amazon issues what they call a USPS TRACKING number with their “Your item has shipped” emails, even though the number is really only a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number (since the tracking service is more expensive). Amazon sucks. You can’t believe much of anything they tell you on their website. (E.g. “Item is IN STOCK”! Liars!

  152. Concerned Citizen says:

    USPS tracking is riduculous. They do their jobs okay though.

  153. hater says:

    sucks. always in acceptance

  154. B.A. Baracus says:

    Ironically, as I was reading this website following being told by the ‘tracking’ website that my shipment information had been received (ordered a textbook a week ago from a place in Texas), a knock on the door and it is the post office with my package, the day before class begins. Though the tracking system is a waste of my time and theirs, the delivery system in my experience works well and is typically less expensive than one of the third party couriers.

  155. Eddie says:

    Shipment Accepted; August 27, 2007, 4:00 pm, FORT WORTH, TX 76161
    Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, August 27, 2007

    This is all the info I get from a package that is important, and I really do need. It is now September 5th, and usual dosage of junk mail and advertisements came in, but my package did not. First and LAST time I ever accept USPS to ship anything that I need here in a DECENT amount of time.

  156. Charlie says:

    I have a very expensive Les paul on the way from the states, and all the stupid tracking can tell me is that on the 6th it left the US, 5 days later and it cant tell me anything else???

    Must be having a holiday in the Canaries….

  157. John says:

    Whatever you do, don’t waste your money buying USPS insurance, because it’s UTTERLY WORTHLESS! If your package is lost, you will not get any money out of the USPS no matter what. If your package is damaged, they will simply say it wasn’t packaged properly and you still get nothing. If they deliver it to the wrong address with delivery confirmation, they will say their records show the package was delivered, so too bad for you. So if you think your package is important enough to need insurance, then for heaven’s sake, don’t use the post office! There is a reason they made fun of Cliff Clavin on Cheers–BECAUSE IT’S ALL TRUE!!!

  158. Not sure says:

    I am expecting a parcel from the US by USPS. I have been tracking the parcel through USPS. The tracking system has just advised me that there was a notice left at a MIAMI address for pick up…THE PARCEL HAD A DELIVERY ADDRESS OF AUSTRALIA!!Should I be concerned??? Do you think it will be on its way here and the Miami thing is just a mistake???

  159. Netdk says:

    I ordered a phone off of eBay 3 weeks ago. It was shipped 2-3 mail. Everyday for the past 2 weeks I still have the missent message on their half ass tracking system. I am starting to wonder if USPS workers are literate or if they are all just obese slobs that just say the hell with everyone, they only pay me $40+K year. I now know why the service is always crying broke; they are staffed with employees that have a third grade level of education. The only reason they have a job is because their cousin, uncle or brother got them in. My big question is what is the difference between USPS and people on welfare? They both take all our tax dollars and do not do one thing for it. We are not a 3rd world country, so why the hell is our mail service work like they are based in one. I would like to thank our government on the great job of staffing and organizing our postal service to the best of their ability. What a damn joke.

    • HooHaw says:

      Got news for you, bub, the US is pretty third world, just look at infant mortality, teen pregnancy, education levels, infrastructure, corruption, and taxation scheme. You’re so used to this you don’t know what actual 1st world looks like, sucka.

      Another clue: THEY ARE NOT FUNDED BY YOUR TAX MONEY. Delivery services are funded by delivery revenues. PERIOD. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  160. USPSfatASS says:


    Yesterday’s Update – USPS sucks fat ass.
    Today’s Update – USPS still sucks big fat ass.
    Tomorrow’s Update – USPS will still suck big fat hairy ass.

  161. sophitia77 says:

    well if you think delivery confirmation is tracking its not. many people beleive that/ it is what it is DELIVERY CoNFIRMATIN….confirmation of delivery. if u wanted actual traking u have to send it express mail(overnight guarentee) to get the tracking. Listen to ur window clerk when the explain the services not half ass listen to them like a lot of customers do.

    • BillyGrahmcracker says:

      Do you even have a clue as to how something is tracked to begin with???? Obviously not so I’ll inform
      you, since you haven’t taken the time to find out on your own. As a package travels along from one
      destination to another along the way to it’s final destination, it’s SUPPOSED to be scanned. If it is
      NOT scanned, there is nothing to update on the USPS website. IF, a person is given a tracking number
      from the USPS, it most CERTAINLY is suppose to be trackable, and would be, if the idiots taking in
      the package at each post office along the way would actually do that. No scan….no frigging update.
      You do NOT have to pay for over night service, for what you are having sent to you to actually be
      tracked. If you receive a tracking number, then tracking service comes with the postage that’s been
      paid already, otherwise, why on earth would there be a tracking number furnished. Next time get
      your facts straight before throwing out the cliche “you get what you paid for”, because 150 damned
      people are here reading all this USPS horseshit service page, because they DIDN’T.

  162. klada says:

    I fully agree with you, USPS sucks so much! They had lost two packages in value of $500.Now i am waiting for the refund… The problem is that i do not need the $$$ i need those packages. However i think it is also my fault, i was closefisted to pay for the UPS/DHL…

  163. Eva says:

    I have a parcel missent to NJ but it suppose to send to Taiwan. Why don’t they simply missent to Mars. Junk service. No reply, no following up.

  164. garet thomas says:

    i send a package on january 8th and it reached some post office on the route.

    Arrival at Unit, January 15, 2008, 4:52 am, TRENTON, MI 48183

    But from there they dont know what happened to my package.They are searching for it.I am afraid that my buyer will file a claim for non delivery if i contact the buyer and ask if she got it.

  165. Body Massage Machine GO! says:

    So I ordered some DVDs from Amazon. They shipped from Amazon’s wharehouse that’s maybe an hour and a half away today…

    When do they expect to deliver? 8 days from now! Precisely one day after I would have needed one of them!(gift). WTF. Can I just go pick it up? You can walk the effing distance in a day

  166. USPS Customer says:

    >Label/Receipt Number: 9102 1??4 5??8 9000 1??1 08

    >There is no record of this item.

    Terrible, just terrible.

  167. Mikey says:

    Two items sent. One to Washington from Cincinnati, 5 day arrival time. One to Chicago from cincinnati, goin on 2 weeks arrival time.

  168. wow says:

    I HATE USPS. they’ve been messing around with me for 25 days now.

  169. Cindy S. says:

    Ditto! USPS tracking/confirmation is useless for the most part. When I’ve used them to ship items, no problem….sometimes. However, when waiting for a delivery,they almost never seem to update their information, and there I am like a moron, checking the status. Sure wish would use UPS instead!

  170. A says:

    I love how everyone jumps on the USPS-hating bandwagon when you dumbasses don’t realize how expensive UPS and FedEx would be if there was no govt. run competition. I’d rather spend $2 to ship a book and have it get there in a week then spend $20 and have it get there in 3 days. Never had any problems with USPS…sad how only the pissed off people blog (175 out of millions).

    • HooHaw says:

      Even sadder that the majority of the gripes are lames from teenagers who are chuffed they can’t track their video game purchase every minute when they elected for Amazon free shipping.

      I really do sympathize with those dealing with crooked USPS employees. That really sucks.

      Of course, if you think the USPS is expensive/crappy, try shipping with Amtrak! I did it, and it ended up costing me $500 because I backed my friend’s car into a post getting my shipment home from the train station (oops). Seriously, it was way cheaper than USPS, I took precautions and everything arrived okay. (The boxes were a little crushy, but nothing inside was busted because I took precautions.) Only took a couple of days, too.

      If you have to move, consider Amtrak shipping. If you fill the whole pallet, they’re less likely to ruin your stuff. They’re more honest than Allied (thieves) and hella cheaper. You will have to wait at the train station and it all seems so slow, but the actual shipping part is pretty quick since it’s piggybacking on passenger service.

  171. Keith H says:

    Hate to tell everyone here, but, the USPS is NOT Government funded, or subsidised! It is government controlled, but totally self supporting. I used to work for them, but quit because of the idiots that kiss their way up into management, and make it very difficult for normal people to work there. They do have reasonable prices, but, the post office has more money then they really know what to do with, just poor management.

  172. frank b says:

    I sell watches & jewelry on ebay & use the usps system to ship all my items. I find that the track & confirm works only in the U.S. It never tracks or updates any information when a package is shipped outside of the U.S.
    I presently have 3 claims against me for merchandise not received, thanks to the good old usps system. I can’t figure out why the usps offer services to Canada in 6-10 business days when I have customers waiting over a month still for their packages.
    I ship overseas & its the same story, takes almost 1 month for these dear folks to receive their packages.
    Something should be done or we should just boycott this incompetent service altogether.
    Frank B

  173. elvin says:

    this is the biggest f$$k up i have seen, there tracking is a freeking waist of time. i don’t know why people even use this crap. thank god i have a choice when i ship out !!!

  174. Scarie Larry says:

    What do you expect from our efficient goverment operations? (lol) Some things never change!

  175. Midwest Soldier says:

    Some of the comments made by postal employees reflect their stupidity. 1. If USPS is going to have a tracking site for accountable mail, then it should work properly 99.9% of the time, not 2% of the time, 2. If you (postal employees) do not like the comments that result from folks that have paid for a service, either get your act together and improve it or keep your traps shut. We the customers are paying for a service and paying your wages.
    I know that from my experience that the service of the US Postal Service over the years has gotten much worse and continues on a down hill slope. It sure was not that way when I was with the postal service. Then the employees took pride in what they did and when presented with situations that were problems for the customer attempted to correct them. It is not that way any more as most postal employees feel that the customer owes them. And the Postal Service wonders why they are loosing business.

  176. Wayne Peterson says:

    Will I wished I had seen this “before” I shipped via usps, After paying for tracking and proof of delivery, I am still in the dark. I will never use them again, however on a good note my local postoffice has the best caring staff in the world, to bad the system sucks!

  177. James says:

    Twice I have sent something 65 miles…yes, 65. They send it to a processing center 90 miles in the opposite direction, to ship it back 155 miles to the destination. What should be overnight, or one day, has taken 3 days. What a bunch of crap!!!

  178. Rich Snyder says:

    Incredibly this thread has been going on for almost five years and the system still sucks. I didn’t realize that it was this bad. I just sold eleven items on eBay and the buyers are wondering if I really shipped their packages because the site shows that the post office hasn’t received the package yet. But I dropped everything off at the post office three days ago. So, it makes me look bad and I really don’t want negative feedback. Next time, I’ll just charge a higher shipping rate and ship with UPS.

  179. Allen says:

    I remember in high school it was a class assignment to mail a potato chip to as far away as we could, of course not wanting to be outdone, i sent the chip to perth australia, a 24,350 mile round trip, spent about $25 on shipping and it got there 2 weeks later still intact, however the dumbass at gpo perth did not read the instructions to remove the box within and mail it back to me, so in essence i did get the farthest travel distance they didn’t get it right and it took way to long before i got any tracking confirmation. about 1 week after it shipped

  180. Jon says:

    I had a fairly expensive package shipped from China about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I wish I had known about this website before paying. Otherwise, I would have paid for an alternative method. As of today, the package still cannot be tracked via USPS website. I enter the tracking number and receive a message which reads “item cannot be tracked on this website at this time.” Further investigation indicates that International packages cannot be tracked. How else am I supposed to know when to espect the package to arrive? I even called USPS a spoke to about 5 different representatives and nobody knows anything. The package could be on its way to Africa for all I know. What kind of mail system doesn’t keep up with where the mail is going? This is absolutely absurd and a travesty! I guess I should receive my package sometime before the New Years rolls around again.

  181. Mama Grimtribe says:

    USPS tracking is getting better. Now it may work about 6% of the time. I order from ebay pretty frequently and when I get tracking numbers I check them. Twice daily. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see something other than “Item scheduled for shipping” as my message. I’ve even seen it go from this place to that. It is nowhere near as good as the other shipping methods.
    I’m currently tracking something that I purchased from Hong Kong. I checked Hong Kong Postal and can’t get info there either because I dont have a routing number as well as a tracking number.
    Well, I guess it’s interesting to see that incompetent bureaucratic crap is not just here, but in other countries as well.
    My daughter has the fabulous surprise of nothing for her birthday, even though her gift was bought over a month before her bday.
    Hopefully she’ll get it before another year passes.

  182. Richard says:

    I’ve had FAR more probs with UPS than with USPS… Last one was a package from Seagate in TX coming to me in Michigan.

    Segate decided that I had to sign for their precious $65.00 harddrive. WTF? I have lots more expensive shite than this coming to me….

    UPS had an agreement with me to leave ALL packages in my garage, Yet a requirement by Seagate and the corresponding decision by UPS to abrogate OUR no sign agreement cost me five days and 4 gallons of gas.

    As far as I’m concerned UPS is managed by assholes. I’ll take USPS any day.

  183. Jesus says:

    I Completly fucking agree their tracking is a fucking JOKE! i hate them even their Customer service hours are whack , IHY USPS , what a stupid name/domain UPS has a three letter domain haha USPS i hate them , 3 days in a 2-3 day “delivery” and tracking hasnt updated IFHY USPS

  184. Mike says:

    USPS tracking is total bullshit. Even their Express Mail tracking to international customers like myself is limited to tracking the package only up to the point where it leaves the US and nothing more! FedEX FTW!!

    • HooHaw says:

      Lol, dummkopf, that’s the post or the local carriage partner in your country that doesn’t track anything. OWN GOAL. FAIL.

  185. Daniel says:

    Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 8, 2008 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    what the hell is this???I’ve been getting stuff on ebay from the US to the UK, the last item used USPS and I knew where item was via the tracking and now I’ve used a different bloke I get this junk?huh???

    this mean that the person I’m buying from has told USPS that they are shipping an item but USPS haven’t got it yet or someting???

  186. Mary Ann says:

    Daniel,the reason you keep getting that eletronic notice is because the person who is sending your item has had a scheduled pickup from his home or business instead of mailing it at the Post Office.
    You will receive that package long before they ever update the information.
    Being an ebay member this has happened to me many many times.

  187. Mary Ann says:

    I went to the Post Office today to mail items I sold on ebay.

    The person who purchased my items(a video game and guide book)wanted them sent media mail. Since I also offer Priority shipping I have Priority boxes, so I cut the box open and turned it inside out to make it look like a plain brown box. Unfortunately there was a little white showing at one of the end flaps. I never gave it a second thought, but the clerk at the Post Office noticed it and very Officiously told me that if this was a Priority box turned inside out that I couldn’t send it media mail. Further more, they now have machines that check to make sure you are not using Priority boxes for any mail service other than Priority.

    WTF! At least I’m using USPS!

    • HooHaw says:

      I bet you steal post-it notes from work and when someone catches you, you say “WTF, at least I showed up for work.”

  188. Jason says:

    u r so right!!! i ordered from amazon and selected the super saver shipping method, and usps does not update their tracking info at all!! i tried to call usps and they said they have no information available! WTF!!!!
    amazon should use UPS or FedEx but not USPS.


  189. Keith says:

    Okay, here’s the thing. The only reason to actually like USPS is if you were shipping Priority mail. I personally like being shipping that way because it’s like a 99% chance that the package or whatever will get to me in 2-3 days. So I say that once it’s shipped, the package will get to me by the max of the 3rd day. Ya.

  190. Jill says:

    ugh! I just shipped an ($800) package last week, paid 65.00 to ship 2 laptops priority, insured w/ delivery confirmation. Not only do they not update the shipping info they have LOST the package and the only thing to say for themselves is … “oh well, you had isurance right?” Great, now I have to deal with an angry ebay customer and a bad mark on my reputation.. oh and wait 3 months to be refunded. This is NOT the first time I’ve had this happen and I can’t even get a refund for priority (2 or 3 day service) shipping which gets delivered 7-10 days later.. worst of all I can’t even sue them! Total and cmplete BS!!!!!!!!!!

  191. John says:

    Try calling their 1-800 and go through hell trying to get customer service! Their so-called system is wpoethless and is created to upset you and to convince you to never call (or use) USPS again.

  192. Allen says:

    USPS stinks. my friend lost 2 pairs of brand new jordans. he lives in an apartment building so they just dropped it off in the mailbox area and rang his bell. by the time he walked downstairs it was gone.

    DHL is worse. they left a $400 monitor on my front steps. i live in a 3 family house so anyone could have walked up my stairs and taken it. lucky for me my mother decided to water some flowers she grew in front of our house. DHL didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell.

    UPS assumed my order was for my third floor. i ordered some victoria’s secret clothing for my girlfriend and just so happens the person that lives on my third floor loves ordering from them too. they automatically assumed it was her order. i had to call them after they left an infonotice letter on the other door. i took a day off from work anticipating my package but ended having to take 2 days off.

    FedEx somehow shipped a game i bought for my brother’s birthday to canada. i live in nyc and it ended up going to toronto before they realized it was headed to the wrong destination. i payed for their standard shipping but ended up coming a week after my brother’s birthday.

    overall ranking

  193. Vern says:

    My problem with USPS is that they lie. Last week I tracked a package all over the continent until it had arrived in my hometown and the tracking said “out for delivery”. That was at 8 AM. I was anxious for the package so I took a day off work, unpaid, and waited by the door and phone. At 8 PM I went to the tracking site and saw a notice that delivery attempt had failed because no one was home. B.S. AND they said a note for re-delivery was left. Also B.S. There was no note. Today, same thing different package. 8 AM “out for delivery” so I sit in front of my apartment building ALL DAY with my cellphone. No carrier showed and I get the same message as last time. “delivery failed, left note blah blah blah. Again B.S. LIARS!!! DON’T TELL PEOPLE IT’S OUT FOR DELIVERY “ON THE TRUCK” if it’s not. No wonder they’re going bankrupt. I will never send anything USPS. If you value customers, you won’t either.

  194. Jay says:

    If you have LOST mail…

    Go online and report it to the
    United Postal Inspectors. There is a website.

    There is also a Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, GA and I think one in MN. Google it!

  195. Jay says:

    Don’t just sit at home and wait for your package/mail. If it is out for delivery then call your local USPS and speak to the manager first thing in the morning.

  196. Jay says:

    and maybe the USPS manager can alert your mailman that the package is expected to be redelivered that day by someone who is at home.

  197. Jay says:

    If you want to get a hold of the Mail Recover Center closest to where you are from, call the USPS 800#…not sure if it’s 18002758777…google it…and ask your call to be patched through and be read to describe your package in detail —return address, addressee, description of item, etc.

  198. RF says:

    I work as a retail clerk at a contract postal unit (an official office inside a private business). Obviously a whole bunch of you just haven’t gotten it, after glancing over five years of posts. (I got here while looking up a technical glitch on the USPS Shipping Assistant.)


    Delivery Confirmation is exactly what the name implies, a confirmation of delivery. You are not guaranteed anything other than a delivery scan with a DC. You *should* get an acceptance scan, a “received at delivery office” scan (received at the PO that delivers your mail), and an “out for delivery” scan, but you are not guaranteed any of that. Just because the status is “electronically notified” or otherwise in transit doesn’t mean the package hasn’t moved.

    DC is not designed to help find a lost or delayed package. If you’re worried about it getting lost, send it via an insured service (Insured, Express w/Insurance, or Registered). If you’re worried about it being delayed, use Express Mail, a time-definite, money-back-guarantee service, or a private courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

    Yes, there are crooked carriers, sorters, supervisors, postmasters, etc. Not much you can do, but if you suspect a problem, report it:

    And don’t complain about not being allowed to use Priority Mail packaging for Media Mail, even when it’s turned inside out: read the damn packaging.

  199. ANON says:

    Whatever it is or is suppose to be….USPS tracking is a F’N JOKE!!!

  200. Gina says:

    Finally someone who thinks its a freakin joke i love UPS not USPS

  201. elmo says:

    i know,isnt it gay,i dont even know when my item is gonna get here,ive been wating a week for somthing ups takes to get here in 3 days to do…..

  202. Justin Jay says:

    I understand your frustration. USPS tracking said that my package was to be shipped on the 11th of june. Well, today is the 16th of june and the tracking still says “Electronic Shipping Info Received. The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on June 11, 2008 to expect your package for mailing”. This is not giving me a whole lot of information. Hopefully my package will arrive today because this is starting to frustrate me by not letting me know what the hell is going on so far.

  203. Brad says:

    USPS is worthless. Most of the employees are poster children on how not to interact with customers and their tracking system? Well that’s the biggest joke. It’s been telling me for a week that my package has been shipped. It’s been a week now and still not received. The useless tracking system is telling me the package has been accepted. AMAZING info! Thanks! I don’t care really whether you give me play by play updates. I need to know one thing. When is it getting here.. This is so I can be here to accept shipment and not have valuables sitting in boxes on my doorstep or having to wait another day to pick up boxes with a tag because they are closed when I get off work.

    I found it humorous that a post WAAAAAY above said this crap tracking system is temporary and a better system was in the works. Well, here it is, 5 years later and it’s no better. My only hope is they loose so much money the government decides to outsource the entire works and fires the current ball is morons and builds a functioning business with something resembling customer service to offer.

  204. Stephanie says:

    argh yessss!! im so frustrated at usps. ive been staring at “Shipment Accepted” for 8 business days, and I dont even know if it’s been delivered and stolen, or if its still on the way!

  205. Kendra says:

    USPS is the worst. With companies like UPS and FedEx who’s job it is to ship packages in a manner that is beneficial and hassle free for the consumer, why would you use the archaic postal system? I paid something like $12 or $13 for shipping from Hong Kong. It took three days to get from Asia to North America but it’s been five days since my package has been listed as “in Jamaica New York” and still nothing. I live in Philadelpha. It would have taken me five hours to go to Jamaica New York and back to pick up the package myself,let alone five days. There’s no excuse. I just don’t get how UPS can practically tell you anyone who’s ever breathed on your package before it reaches it’s destination, and USPS can’t even tell me what state its in. I’m never using this rediculously slow, unhelpful service again.

  206. jesse says:

    How Many times will my packages be lost? Ive had 5 packages become totally lost in the last 5 years. Its Pathetic to see that the #$%&^ government cant even get a package where its going. Gives you great hope that they can do anything right besides tax the hell out of us and start wars we cant win. The price is so expensive anymore also, they force you to get delivery confirmation and tracking because without out it good luck. I also love the fact that when you go down to the post office to figure out what went wrong no one can help you and they give you the S^%& eating grin of a dog who just ate your cheeseburger. Is no one accountable for anything anymore?

  207. USPS Blows says:

    I’ve ordered numerous things on Ebay being shipped USPS with their tracking system. Everytime I check it it says your package has been accepted check back later. Days go by and the only time it is updated is when the package has been delivered. There tracking system is the worst, but hey lets raise the price on shipping. F$%^ing scumbags.

  208. Peter says:

    Good luck trying to get your money back when they lose a package. They will tell you they are not responsible for lost packages. Boycott USPS and the US govt monopoly on paper mail delivery!

  209. chris says:

    it will not do you much good to say you want it delivered fed-ex or ups, or dhl for that matter as all of them have contracts with the usps that enable them all to drop off packages at the postoffice for them to deliver. so even if you’re paying more for the ups to deliver, be ware that the chances are pretty good that the post office will be handling that package.

  210. genekeats says:

    USPS tracking is indeed almost totally useless, even five years later! you get what you pay for after all. and chris, er, where do you get your info? UPS and FedEx all continue to bring the packages directly to my door. perhaps, if there is any truth to that, in some rural areas the commercial carriers will get it right up to your local zip code and then the mailman walks it up to your porch.

  211. dmk says:

    so here I am – I wish I had found out about USPS earlier. My Parcel was missent too. It originated in NY and I live in Austria in Europe. It was first missent to NJ – a week later it was missent to Australia – hey, I can see that Austria and Australia is very similar – but it’s on the other side of the f**king globe! So my parcel at least travels once around our blue planet before I hopefully receive it (since I chose “International EXPRESS Mail” it might only take a few months and not years I hope)…

  212. LapDOG says:

    Well, I had a look at all the complaints coming from 2004. I wonder what happened in the last 4 years? Nothing?

    I live in South Africa and ordered a Luminox Watch which NEVER arrived. Now, I’ve got a pair of Sunglasses and by the looks of it I will NEVER see it. Website saying that it was accepted on the 30th of June.

    The US with ALL the technology and funds can’t even do tracking on parcels. Good heavens man… even South Africa have a tracking system for ALL parcels; and it’s been working for the past 6 years which I know off.

    So USPS, please contact Thabo Mbeki to come and assist you with your tracking system.

    Happy Tracking!!

  213. lo says:

    5 years later, usps tracking still sucks

  214. Mike says:

    You want to know whats even funnier, the USPS tracking just doesn’t even work altogether now! HA It just goes to an interneal server error page

  215. Sandy says:

    Back to Mike — yeah, I know. I was trying to track an express mail package sent last Thursday, “guaranteed” to be delivered on Friday. Finally the phone tracker said, “delivery was attempted” and that a notice was left, but the business I sent to says no one ever showed up, much less left a note. My PO says that it’s now just “he said, she said” — no refund to me (why did I ask??) I wrote a cranky email to the USPS — let’s see what they say …

  216. Mus says:

    This blog article was written over 5 YEAR AGO and USPS still has the most despicable excuse for a tracking system in existence.

    • Jo says:


      PLEASE….. please shut down as many post offices as you want. PLEASE…… please PRETTY PLEASE stop Saturday delivery. Just close down as many operations as you wish and PLEASE!!!!!! take Obama with you.

      A) you will certainly save some money at first. I say “at first” because soon thereafter the corrupt within will figure out a way to squander that savings.

      B) we just dont give a damn.

      Have a nice day.

  217. UNOJRCAN says:


  218. Dave says:

    Mail Carrier is stealing my netfix dvd’s, bitch should at least wait until I’ve seen them.

  219. Garfield says:

    OMG i totally understand. I bought something from eBay and the seller sent it through USPS on August 1st. and what date is it today? August 7th. The tracking is still saying “processed”. I would rather just pick it up by myself driving all the way down to California from Michigan. For sure, it will be faster than waiting for USPS junkies to deliever it.

  220. Derek says:

    The USPS should only be used as a last resort, as with all federal government subsidized services as they are all a bullshit facade for stealing taxpayer money while providing stagnant job opportunities serving to decrease homelessness and prostitution. In a sense, three birds with one stone. When competent and satisfactory delivery service is required, dedicated private couriers such as DHL, FEDEX, and UPS are the only viable option. Purchasing out-of-country items online that ship through USPS without eligible insurance is comparable to giving your money and trust to incompetence. Your tax dollars at work… God Bless America, just not it’s taxpaying citizens.

  221. the TRUTH says: tracking is some bullshit half ass crap used to cover up the fact that they will never deliver a package on time. Mine also has been missent for days about 45 minutes away from where I live.

  222. Jim K says:

    I sell a lot on eBay and amazon marketplace. I REFUSE to ship USPS because my customers deserve better. I use Fedex ground almost exclusively, and I’ll gladly pay the extra $1 to $2 (I found 15% off discounts if you use the web to create shipments) to give my customers ACCURATE tracking data, REAL insurance, and REALISTIC shipment times on packages. Not to mention they handle packages far more carefully in my experience. Email for mail, Fedex/UPS/DHL for parcel…now if only we could get them to ship to a PO box or Mil bases…

  223. me says:

    Even Canada post tracking is better than this shit

  224. Paul Paul says:

    Another victim of the USPS. Lets just say any company that partners with USPS it would seem that they would get the job done faster. Not in this case. I bought a book, that went through a perferred partner and everything was going well, even good. Then somehow it got held up in Orlando, FL(1 hour south from where i live) for three days. But that is not the end. That perferred company decides to hand it back to the incompentent USPS and USPS takes it to Jacksonville, FL( 1 hour north of me.) Does everybody see the problem here. I live right smack F****** in the middle, and now have to wait another week for it to get here. Why a week? Well i have another shipment that has been sitting in Jacksonville, FL for the last four days, and i live so close to it. Just F*****g retarded. And i thought it was just social security that needed reform. It seems that everything in America needs reform. Thats it im moving to Australia.

  225. Vic B says:

    i orderd a item off ebay from US to UK 6-10 day deleivery, 20 days it never shows , and USPS tell me there very sorry they have sent it to the wrong country. ( incompetent idiots )
    This is why everyone thinks americans are stupid 🙁
    Save yourself the bother throw your items in the ocean and hope they wash up at the right country , proberly going to work better for you 🙂
    And all this rubbish about it being a goverment funded system they carnt afford proper tracking, we have the royal mail over here and for all purposes its 1000 times better 🙁
    Least i got protection with paypal , just means i gotta buy another item and wait even longer 🙁

  226. rocketman says:

    ordered a package from an online retailer … 3 day USPS shipping … said it was delivered (late) only there was nothing in my mailbox. i phoned the local P.O. .. the carrier called me later and said he accidentally may have put it in the wrong mail box and he would go back right away to check address 2880 to see if they have it … they were not there but my package was picked up by them … and also address 2880 doesnt exist its actually 5880 … thanks morons at USPS now i dont have a gift for someones birthday that means a lot to me … and the retailer is out of stock so even if i am refunded it doesnt matter … and if you lazy a$$ government workers complain at all you deserve to be shot by salt bullets from the toes up until you die, i am an aeronautical and astronautical engineer if you think you have it bad at all and that your life is so hard because youre busy then move to fukcing mexico and sit on your hands all day …. GTFO and die a slow agonizing death!!!!

  227. Jon says:

    I ordered something from Canada recently and the Canadian Postal Service website had like 4 scans where it went through, the last one being that it left Canada. From there it gets turned over to our pathetic USPS, who’s website merely says that the foreign shipping company has notified USPS of the package. That’s it. 2 days later it still says the same thing. What a joke…had it been still in Canada I would have probably had a couple more updates as to where my package was. USPS is a joke when it comes to ‘tracking’ a package.

  228. Dan says:

    I hear you, I ordered parts for a telescope on the 17th of sept. “priority mail”(lol)two day service and now its the 26th still no package and no tracking info.As for Postal workers this isn’t personal its business if I pay extra for priority mail, damn right I want in two days or I wouldn’t have paid for it. This a taxpayer funded service and on top of that to pay extra and still not get it on time People have every right to complain they just need to complain to the right folks.

  229. USPS SUCKS says:

    “Electronic Shipping Info Received”

  230. Classic says:

    I have 4 packages that say they are still at the “Jamaica NY” facility.
    I’ve received all of these, the most recent of which was over 2 weeks ago.
    All 4, which I have, still show that they are at the “Jamaica NY” facility.

  231. Robert says:

    I am going to tell you the more you people stick with amazon ebay and usps things are not going to get any better for seller OR buyer, There is plenty of other sites out there and there is also other shipping methouds.
    I am now shipping books via container to South Africa and they actually beat the media mail on more than one occassion….even after I ship them to The USPS is run by puppets and they are all suicidal…….When you have to have a high level of concentration as the postal workers do then you become suicidal or want to commit mass murders, Its not a funny, Changes need to be made, Our government is so dictative now that they will never be of any help, they are onyl there for the money…They havent a clue as to whats coming,
    Leave ebay and leave amazon, go to google and use their search engine to look for what you want, leave CNN too, Block ebay and amazon,,,,,,things will get better as they become more competitive……and no you dont have to pay more if your sharp… and they are growing in leaps and bounds. FREE listing too………free picture hosting,,,,,what more do you want?
    Every time usps and Ebay and amazon flexes their muscles their competitiors get stronger….

  232. Robert says:

    I will tell you one better than that, go to and sell for free, list for free and deal nose to nose with buyer and seller and keep all of these runaway monsters at bay…, sleaze bay need to dry up

  233. bumble says:



  234. frustrated says:

    They misshipped my fucking laptop, it’s been 4 days without a tracking update!!!

  235. RichardB says:

    I shipped an expensive microwave/convection oven to my sister insured and registered.
    It arrived at my sisters home smashed into pieces and when I tryed to file a claim I eventually recieved a form letter with no contact person saying that “they have declined my claim” with no reason listed.
    All I could do was call a phone number listed and had to replay the message played over and over again until I could finally understand the thick accent in the message which stated that I had to write the “Consumer advocate” at the address stated. There was never any way to actually talk to any representative ever. I sent copies of the insurance and regisered mail receipts but they also sent me a form letter “declining my claim” with no recourse or person to contact about the matter. I lost the oven, the expense of the insurace, registered mail and the shipping charges. I would never ship anything valuable via USPS again ever!!!! (Sorry but I’m still mad about this 3 years later!)

  236. Romeo 251 says:

    The tracking most definitely sucks major gorilla balls. That’s the bottom line.

  237. Nick Baxter says:

    No kidding. USPS tracking is worthless. Here’s my story. I ordered something from Germany. It shipped on a Friday. The following Sunday (9 days later) it had still not left Germany but when I checked it on Monday, it said it was in San Francisco on Friday (7 days after shipment). Now it is the following Wednesday (12 days) and it still says it is in San Fran. They have no estimated arrival date, they don’t record where you package is until days after it has moved, and 5+ days from California to Washington is a joke. I haven’t received it yet, and it still says it is in California (12 days after shipment). I’d like to give them the finger and request UPS for any future shipment. UPS is awesome, and they keep you up to date to the second. They tell you when it is going to come, and if it gets tied up somewhere for any reason. Two thumbs up UPS, a D in the A for USPS.

  238. Jamie Nelson says:

    I just called USPS because its been two days and it been giving me a tracking error. Customer service said that there whole tracking system has been down for days and that Post Offices are calling experience tracking problems. Another failed government company that can’t something simple right!!!

  239. Nick Baxter says:

    This is to continue my comment from number 238. It is November 17th now, 17 days after my package shipped, and it is still stuck in customs in California. It doesn’t help that it took the company I ordered it from 5 days to ship it as well. I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks now, and it has been in customs for 2 weeks. How ridiculous. How can a company survive with such poor results and poor customer satisfaction regardless of wether it is government funded or not? I guess it is because they have a monopoly on domestic mail I suppose. I’m glad other companies ship packages. I wish mail was like cable, and you could pick which company you want to pick up and deliver your mail to your house or business.

  240. Bob Sanders says:


  241. And I thought I was the only one..I mean, how can this be in todays age and when they are contemplating charging for email because they do alot less business than perhaps they would absent Internet email….

    (Laughing profusely) I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one not still in “The Matrix”.


  242. Will says:

    I’m currently having the same exact problem with USPS tracking. Their tracking services is a joke since it does not even update at all. When I check on my package all it says is “your package has been processed and have left our facility”. It’s been exactly 1 week and it still says the same thing. I tried calling their toll free number but there is no way to get someone on the line, and their automated phone tracking does not even work at all. This is really ticking me off.

    I also ordered something and got it shipped via UPS. Their tracking updates whenever there is change made in my package.

  243. fred says:

    oh man usps is so garbage. All i’ve been getting is ‘Electronic Shipping Info Received’ ever since dec 1st. its been over a week! Why do people use USPS…

  244. Will says:

    I’ve read that USPS track and confirm does not actually track your package like UPS and Fedex does. It just shows you when it was dropped off in an USPS facility and when it was received. If you want actual tracking, you’ll have to pay for express shipping which gives you updated tracking info. But i’ve also heard that express shipping is the same as regular shipping, and it just provides you with tracking info.

    USPS sucks, too bad it’s cheap.

  245. manzi says:

    shit usps is a fuckin joke i have an item that was shipped 3 weeks ago and they still dont know if it was shipped ! and i have another item that is supposed to be arriving 3 weeks ago (or more) and still nothing and when i call them they tell me they are “looking” for it !

  246. Narrator 1 says:

    The USPS cost me two packages in the past as well. Both times, they were shipped by either UPS (in the first case) or FedEx (in the second) and, surprise, surprise, arrived perfectly on time.

    I’d gladly pay extra shipping if it would just mean my things came on time.

  247. Tom says:

    They keep raising postage and taxes for usps, and talk about all the cuts they are going to make to the postal service. Where is all the money going. It is certainly not helping an automated progam used for tracking. I have read most of the comments on here from the last 5 years and it dosent seem anything has changed.

  248. sasha says:

    ordered early from amazon to avoid the xmas rush. package shipped out pretty quickly but is now totally lost. track & confirm has no useful information from 2 weeks ago even though the package is supposed to be in my state. supposed to be a gift for my nephew when i leave the country in a few days but now i will have to arrive empty handed.


  249. FtheUSPS says:

    Yeah WTF here it is almost 6 years after the start of this feed and still the USPS sucks balls. I am not sure what their deal is but for a week now (6 business days) this priority envelope is still no where to be found. No updates on the USPS web site, they say the same thing on the 800 number. Not one person in this whole country could tell me where the envelope is accept the postal worker who has it under his uneven breakfast table leg at home. I just want a State even, not within a mile radius, just what damn State is it in right now? Never again will I use the BS USPS unless I want snail mail. FedEx and UPS are where it’s at. So much for giving my family gifts this year for Christmas this year, probably be lucky to get it be January. FU#K the USPS, they sure know how to ruin a Christmas!

  250. raven says:

    usps shipping is a bad joke………….

  251. Ronald says:

    USPS tracking is indeed a joke, I’ve had items from overseas delivered to me a bunch of times and all the time that I try to track them it always says in US customs. Problem is that status stays like that even after I receive the item. What a joke!!! Our tax dollars at work!

  252. Rory says:

    Well, as I can see, I am not alone here and can see that everyone else agrees with me. USPS tracking is a big joke. For ten days I have been seeing the same thing on line, “Your package has been processed and has left our facility”. Gee, Really? I knew that since I had ordered it. I cannot believe that it is taking this long to get a damn package delivered. I will, from now on, use UPS or Federal Express and pay the extra cost for shipping. At least they can tell me where my package is within the system.

  253. Tom says:

    I agree…USPS sucks…I had an order sent in from China to the USA (Miami to be exact)…It was shipped with EMS (a Chinese company) to JFK…and then handed over to USPS for delivery! I got nothing for days, just said it was between Guangzhou and NY…yesterday, it apparently arrived in JFK, as all EMS packages do, and then it takes a couple of days to clear customs…but no…woke up this morning, and its out for delivery in Miami…in fact it says it left their depot in miami for delivery even before it arrived at JFK airport in NY! Plus it said nothing about customs, which it normally should!

    I am using Fedex for international orders in the future…this has been really stressful

  254. ptrace says:

    This comment thread started in Aug. 2003 and USPS still doesn’t have real tracking. You still get the following for the entire duration of the shipment:

    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on {some date} to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    Then it just shows up at your door and the site tells you that it was delivered. Like the post says, USPS tracking… STILL a joke… 5 years later!

  255. weylin says:

    I ordered a package worth about $50 about a week ago. it wasnt until 2 days ago that the track/confirm even said it got shipped out. now the website i ordered my package from said i would get it in 5 – 7 days.. but i havnt gotten nothing and the track/confirm thing is useless.. it just says that it left.

  256. Chris says:

    Yep, same thing. Ordered something nearly three weeks before C-mas. According to the vendor, USPS was notified the package was ready for pickup. That’s as far as it ever went.

    So, they reshipped it and now, three days later, supposedly it’s shipped, but even though I have a USPS tracking #, on the USPS Web site, it says, “No such order exists.”

    Federally funded…What GREAT Service!

  257. Steve says:

    I agree – USPS tracking is NOT “tracking!” Not real time..not even close, and is very frustrating knowing that you paid for “tracking” but truly its just a rip-off. I’d rather pay more and know where the package is in real time. It is very sad that the US Postal service is so far behind in times and is using “techonology” that was new 20 years ago.

  258. JUST A GIRL says:

    I’M SO PISSED OFF! I ordered these very expensive clothes online (I have no choice because they have no stores)so anyone saying “if you don’t like USPS then don’t use them” SOMETIMES WE HAVE NO CHOICE! & all they use is stupid USPS to deliver. It says it has arrived at one of their units in my city but it also said it was never delivered. It’s been ever since the 29th that its been in my city but they never delivered it! I seriously think someone there took it.

    & FOR ALL YOU USPS WORKERS WHO THINK YOUR JOB IS SO HARD. All you have to do is walk around people’s neighborhoods and deliver mail & you have to match the mail that fits the house. Maybe you get tired but your job is SHIT compared to what other people do, my mom is a hard-working nurse who saves peoples lives for a living so stop complaining that its so hard because my mom gets tired too, but does she mess up? NO! She does the best she can, so stop saying you guys try your hardest thats a bunch of BS! One of my friend’s dads is a USPS worker & he’s an asshole, a pervert, & a drunk! I’m sure some USPS workers do genuinely try your hardest but most of you, to you it’s like a joke. If I EVER found out that USPS worker stole my stuff I will be one pissed off woman!

    I know it might not help with my situation, ranting on this site but at least I got the word out, speaking your mind is really a good thing to do.

    AND FOR ANYONE WHO SAYS AMERICANS ARE ALL FAT, LAZY, SNOBS. That’s steriotypical, you are basing that on what other people tell you, people lie. Maybe some americans are stop generalizing not all of us are. Have you ever even been to America? Why do some countries hate us but can’t stop talking about us, they’re fascinated, they always are trying to compare America to their country & I’m not saying everyone in the country but alot are. Americans just know what they wants, aren’t afraid to speak their minds, & all know they have the right to freedom of speech, just because we know what we want and aren’t afraid to get it doesn’t make us snobs.

  259. Hey, it’s 2009, and over 6 years of comments, so I don’t think I need to convince anyone how
    terrible USPS tracking is. STILL TERRIBLE!

    I ordered two items from BestBuy around Christmas. And BestBuy decided to split the order (why??) to two mail services.
    You guessed it. USPS and UPS. Both packages were sent out at the same time. Let’s find out who’s the winner.

    Well, I certainly don’t have to tell you how it’s going. Got the first item (using UPS) on Jan 2.
    The first business day after the holidays, which is when I expected it to be delivered.
    Fast and prompt. UPS tracking is excellent. No worries.

    However, the second item (using USPS) seems to be “lost” in action. The USPS tracking site reports
    it as being “Processed” on Jan 2. Whatever that means. Where the hell is my package USPS??
    It should have been delivered already.

  260. William F. says:

    US military stationed overeseas…..

    Only choice- USPS.

    $1700 Desktop computer shipped 6 weeks ago.

    No updates other than “it shipped”.

    $1700 somewhere in the USPS system and no way to verify but a shitty fake track and conform site and a ridiculous phone robot.

    Wow they suck.

  261. Patrick says:

    Made the mistake of trying to save money by shipping an xmas gift Express Mail versus Fedex/UPS…

    Shipped 12/22/08
    Scheduled Delivery Date: 12/23/08

    All tracking info was delayed from the site at least 24 hours from it’s recorded time.

    Tracking Info:
    -Processed, January 06, 2009, 6:11 pm, VALDOSTA, GA 31601
    -Unclaimed, January 05, 2009, 6:57 pm, VALDOSTA, GA
    -Notice Left, December 25, 2008, 9:39 am, VALDOSTA, GA 31605
    -Processed, December 25, 2008, 5:31 am, VALDOSTA, GA 31601
    -Processed, December 24, 2008, 8:54 pm, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32203
    -Arrival at Unit, December 22, 2008, 6:50 pm, NORTH READING, MA 01889
    -Acceptance, December 22, 2008, 3:43 pm, BURLINGTON, MA 01803

    Now i’m waiting for it to come back. The worst part was that I called at 7pm on the 5th to find out the status. “It’s still available for pickup at the post office until tomorrow”. When the recipient attemped to go… surprise it wasn’t there!

    The only good news it that it looks like I only have to get my money back for the shipping and not the insurance since it may actually come back to me to ship the gift back a better way.


  262. ImNotOkay says:

    Yes the USPS sucks I’m trying to track a package from Amazon aka free shipping and the USPS says the same thing the item has been received. Well I hate people that scew with my money so I got Amazon too call me and ask them were my order was they dont know so they call USPS they tell them that it was received and it will be shipped next week. Well Amazon told me I should have get by Jan 7 2009 and it is now Jan 9 2009. What the hell is the point in a fake a– traking system that does not even work. Scew USPS and they coplian they dont get anuff money and they jack up the postal stamps and we still get shitty service, Well I’m going to use UPS or FedEx for now on if it possoble. YOU SUCK USPS. WERES MY STUFF.

  263. And 6 years later here we are says:

    I kind of find it amusing when people say “c’mon guys, give it time. USPS is just now getting their tracking stuff together”, and such comment was made in 2003.

    Well, guess what? We’re 6 years later and here we are. Piss poor tracking and delivery times when UPS is getting better and better.

    I ordered a laptop last September, and Toshiba used UPS to send in my order. Anyone wanna know how long it took for a laptop to get from Shangai, China to Texas through UPS? 3 days. Yes, 3 days. It even got to my doorstep and entire day early for some miraculous reason.

    Fast forward to last week when I ordered a 6-ounce cable from California to the same address in Texas. An entire damned week has gone by and USPS “tracking” has said nothing other than “Electronic Shipping Info Received”. I’m sure the cable is on its way, but 1) their tracking “system” is beyond hope and 2) it has taken over a week and counting for USPS transport a tiny package over five states whereas UPS took THREE DAYS to transport a sensitive laptop HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD.

    Like everything else owned by the government, the USPS has piss poor inefficiency to the point where it’s infuriating for the consumer.

  264. S. Strahan says:

    Each time I’m sent something via USPS with tracking it is always the same, none useful. Why the heck do they even pretend to have “tracking”?

  265. Robert says:

    ) They are cannot be held responsible for anything, Not even the dumb looks they give you when you inquire about a lost package, They are locked in, what can you do? we are the slaves of our high rolling government.

    USPS is nothing but government crooks that abuse the workers and have added protection against the public, Just like congress has their own private retirement : They are all getting fat off our hard work and they are able to sit back and dictate, Why should we have to pay for insurance that goes to them and which is completely in their control, The poor man needs to get together and get their own lobbyist , This is bull shit…….

  266. J.Le says:

    This was what I got when I tried to track my package for the entire day from different computers and from different internet providers. USPS should send its IT people to school so they can learn how to do IT stuffs in the right way.

  267. Richard says:

    Yep — not working all day today. No message or notice either, just the browser saying the website must have a problem, or you aren’t connected to the web. Pathetic.

  268. Andrea says:

    USPS is a joke! I sent a very important care package to a friend just diagnosed with cancer priority mail with delivery confirmation, from Long Island, NY to Tucson AZ. Track & confirm is showing the package as DELVERED today to Larson, NY (upstate NY). How in the hell do you confuse ARIZONA with upstate NY? Package weighed 4 1/2 lbs. and it cost $17.60 to ship. Now someone in Larson NY has a handknitted chemo hat meant for a cancer victim in Tucson. Just freakin’ great.

  269. Rick says:

    Back some 12 years ago, I shipped some of my personal stuff out from Berkeley, California to San Marcos, Texas. So I´m waiting for like a few weeks and my stuff finally arrives…….much of it broken or damaged. I´m thinking ggrreeeaat! I then find some of my stuff not even there, as if it were stlolen. Unthinkable! Now, I have a package coming from San Francisco to Mexico City, Mexico, via USPS (no other choice). God help me on this one. Oh…and I can´t track mine either.

  270. Jeremy says:

    Found this article looking for why the tracker was just loading a blank page instead of my package info. Because it’s down, apparently this happens often.

  271. Going Postal says:

    For all those “Einsteins” who had written responses on this page: THE USPS IS NOT FEDERALLY FUNDED. It is in fact a federal agency but has not received federal funds since the early 1970s
    And another thing I see that most of you morons are mistaking “Delivery confirmation” with “Tracking” The only service available with tracking at USPS is “Express Mail”

  272. star says:

    Funny… I entered in google ‘USPS tracking sucks’ and I got this page.
    At least I’m not alone. Still waiting for my package while the tracking information just says ‘Processed’

  273. Nef says:

    Well…I’m in a different boat than most of you…I saw, eventually, that my package came into this country via Jamaica, NY. Then I saw the next day that it went to a rather distant (from me) city in my state. So far so good. After it didn’t arrive 4 days later, I decided to sign up for the alerts from the “track and confirm” page (yes, TRACKING, not just delivery confirmation, funny old world…). When no updates sent by the 7th day, I decided to go back and check on Track and Confirm. It’s gone back to Jamaica, NY and was sent out from there again. I suspect it’s going back to Hong Kong now, although I’m hoping it comes back to my state instead. (Though I’m half hoping it doesn’t and I’ll just get my money back and end this whole saga, which is a long, annoying story to begin with and winds up with a 12 year old who had to have a different birthday present anyway since this one didn’t arrive in time, although ordered 6 weeks ahead.)

    It would be nice if, like UPS and FedEx, USPS made mention of the intended destination on the tracking page. It would answer so many questions I have right now and would maybe have helped me prevent a mistake from occurring.

    The seller did confirm the address they used to send it. As far as I know it was correct, unless some helpful person adjusted it after the fact.

  274. Brian says:

    HAHA, funny indeed. I also googled “usps tracking sucks” And here I am joining the usps haters club 🙂

  275. Nick says:

    Interesting. I too Googled “usps tracking sucks” and got here. I ordered something online a few days ago at the time time as my friend. He had it sent to his work and I had it sent home. He got his package today and I’ve still yet to receive it. We both got the message at that “Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site” for the entire duration! Where IS it available for me then?! This isn’t the first time I got this message either. The status was never update and it would just eventually show up at my door. This is why if I have a choice, I choose UPS or FedEx!

  276. IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!!

  277. Charles says:

    I as well Googled USPS tracking sucks…
    Oh why, oh why didn’t I just go with FexEx instead of USPS Global Express/FedEx Express. I just hope that my package doesn’t get lost!
    This is the last time I use USPS if I can avoid it.

  278. Andrew Showers says:

    Also googles usps tracking sucks, and ended up here. And Yes, It DOES suck. My package has been processed for 4 days. Whats the hold up then? Actually SEND it somewhere if its been processed. The tracking they give online is pure garbage. Its sad when I cant tell if my package will be here tomorrow, or in 10 days(more likely 10 days cause its USPS)

  279. USPS sucks says:

    USPS sucks. They can’t even overnight from Massachusetts to Maine. Tracking doesnt work. Had to call to find out the package was still in Mass. two days later What a joke. Waste of my 25 extra bucks for overnight delivery!!!

  280. Dedspairing in England says:

    I live in England and often order books from the USA, which are invariably posted by USPS. Last time I ordered was at the end of December. The bookseller posted the items on the Friday and the UPSP tracking gave me the “Shipping Info Received” message. Within 24 hours it had changed to “International Despatch”, alerting me that it had left the USA at 6.43 on the Saturday morning. By the Sunday, I was able to convert the USPStracking reference into a local UK tracking reference and it said that my parcel had arrived at the ParcelForce national hub in Deeside, England. I received my books on the Monday. I thought this was brilliant.

    This time? Not so much luck. My books were posted on Saturday of last week and the USPS tracking simply carried the “Shipping Info Received” message right up until yesterday, Wednesday – four days later. Today, Thursday, I start to panic because now the tracking just shows a blank page – there is absolutely no information and my tracking number is not recognised. Now I don’t know what to do. I have checked to see if I can convert it into a UK tracking reference and the ParcelForce tracking does indeed recognise it, but it simply says “advised”. All this means is that USPS has notified ParcelForce to expect my parcel to arrive in the UK at some point but USPS tracking has not been updated to say it has been shipped internationally and does not give any info at all.

    So where are my books? What sort of rubbish tracking is this?

  281. Jake says:

    I agree. They need to get with the times, and offer a better tracking service like does!
    The two packages I sent still show as being accepted at the post office I dropped it off at 4 days ago. It was priority mail, so it should be at the buyer’s house by now. I can’t believe I paid for $0.65 for this shit!

  282. Whata Joke says:

    I rountinely TRY to watch package progress with the tracking number and often either (1) it shows NO data and/or (2) I get the item before it even shows up in the tracking system or I get the item yet it still claims to be in some other location being processed.

    No doubt, hands down, by far.. they have the WORST tracking system ever

    IF you can even call it that.

  283. ick says:

    USPS Delivery Confirmation is complete BS.

    It says my package from amazon has been DELIVERED, but there is nothing here!!!! WTF?!!?!?

    Wait… it claimed to be delivered on Feb 7, but now it has updated to Feb 9 – today. This is quite messed up.

  284. Ryan says:

    hahah, i googled “usps tracking sucks” and here I am!
    i’ve been new to ebay for the past month or so, and wow! usps really does suck.
    “Electronic Shipping Info Received, Electronic Shipping Info Received, Electronic Shipping Info Received” for a whole week. This is coming from washington state btw, oh man, Priority mail, 2-3 delivery, try a week and STILL not here.
    i love usps. LOLOLOL.

  285. Mr. Tits says:

    USPS does not provide tracking for priority mail, first class Mail, and parcel post. So, I don’t see the sense in coming on here and posting how much their tracking sucks… when you are really talking about their delivery confirmation service. Their delivery confirmation service is not intended to act as tracking like FedEx, it is only supposed to notify you of delivery. However, if you were to come on here and ramble on about how much their delivery confirmation sucks I’d totally agree with you.

    Now, you might think I’m a postal employee… I’m not, I’m actually here to get my anger out on usps, just like all of you.

    To start, USPS has lost a package of mine before, 60+ days and counting now… and this was priority mail. There is also another case where they might have lost a package, but I’m still debating if that was the shipper’s fault or not… More likely than not, it was the USPS’s fault. Their DELIVERY CONFIRMATION system DOESN’T EVEN F*CKING WORK. I’ve had numerous cases where it would either notify me the next day it got delivered.. or not notify me at all!! Not to mention the postal employees are completely useless… I’ve had numerous occasions, where the postal employee would misplace my package in an adjacent PO BOX… or sign it off to some other d*ck, or just not deliver it and say he/ she did.

    Now I just recently ordered and express mail package… and this is their real tracking system ok… What a joke this is. In the 17 hours that my package has been with them I’ve gotten 2 messages… very vague messages… they were electronic shipping info recieved, and “accepted”. Gee that sure tells me a lot and I paid $17 for this BS. Btw my express mail package took 8 hours to travel 40 miles.

    The USPS is completely uselsss USELSS USELESS!! Just like the IRS, just like the federal reserve, just like homeland security, just like the US Government!

  286. Dave says:

    Thier tracking is indeed worthless. However, their shipping is many times half or less (with equivalent insurance) what UPS or Fedex costs, so I will live with the poor tracking system in many cases due to this. Put it this way, if UPS loses your package (and I have been through this) their tracking is useless.. so as long as I know it has shipped, then that is about all I will really know is true until I receive it 🙂

    I just had someone ship me a larger package. $200 from UPS or fedex just for shipping 3 day. $90.00 for the same package shipped priority with $500 in insurance using USPS. I will deal with the crappy tracking for $110 😛

  287. Adam says:

    After reading the posts here about the USPS tracking system, I feel my own frustrations are shared by many people. I have felt this way on several occasions. I am compelled to share my own thoughts on this topic.

    Right now, at this very moment, I feel victimized. Here I am, waiting for a package with no other information available from the tracking system other than “Electronic Shipping Info Received”. Had this package been shipped by another carrier, I would know where it was, when it shipped and when it will be delivered. For me, this information is invaluable right now. If I had a choice, I would have chosen another carrier like UPS and paid a dollar or so more.

    To be fair, 80% – 95% of USPS workers like the guy at the post office or the guy delivering my mail have no power to do anything about it, so my beef is not with them. They are just trying to make a living and pay their mortgage.

    But, the USPS tracking system is insufficient when compared to competitors UPS and FedEx, both of which have competent tracking systems. This proves it can be done. USPS has failed to meet the requirements of the consumer on this issue, in my opinion.

    This whole issue leaves me feeling powerless against yet another government entity. The lack of transparent information makes people feel “out of the loop” or “in the dark”, leaving us with nothing but speculation. The point is if we knew what was going on we would feel a lot better. Even if the answer is not quite what we wanted, we can make necessary adjustments and continue on.

  288. bachdog says:

    I’ve been waiting a week for a package sent priority mail from NJ on 2/5/09. It didn’t arrive yet, including today which is 2/12/09. I live in Maryland, outside of Baltimore, so it should have arrived by 2/7/09, or 2/9/09 at the latest (2/8/09 was a Sunday). The so-called tracking systems says that it left the facility in NJ on 2/5/09. I called the facility in NJ that handles priority mail and I was told that they have a truck that goes directly to the Baltimore hub, so it would have reached Baltimore on 2/6/09. Also, he said the company the shipped my package shipped 6 others that same day through the facility and the six of those arrived at their destinations! So what happened to my package? How can a package get lost when there it goes directly from a NJ facility to a facility in Baltimore, at which time it is then sent out for delivery to me? I don’t feel as bad for myself as I do for some of you based on your experiences.

  289. Woody says:

    Signed up for email tracking alerts, stated that a notice had been left at my house (no true) then I go to pick it up after calling and being told it was ready for pick up. After waiting in line for 15 mins (second in line) they can’t find it and tell me it’s either at the apartment managers (I checked and no) or the driver took it back out, they took my number and said they would call me and let me know where to get it tomorrow (saturday, not holding my breath). So tomorrow, I’ll stay home all day and check the apartment and usps. Isn’t this false imprisonment?

  290. dave says:

    hahah….here’s one — ordered a laptop online and recieved a confirmation that the information was recieved…and now I’ve got a message saying:
    We attempted to deliver your item at 10:58 AM on February 14, 2009 in AURORA, CO 80013 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    I’d say that’s logical enough, only the package is COMING from Aurora CO, due to be delivered in Minneapolis, MN…..
    -in short, they sent it to the sender
    …it boggles the mind

  291. Dani says:

    I knew there were others like me! I have been so frustrated with the USPS so called track too! I have finally had the straw that broke the camels back! I sold an item on Amazon and shipped out USPS Priority with “DELIVERY CONFIRMATION.” The only the scan they ever had was my intital drop off scan that said they received the package. No kidding. There was never another scan after that!
    Then when I filed a complaint the only options are to blam someone else like someone stole the package or something so they could “investigate” the area for crimes against the post office. I wanted a refund of my $9.85 shipping since they DID NOT do their job. They were paid to ship my package and confirm delivery and it still says after 22 days and counting that it was received for processing at my post office on Feb. 2, 2009.
    The standard answer is the USPS does not refund shipping. Wow what a great company. You can slack off and still get paid. I feel like I’ve been ripped off.
    The package had a packing slip inside so even if they couldn’t for some reason read the label (like the woman at the post office said may have happened) couldn’t they have opened the package and check?
    I mean the SCANNING thing really is a joke. There is the nice number right there in black and white if the barcode gets ruined so the carrier could just key in the barcode number, but like that ever really happens.
    Track and confirm that your package has been dropped off into the Abyss! That’s about all you get. It’s all good when everything works well, but if you expect help or any kind of customer service when you need it you will be very disappointed.
    Even when I tried to type my explanation online to the postal inspector it gave me an error message and deleted my entire message I had just spent so much time typing. I guess so I would be compliant and just send the short message that the package had been stolen. That is what my post master told me to fill out when I was on the phone and she walked me through the process to file a complaint.
    STILL FRUSTRATED. I of course sent my customer a new item and ate the expense, but the fact of the matter is the USPS can not say the package was stolen because they can’t confirm it ever left the drop off point for shipment. The tracking number says it is still there!

  292. Joe says:

    Well, it’s not called tracking – they don’t say it is. It’s delivery confirmation

  293. steveo says:

    Tell me about it. USPS is horrbile. “electronic informtaion regarding your shipment has been received and is being processed” it says that for 4 days. then i get it. check again and it still says that. next day. item was delivered.

  294. Bob says:

    USPS has never actually delivered a package to me in 6 years. They have, however, often lied about attempting delivery. I suspect this is the base reason that their “tracking” doesn’t work. No one likes to be called out on what a horrible job they’re doing.

    I’m sure that USPS works very hard.

    I doubt that they work very SMART, however.

    Thank god for commercial carriers.

  295. Postal Spokesman says:

    Want to gamble? No need for the casino… having to breathe all that cigarette smoke. Thank god for USPS! Now you can gamble from the comfort of your own computer! Or in other words, a website that is willing to use this garbage service to ship their products to you(may all you postal employees rot and burn in hell).

    WARNING: USPS may cause you to start smoking cigarettes, due to intense anxiety and frustration. Talking to USPS employees may also cause sudden death from anger induced stroke. This is especially true, when you get a racist black woman with a monotonous tone on the other end of the line… Who’s only real concern is how long the conversation you are having with her will last.

    Remember, don’t EVER shop USPS. EVER!

  296. meggabecca says:

    message for Mr Tits, oh yes they do, get your facts right, my parcel is coming from USA, priorty mail, dispatched 24th feb, yes still waiting it left NY on the 26 feb 2009 two days after it was collected, it has arrive at customs in the uk on the 3rd march 2009 and its now the 5th march, but i have a tracking number for priority mail, its so called track and confirm, but for days they dont update, worse service ever, dhl are the best pay more but they do all the custom clearance for you, no xtra to pay, and for xtra £20 i say its worth it comes here within 3 days, not two f…king weeks, USPS is crap, if i had choice would never have used them they are full of bull and crap, you cant get hold on them to find out what is going on. Told the company I ordered from that if they continue to USPS then they lose my business.

  297. meggabecca says:

    for Mr Tits

    This is USPS link and I believe it says track and confirm

    USPS – Track & Confirm makes it easy to verify the delivery status of your mailing. Use the links to learn more about Track & Confirm products and services. Tracking … – Cached

  298. meggabecca says:

    oh look what does it say here

    USPS Track and Confirm
    Provides tracking for the delivery of Express Mail and Global Express Guaranteed and confirmation of delivery for domestic Priority Mail and Parcel Post. From the … – Cached

  299. BinkyB says:

    I am in the Uk and waiting for a package from SanDiego – A Specialist piece of sporting equipment that has taken a whole month to order, specify and have made – it was shipped via USPS three days ago… And after three days of checking Track & Confirm I am getting the picture now – Nada, nothing, zip, It doesn’t even confirm the package has entered the USPS system let alone where it is in the system. In the UK a tracked package can be item almost to the hour it will turn up at my house – I know if it’s on a truck for delivery from which depot and the times it arrived and left. The irony is we think the UK Postal Service sucks – but the USPS is a whole other level! After years of watching re runs of Cheers and the USPS character on that I thought the service was something to behold – I was wrong. Attention Shippers! Give us the choice of shipping service! We don’t always want the cheapest – but we always want effective!

  300. BinkyB says:

    Update – I just tried to e-mail the USPS Customer Service Department – they will not accept e-mail contact from anywhere outside the US!!!!! It throws me off as I don’t have a recognized zip code.

  301. BinkyB says:

    Three Days of this….

    Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received
    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on March 2, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    Reading this carefully – it doesn’t even confirm that the package has been sent – simply that a shipper has asked for a shipping code to send something sometime. Which means NOTHING!

  302. BinkyB says:

    Well, I take it back partially at least the package was picked up over 24 hours after the request for pick up in San Diego and this morning (11.30 am UK time – 4.30 am 3/6/09 San Diego) I had this message from USPS Track & Confirm:-
    Status: International Dispatch
    Your item left the United States from ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) at 5:21 PM on March 5, 2009. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
    It seems that international USPS tracking works – just the initial pick up is slow.
    On another note – I just discovered my Great Great Grandfather was a British Post Office Inspector in Stoke-on-Trent in 1850 – how about that?!!

  303. BinkyB says:

    Just as a matter of interest – if there is anyone who might know the answer out there – why is the information – if available – updated every evening and not live? – This potentially means information is anything up to 23hrs 59 mins and 59 secs late…. I suspect older equipment that has to download data from hand scanners at the end of a shift rather than modern ‘over-air’ systems.

  304. meggabecca says:

    Warning this coud be dangerous for your health, dont use USPS!!!!!!!

    Spoke to parcelforce, because once is arrives in the UK you can check there system with your number, apparently my parcel is in customs and can sit there till they decide to check it, with usps this is what happens, because they do not use custom clearence, unlike UPS and DHL, so was informed could sit there for about a month, great, have now send a complaint to the company we ordered it from and told them if they dont change shipper we change supplier simple.

    How anyone can run a business using USPS dont know, any way turns out with any luck USPS might disapear, could they freeze them like simon cowell but lose them both never to be found ever again, we wish and hope

  305. Jenn says:

    I orderd a package from Amazon that was shipped with USPS. They picked it up in Nashua, NH I (live one town over) and they brought it to their facility in Worcester, MA over an hour away, before shipping it back.

  306. dave says:

    Like I said before, it is not great… but apparently I am the luckiest person in the world. I probably ship or receive 2-3 packages per month by USPS. Never have they been late and they do a pretty good job of delivering when they say. UPS and Fedex are FAR worse about just walking up, sticking a slip on the door, ringing the bell and walking away….. WHILE we are home. So by the time I get up to the door they are gone. Even better is telling me I can come pick it up after a given time, only to show up and have them say “it is still on the truck.. we dont know where it is”… or saying they tried to deliver when someone was home all day (in other words, lazy arses didnt run part of their route). And dont get me started on DHL… I count how many packages I have delivered through them at my previous job. Most unprofessional and un-courteous customer support I have dealt with. Shipping companies in general SUCK. But at least with USPS my issue is just their crappy tracking.. I have had many more serious shipping issues with the rest of them.

  307. Josh says:

    Yea and it still sucks. It’s a government business..THAT”S WHY

  308. USPSEatShit says:

    PO stinks like a towering mound of steaming shit. Their clerks are some of the biggest dumbfucks on the face of the Earth and their carriers are nothing but thieving retards. The gov wants to lay off thousands of PO schmucks. Fuck ’em. I hope useless bastards wind up on the street.

  309. madison says:

    It’s been six years since you made this post, and nothing has changed, except they keep increasing the salary of the Postmaster General. What a joke.

  310. Music-Seed says:

    Has anybody noticed big time errors in regards to the tracking of USPS packages the last 4 days?

  311. Bobby J says:

    Like everyone here who has complained for the past 6 years, I’ve had numerous problems with USPS “tracking” and “confirmation”. Currently I have two packages being shipped from Amazon. Both have tracking/confirmation numbers provided to me 3 days ago by Amazon, but when I put either number in the USPS website I get “no record of that number”. Well obviously there has to be a record of the number, because Amazon doesn’t just issue random numbers. The number had to come from USPS at some point, but they somehow have no record of it.

    I complained a couple of years ago to the USPS complaint dept and was told (over the phone and off the record) that the “tracking” doesn’t work for two reasons: 1.) not all stations have the equipment installed and working, so the packages aren’t scanned when they go through a station/depot; and 2.) even when the equipment is installed and working, they don’t often have the time and manpower to scan the packages, so they just move them on to the next location without scanning them.

  312. Music-Seed says:

    I feel bad because I have a customer wanting an explanation for the parcel having a blank tracking confirmation,but I can’t provide an absolute answer in regards to USPS shipment tracking info errors…I called the post office where I shipped the item from and they are clueless other than to say “probably an error”

  313. Monsoon1 says:

    The USPS shouldn’t be allowed to offer the service.

    You get delivery confirmation with priority mail anyway, so you’re just giving the post office 60 cents for nothing.

  314. Ernie B says:

    If you ask at the local post office they will say it’s more or less just proof of delivery. Last package i shipped I checked the tracking and it said delivered. Parcel Post in just 3 days pretty good I thought, then I looked a second time a saw it was delivered to Mars Landing NJ only problem was it should have been delivered to Fallbrook California.

  315. Gauri says:

    Jon, you posted this in 2003, and even six years later USPS tracking still sucks! They need to learn a thing or two…or may be I need to learn a thing or two from my experience so far and not bother looking at their joke of a tracking system again! 😀

  316. Kenneth W says:

    I am going through this crap right now, I ordered an item on Ebay and Paid via Paypal on March 20. so i check the shipment estimate. 2-3 days from Akron Ohio to Monroe Georgia. Yep more like 2-3 weeks. I still am waiting. I would dispute the item via paypal, but thats not fair to the seller. Its not their fault USPS SUCKS!!!!!!!! And the tracking is not a joke. Its a damn Lie. LOL

  317. PSP LOST says:

    I have something Simple to say about this: FUCK USPS. I won a brand new psp 3000 slim and lite off ebay for $75.00 (Kudos to me !) I got express shipping for 20 bucks. It should have arrived a day ago. The useless track and confirm site says that it’s been missent. I want my fucking psp! I swear if they lose my shit I’m gonna be fucking pissed and I will sue the motherfuckers. PSP WHERE ARE YOU???

  318. Artichoke says:

    Good grief! 318 whines. Overwhelmed as I am by the tragedy of people not getting their PSP / DVD / CD / books, I find myself getting over it a little when I reflect that they live in the most privileged society on the globe and are suffering the appalling torment of a package arriving late. I’ve been in places where people worry about getting to the end of the day without being shot or abducted, or how they will feed their children that evening, or whether the roads have been laced with landmines, or whether the police will ‘disappear’ their parents … folks, I think that, if you take a deep breath, you might find you can weather this dreadful USPS trauma and live to see another day.

  319. Kenneth W says:

    Well, i finally got in touch with the seller and i guess that we both determind the item i paid for is lost out there in the 3rd deminsion of mail. LOL. So the seller is sending another and this time using UPS. LOL and to the last comment. NOBODY MADE YOU GO OVER THERE TO THE WAR!!!! YOUR THE DUMBASS WHO SIGNED UP FOR IT AND THEN BITCHES BECAUSE IT WAS NOT THE FREE RIDE IT WAS MADE OUT TO BE. SO GROW THE HELL UP AND GET A LIFE. I Support my troops but not a bitching soldier who put is own john handcock on the line to have to serve. So shut up and keep your 2 cents to your self. AND THAT THE BOTTOM LINE. CAUSE I FUCKING SAID SOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Dan says:

    Wow, no replies for a whole three days! Does that mean that the USPS service is improving? And will my expensive US laptop ever make it to NZ? Fingers crossed!

  321. Bob says:

    No Dan, no it doesn’t. Their service still sucks. “electronic shipping info recieved” for 4 days now. Yes, it’s late.

  322. JT says:

    wow constant posts about how bad the USPS is from Aug 6, 2003 to Apr 15, 2009.

    I have to agree though. i have had packages lost more than once with usps. I always use UPS no when I have a choice. the tracking service almost never works and packages are slow. but does anyone here actually think that the US needs to be focusing on this right now? I think we have a few more important issues to deal with at the moment.

  323. justin says:

    HERES MY TRACKING INFO Your item was processed and left our RICHMOND, CA 94804 facility on April 17, 2009. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
    TODAY IS APRIL 24TH ITS a 4lb package how long can it really take

  324. Sal says:

    WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??? This is the government folks! And you want these schmucks involved in our health care?? I’ll take a private company ANY DAY over the government! The government is cheap, hires the least qualified people and can’t go out of business no matter how bad their service is! They just take more of our tax money to make up the difference! Ever wonder how much revenue the post office takes in? Nobody knows their balance sheet says. Here’s a guess… -$1,000,000,000 in revenue + $5,000,000,000 in taxes = $4,000,000,000 profit!

    Where do you think the phrase “going postal” comes from? Ya know what keeps private companies like UPS and FedEx in business? The possibility of going out of business! Pretty simply right? Yet, VERY effective! Think about that the next time you walk into a USPS or DMV. Look, the government gives you a service, they never said it was supposed to be any good.

    • Malcolm Best says:

      Ha Ha – good comment Sal.
      That is exactly the truth, there is no reason for them to improve because
      there is NO accountability! Nothing more than another form of Welfare
      with a different name.

  325. Word says:

    Last week, I sent a check via priority mail with tracking. The USPS site didn’t update until 2 days after the recipient got my check.

    I think next time I’ll save the tracking fees and go buy a double cheeseburger.

  326. Wow, 5 years of complaining about the USPS I,m shocked.
    Last week i have placed an order on e-bay i had only one option for shipping via USPS priority international mail.
    I,m from Holland and i have shipped a lot of stuff from the United States and always with UPS or Fed-ex and never had problems.
    I even didn’t knew about your national postal service, i,m sorry about that.
    Well i think i have learned very much last couple of days about USPS.
    My shipment was posted on 29 April 2009 from Detroit to The Netherlands.
    I received an e-mail what says this:
    Electronic Shipping Info Received
    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 29, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    This is now for 7 days on there website no updates at all.
    I went on google and typed USPS sucks, so i came on this forum.
    What can i say about USPS i think here is a lot written about them.

    The Dutch National and International postal service TNT have much better track and trace service like this from UPS, Fed-ex or DHL.
    For me the first and the last time sipping with USPS.
    I think that company’s like USPS have no rights of existing this days with there misleading service, or better to say no service and it doesn’t matter is government or privet company.

    Yeah, cheap and good is impossible! What do you expect.

    Cheers, from Holland

  327. StPeteGuy says:

    JT: Yes this is an important issue because 99.9999999% of people will send or receive mail this year.

  328. iBanzai says:

    I just google’d “usps tracking sucks” and found this thread. I really wasn’t sure if anyone else thought that they suck — and now I’m astonished that this crappy service has survived unchanged for so many years. Wow! USPS tracking system = total fail.

  329. nicole says:

    I am waiting on a package which was dropped of at Conneticuit post office on 5th May 2009 going to melbourne australia.
    -Electronic Shipping Info Received, May 06, 2009
    Its been saying that for 2 weeks, i have spoken with customer service so many times and there saying the package has never been recieved.
    My phone bill from australia is going to be so high!

    This is the update yesturday:
    -Processed through Sort Facility, May 18, 2009, 3:43 am, JAMAICA, NY 11499

    what does that mean?? does that mean its on a flight to australia.

    i think the package is lost, becuase they cant give me any answers. I have had 3 customer service people say “thanks for calling” and hang up before i get the chance to say NNOOO wait i havent finished talking. So rude!

    I have asked to speak with managers/supervisors and i get nothing, i have got no return calls. I am hoping my package containing a very important item arrives.

    I asked the customer service person how many people work in customer service and he wouldnt even tell me that. They are really rude people to deal with and are not helpful at all.

    I don’t know what to do anymore!

  330. Music-Seed says:

    I think Obama needs to be made aware of this problem with a Government institution…if the mail service went into private hands we might pay less to ship and get better service too

  331. nicole says:

    I think USPS has the worst customer service i have EVER used.
    I work in customer service in australia, on the phones and i can’t beleive they way speak to people. They just want you to get off teh phone. I hope usps dont pay them much becuase they are useless!
    I am NEVER going to use usps again after this experince.

    I am still waiting on my package, usps are saying its left on the 18th may but australia are saying there is no flight details which means it hasnt left.

    is there anyone i can go to to get help on finding a package?

  332. Zaphod says:

    Obama and his liberal ilk are in large part the reason for the incompetent nature of so many governmental institutions. When you dumb down the entrance and promotion exams in the name of “diversity,” you are necessarily going to see the talented, intelligent individuals quit after being passed up for promotion endlessly, or not even hired in the first place.

    Just take a stroll into your local DMV and look at the sea of incompetent, apathetic diversity living behind the service counters. The DMV and USPS are two perfect examples of the impact that government social engineering has on the quality of customer service. Think really hard about the last time you had a positive experience in either the DMV or the Post Office. Now ask yourself if you want those same bureaucratic morons controlling our health care system. Would you really want to seek treatment from a doctor who was only let into medical school due to a quota, and who earned a 2.0 or 2.5 GPA (which itself was likely artificially inflated)?

    USPS sucks due to problems endemic to our current system of government. It will never improve, since its employees have no incentive to do so. The broken, useless nature of their “Track & Confirm” system is perfect evidence of this. For five years, they have had ample opportunity to update the system, and yet it remains virtually unchanged from the days of the first complaints seen on this blog back in 2004. Making it easier for people to file complaints and much easier for all employees (including minorities) to be fired for incompetence would be a good first step in reforming these institutions.

  333. Nick says:

    6 years and stuff still isn’t fixed, ordered a ps3 on ebay, seller used parcel post, tracking still says Your item was processed through and left our CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD 20790 facility on May 19, 2009. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    this is ridiculous.

  334. R Daniel says:

    Total waste of Government time, money and effort (i.e. out taxes)

  335. Abi says:

    I googled “usps tracking delay” and got this site.

    The best we can do is A: use ups/fedex/anything else whenever possible. And B: Write an email to any website that only offers usps as a shipping option and tell them you wish you could order from them, but they only offer USPS. I know it’s not convenient to not order the things you want, but the only way you can get the USPS to change is to stop using them whenever possible.

    • Malcolm Best says:

      That is exactly true Abi,
      If everyone would demand that stores not use the USPS because of their incompetence,
      they would:
      a) be forced to balance budgets & change their inept way of business (doubtful!)
      b) go out of business because they can’t compete with FedEx and UPS and DHL.
      Unfortunately, there is also:
      c) milk more tax money from you and I because they are unable to stand alone and make revenue.

      We will probably see an AMTRAK type bail-out because “they are too big to fail”… Insanity!

  336. Paxton Jett says:

    Agreed completely.
    I never, ever ship anything via USPS because of this, and I have stopped buying from retailers who ship only via USPS.

    They do not actually track the packages, and as a consumer I refuse to pay for inadequate service.

  337. Ivan Sokolov says:

    USPS is like any other modern day government trash organization. As long as they continue to quota-hire racial non-whites their service will degrade (if it is even possible at this point). We have the flower-power generation and their desegregation/civil “rights”/affirmative action escapades to thank for this.

    • HooHaw says:

      Hiya, Slav, I thought Untermenschen like you were supposed to be working on truck farms and in munitions factories. Matter of fact, I thought Slavs who could read and write were supposed to be shipped to Konzentrationslager . . . I think I will be calling my local GeStaPo office about this impertinence!

  338. Jimmy says:

    I bought a kicker 12 inch subwoofer on ebay and it has een sent to me by usps.i have been trying to track my shiped iteam but all it has said for the past 3 days is your iteam has arrived at the post office. usps tracking sucks

  339. DF says:

    As true today as it was when this was first written!

  340. David Simms says:

    My package was shipped two weeks ago and has yet to arrive. The point of origin was less than 200 miles away in the next state. Tracking (right!) shows no record. UNBELIEVABLY SLOW!!!!!

  341. Brad says:

    Well I have a package coming that I bought on Amazon. It did give me an arrival scan but with the location blank. So it has arrived… somewhere out there. Annoying. 🙁

  342. BigBob says:

    Amazing! This thread was started 6 years ago and still the USPS has not improved anything! No wonder they are losing money every year.

  343. Reticon says:

    So, just to be sure, when the tracking site says:

    Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on …

    Does that not necessarily mean that the seller is sitting on it and has yet to take it to the post office? I just went off on a seller who pulled a tracking number a week ago but apparently has yet to actually drop it off at the post office. I’ll feel bad if it’s USPS being wrong and not a dead beat seller twiddling their thumbs instead of shipping my package.

  344. heitzler2 says:

    On July 4th, my husband received a fine for riding on the Max Train without a pass. It had to be paid by the 28th (the court date.)

    On the 22nd, I get the USPS Priority Mail postage and envelope all ready (WITH signature confirmation)…on the 23rd, I send it out.

    Jump to Saturday, I decide to check the tracking – it still shows “electronic notification” – but, no “enroute” or “delivered.” I use their services for work all the time…I know how the website works…I know how works. When it was picked up, on the 23rd, it should have been scanned into the system and shown “enroute”, but nothing…so, I was a little worried.

    Jump to this morning. I go to check the status and it still shows “electronic notification” only. So, I am about to have a heart attack this morning, worried that his ticket payment won’t reach them in time and that he’ll have a frickin’ warrant out all because he made the stupid decision to ride the train on July 4th without a ticket!!!

    So, I am getting ready to call the post office to find out where my package is at, when I think…I should call the court house, just to see if they got it. Sooo, I call them, and THANKFULLY thy had received the package…which just makes it all WORSE. Not only did I NOT get the tracking I paid for, but I didn’t get the signature confirm, either. 🙁

    So, of course, I am now really ticked off.

    I call my local PO and talk to a nice guy, Ben, who can’t help me, but does give the the number to the PO location of where it was delivered. I call them, and speak with Carla – who can’t help me, but SHE can transfer me to a supervisor or I can call 1-800-ASK-USPS. I think “great, I’m getting somewhere”, when all of a sudden this guy comes on the phone and I can’t even understand his name, let alone what he is trying to say to me. He seems to think I am asking WHERE my package is at…

    I explain, gently, to him that I KNOW where the package is, because I called to verify it…what I want to know is why I paid for tracking and sig. confirm. and didn’t get that??? He is hardly understandable and obviously has no clue about what I’m trying to say…so, I tell him that I feel like I am getting the runaround about all this and hang up. I call that number back to see if I can talk to Carla again, because at least I can understand what she is saying and vice versa…but, he answers the phone. I ask to speak with her, but SHE is UNAVAILABLE…of course. So, I just ask for the number that she tried to give me earlier when she gave me the option of speaking with him or calling a different number. He gives it to me 1-800-ASK-USPS.

    So, we are on to the next leg of our verbal journey. I call that number and speak to Hector, who is just as bad as the previous guy (name unpronounceable.) Hector sounds about like he is a 16 year old who is too busy with his newest gadget to make time to listen to what I am asking. Again, I feel as if USPS is doing this to make me go crazy. Do they take classes on this type of situation and how to make us want to kill ourselves?????? So, I am really getting irritated and so I ask to speak to HIS supervisor, before it gets out of hand.

    Now, I am talking to Michele who says she doesn’t have the answer and won’t unless she opens a complaint file. So, I ask her how long that is going to take, because I don’t want to waste her time, or mine, if I am not going to even get an answer. Finally, I just get fed up and tell her forget it…I’m just getting the runaround and I just need to find a different company to go through for my shipping.

    FYI – This is FAR from the first issue I have had with USPS, but it still is better than UPS. Too bad FedEx is more expensive, because they totally have better customer service. 🙁

  345. StanLee says:

    USPS is a dinosaur and should simply go away, They keep hanging on but the can never hope to compete with the likes of Fedex and UPS because of all the bureaucratic BS.

  346. Dan says:

    I absolutley hate USPS they take forever to get you your shipment and the track and confirm thing is a bunch of bologna it dosn’t even work i got my shipment today and it still says the electonic informaiton was recieved. The only thing i like about it is you don’t have to sit around all day to sign for your package you at least you have a time frame(12-1:30 for me) of when you are going to recieve your package since it always comes when you get your mail. I like UPS better

  347. Kileak says:

    As a Canadian resident who purchases stuff without caring much at where it is situated in the first place, I’d say I prefer USPS over any other means of shipment when I purchase items in the United States.

    Simple explanation:

    UPS will charge you more to ship the same item, will take longer, and have a strange way of charging an extra 30-40$ simply for crossing the border. They call that customs clearance fee or something like that. It’s simply an excuse for charging extra when 30-40$ has already been paid to get their lazy ass, brown short shorts wearing queers to get your box in and out of their shitty brown trucks.

    Not only that, but to allow you to go pick up your items yourself at their counter, since they cannot deliver something when you aren’t there, you have to phone them in like 3 times, else they load your package up everyday to come at your door even though you’ve told them that you have a job and can’t be there before 4PM.

    I have never, ever had to pay any extra when my items come through with USPS and for this reason I don’t buy anything when the seller, located in the US, will only ship using UPS.

  348. Kirk says:

    I can’t stand the USPS tracking system. I shop mostly online, and many times people or businesses use the USPS. I have NEVER had the tracking number work on their website, except after the package is delivered… yes, I checked after it was delivered just to see if it changed status. By the way, I believe years ago the USPS contracted FedEx to handle their priorty mail, because they never could get anything delivered overnight.

    People want the government to be in charge of their health care? Are they crazy? Look at the post office!

  349. Victor says:

    Today is 4 August 2009. Looking at the top of this thread, it’s been nearly six years to the day that it was started. Guess what? NOT A GODDAMN THING HAS IMPROVED!!!!!! The USPS tracking system still SUCKS AS BAD AS IT DID WHEN IT WAS FIRST IMPLEMENTED!!!!! SIX YEARS!!!!! No wonder they are losing business! And the best they can do is increase the price of first class postage incrementally, annually! This system was broke from day one, and it does nothing but aggravate customers! UPS & FEDEX are really not that much better, and we, the people, are held hostage by a system that does not work! BUREAUCRATIC BS AT ITS FINEST!!!!!

  350. Beeman says:

    I agree Victor. Still no improvement after all this time, it’s mind-boggling. My neighbor works for USPS and is currently worried about losing his job due to cutbacks… Sorry, wish I could help, but Fizzuk USPS.

    FEDEX Rocks
    USPS Walks

  351. thomas says:

    lol well i had a package sent to me from florida and im in ontario canada about a half hour from the US boarder any way my tracking number kind of works i geuss but my shipment is on its way to southern florida when im up north not to mention i made my order last friday and i only got that the shippment info was recieved that following tues here i am on thursday im sorry but christ im a str8 shot up SEND THAT MOTHER FUCKER TO THE AIRPORT AND SEND THAT BITCH TO BUFFALO AIRPORT HAVE THE USPS DRIVE THAT BITCH THROUGH CUSTOMS AND THEN TAKE IT TO THE CANADIAN POST OFFICE ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE lmao just tell me why my package is going completely opposite from where i am and if any one tells me its the postal route your dumb because theres a pastal route going north 2 lol

  352. Malcolm Best says:

    Well, I am heartened (and also dismayed) to see that I am not alone in my disappointment in the USPS. Whenever someone complains that they are inefficient, they ALWAYS respond with “Where else can you send a letter for 31/35/39/42… cents and it goes all the way across the country in a few days?
    The USPS does OK on letters, when they don’t lose them, but the rest of their business is a shambles.
    It seems that USPS can not get PACKAGES right, which must make up a fair portion of their overall business. My cousin sent me a “Priority Mail” Registered package on the 25th of June. It is now August 10th, package is not here and their “tracking” indicates it has not left HIS state! I phoned their customer service and they said it takes longer for Registered. Well, either their process broke down or their “tracking” is garbage! Even the agent could not tell me where the package is because their system does not check that. WHAT!? FedEx knows exactly what town and status of each package in their system, what is the USPS doing, using Pony Express?

    As for “Priority Mail”, it is anything but. The agent tells me that is not a Guarantee, only an estimate. The website specifically states 2-3 day delivery. So you know the Post Office is incompetent if they have to misrepresent their service and can’t stand behind it. Don’t pay the extra money for that SCAM.

    I have learned my lesson, I will NEVER ship a package with USPS again. You will save some money, but FedEx and UPS CAN guarantee your item will get to its destination.

    Hey USPS, stop hawking the Looney Tunes coffee mugs at your offices and spend some money on a tracking system that actually works!

  353. same here says:

    I ordered a small package being shipped with USPS 3 days ago. It stills says shipping information received, which I don’t believe. UPS and FedEx always gave me relevant tracking information.

  354. Joe Manna says:

    I typically don’t bag on companies unless they truly, truly deserve it. The United States Postal Service is one of those organizations that can’t be stopped. There is no business in the free market that can compete against the government in regard to poor customer service and zero accountability.

    Basically, I won a laptop on eBay. Great and dandy, right? Well that was good until the seller decided to pick the post office to send his stuff to me. From there he provided me with a tracking number, and I check the USPS’s site for the status of it. Three days later, it says it’s in transit and eventually AFTER the package arrived “allegedly,” it says “VACANT” as a status. WTF?!

    So I call the toll-free post office number to check on the status. Completely automated with no ability to talk to a human. Rest assured, I did have the opportunity to purchase stamps, get a passport or hang up.

    I proceed to call the local post office. They are helpful for what they can help me with, and direct me to call the supervisor of delivery. They advise me to get the name of the supervisor.

    As I write this, I called the “Delivery Supervisor” for Gilbert, Arizona at 480-545-0216 and have been left on hold, abandoned, for over 57 minutes. No response at all. She never came back to say that she was looking at it. It was likely that it’s a Friday and she went home to her pathetic life.

    I give up. I really want the post office to cease operations. I will gladly pay 6x more for postage if I knew packages would arrive. The tracking website NEVER has accurate status of packages, which is the premium in sending packages.

    I have faith that the peons who work for the USPS have lost my package and I will have the insurance buy me a new item. That’s vindication.

    Gilbert, AZ

  355. Joe Manna says:

    Not to belabor the point, but now that number is just a busy-out ringback which means they must have forgotten to hang it up or they have major PBX issues. I called numerous times between Friday, Saturday, Monday at all different hours. I am now provided with another number, 480-545-1284, and apparently routes to a “Bert.” (Sounds female.) This person finally advised me due to their latent tracking equipment, the package now shows it had been returned. Mind you, just days before it showed it had been delivered. This inconsistency is more than enough cause for concern to not use USPS.

    This gets better and better. I wish I could run a business as poorly as they treat their customers. Finally, today’s battle ends with me calling a Dennis as he must be the station supervisor for the Gilbert, AZ sector.


  356. fsturdevant says:

    Just like say the first comment was pretty funny regards USPS. It was in Aug 2003 when the post was generated. Now the really funny thing is its now the towards the end of 2008 and I did exactly the same thing in attemping to track a delivery. 5 yrs later???? No noticible change and the government now wants to take over health care.

  357. straightoboy says:

    Priority Mail International Parcels estimated time 6-10…more like 15-30 -.-“

  358. in understanding says:

    If anyone actually reads this i would have to say its all our faults for thinking something would be as easy as online shoping. I know it usally meens we would have to sacrafice our desires in order to avoid such issues. There was a time when we as a people would simply go to the store and pick an item up. If it wasnt in the mall or down the street then we didnt buy it. It sucks, i know, im just as bad when it comes to the online illusion. But im slowly starting to wake up to the very real truth of online buying. The money i have wasted over the past year on shipping cost was pretty shocking to me. It wouldnt bother me so much if i was getting some high quality product in the shipping company’s. But i guess if i can write “Fuck the usps” and get a hit for such a huge blog then i see now im not the only one.

  359. Joe says:

    Holy hell … you think they would do something … for YEARS usps tracking has been nothing more than a god damn conspiracy to piss you off

  360. Janusz says:

    USPS is itself a big joke. I don’t use them anymore. But when I buy from Internet then they are using this poor postal organization to send my items to me. I just checked USPS track hoping that they would update it but quess what? lol. Their poor performance is the main reason for selling off their buildings on auctions. This is end of Post Office. To bad for us because competition would be nice for customers, now its only Brown or FedEx. To bad.

  361. Jessa says:

    Wow. This is a lot of people having problems with USPS. Mine really isn’t the shipping. It’s that they lost my package a long time ago. Which really made me pissed. They said it was here in my town but when I checked the mail it wasn’t there. I went down to the right USPS and gave them my Shipping number or whatever that is. They told me they had no record of my package or anything. Turns out that they did lose my package. So I had to wait a week to get my package. I really dislike USPS so much.

  362. thehellwiththis says:

    I agree, USPS is pure SHIT!
    I’ve been tricked into using their service because of how cheap compared to it’s rivals. The tracking? Forget it! Customer service? The chances of getting actual support from those guys is like eating real meat from McDonald. Very, very poor, I bet the pony express can do a damn better job than these jerk offs.

  363. Completely Fucked says:

    Fuck USPS……..$400 fly rod mysteriously lost. After checking with the local post office, I find out that it was “delivered” already, and that I signed for it. And for those of you who are gonna say “well maybe someone stole it off your porch”, to you i say say fuck off. I have been on vacation for the past two weeks and have been sitting at my front window, like a total fucking ass, waiting for the mail. Every day I greet my mail man with a smile only to be let down that a package did not arrive. Where the fuck is my package? Nobody took it off my porch, it never arrived! I was supposed to go fly fishing this weekend, but now I am going back to work, because I don’t have a fucking fly rod. Thanks for ruining my vacation! I hear rumors that USPS is possibly going out of business. Good ridance! FUCK YOU USPS, FUCK YOU AND EVERYONE THAT WORKS THERE!!!!!

  364. Luiz says:

    So.. I can see that Im fucked !!!!! I can´t track any peace of shit at this website….
    What fuck they are doing?????

  365. William says:

    Well the reason USPS tracking does not work is that they do not want it to work. They are well aware of there problems and providing a detailed tracking to customers would only serve to highlight these problems. The core issue is who the USPS hires. USPS like most govt agencies have an agenda when it comes to hiring and that agenda is Niggers and Spics. Yep, thats correct, if you take them out of the equation we would have on time delivery and informative tracking. Many years ago the US mail was shining example to the world of just how good it can be; some places had two mail deliveries per day. You add in too many niggers and spics and it all ends up SNAFU.

    • Matt says:

      William is an ignorant racist. Maybe he should have come to the conclusion that the USPS is government run and funded, whereas UPS/Fedex are private companies. They’re pumping more money into their tracking and USPS is cutting corners to save money, instead of being a hateful SOB. Peace.

  366. Amber says:

    Wow William You my friend are just as ignorant as any usps worker! Congrats!… the way I also think Usps in incompetent (although I am not a racist as William is here). Bought a cell phone through ebay and the item has been missent, Nothing has been updated in 5 days, and nobody seems to know where my package is! Most people have been nice and tried to be helpful, however that doesnt get my package to me…I will never use usps again! Nor will I buy from any seller who uses them!

  367. Pel says:

    Last week I ordered a package from overseas. The scanners there worked fine, and showed up on the track and confirm in two places before leaving that country for the states. But NOW, USPS Track and Confirm is “temporarily unavailable” for updating…Don’t you think that the driver-code would be tested and in working order before they make the switchover to the new system? What the hell? I paid extra for this service and all they can say is “we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause”.

    It’s 2009 and I see all of these complaints dating back to 2003!

    • Colby says:

      I had the same situation as Pel. It said that it was temporarily unavailable. That was two weeks ago. Now it’s stuck at electronic shipping info received. I think this may be because the only service purchased by the shipper was delivery confirmation. So maybe it doesn’t update until it’s been delivered? I just don’t get how several weeks after it’s been shipped, the package is still not here. On their website it says that it will take 1 week for a package of that weight to ship from there to here via first class. It most certainly was not here a week ago!

    • dwhite says:

      you would prob hear more complaint prior to 2003 if blogs were more popular hahahahaha

  368. Nicole says:

    okay so last week i bought a phone off ebay, the seller told me by email it was shipped gives me the trck number i check it
    and i recieve the same message as Reticon (344) that oviously they were notified by the shipper that the package is “ready” for shipping but they have no information for the mailing date or anything and that they are just going to hold onto it cause ebay doesnt know they havent shipped my shit yet anyways, just for me to be checking up on this for 3 days to not even recieve the package.. to get a message saying they had to refund my money.. okay theres that then they send it again was shipped on thursday and here comes friday afternoon and still says the same..later that night it updates and it says it been shipped from them and is currently in transit and says that through saturday no update and now the shit is down.. it probly hasnt even updated anyways..

    hopefully it will come in with the fedex truck like last time..
    and ill be here to sign for it..

  369. music-seed says:

    what I have never understood, is a customer to whom I shipped an item to, claims the package had a hole in it and the item fell out, in which paypal forced me to refund all the customer’s money, but when it came time to file the rifling/stolen mail form and I sent it in, I never heard a thing back from them not a boo, not even a reply as to thanks for filing the report, I don’t get it… NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT! and don’t even think you will collect on an insurance claim either, if that arises cause from everybody I know that has filed said they never pay!…

  370. dwhite says:

    USPS sucks!!!

    how hard is it to scan a bar code and have it link to the website to provide an update.

    I can get a facebook reminder on my phone.

    I can get sports score on my phone

    I get a reminder when a friend of mine eats a cheeseburger

    But I can get an update on my package??/ lol

  371. John says:

    Label/Receipt Number: 9101 8052 1390 7762 5880 64
    Scheduled for Delivery: Monday, October 26, 2009
    Class: First-Class Mail®
    Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
    Status: Out for Delivery or Available at PO Box

    Your item is out for delivery or available at a PO Box at 9:22 AM on October 26, 2009 in FOGELSVILLE, PA, 18051.

    Detailed Results:

    Out for Delivery or Available at PO Box, October 26, 2009, 9:22 am, FOGELSVILLE, PA 18051
    Sorting Complete, October 26, 2009, 8:52 am, FOGELSVILLE, PA 18051
    Arrival at Post Office, October 26, 2009, 7:50 am, FOGELSVILLE, PA 18051
    Processed through Sort Facility, October 25, 2009, 6:21 pm, SWEDESBORO, NJ 08085
    Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 23, 2009

    Okay, well it is 8pm october 26th and the post office is closed how the &^$* is my package still out for delivery?????? I do not have a PO Box so it should have been delivered when the postal guy came by and delivered the mail at 1 o clock this after noon GO FIGURE? isnt that when parcel should be delivered… on time? i guess not. I figured okay MAYBE it is on another truck and it will come later today, not the turn out. This isnt the first time usps screwed up shipping a package to me. I would like some questions but anyone that works at usps is brain dead. First class my ass.

    • John says:

      I bought a Snowboard from Utah and I live in Pennsylvania. UPS delivered the package in 2 buisness days I only paid 20 bucks for shipping. So I paid 6 Dollars more for UPS rather than USPS in shipping but I get actual updated Tracking and Confirmation and good customer service and two day faster shipping than Bullshit USPS. It’s common sence i’ll pay the few extra bucks for GOOD service and GOOD Tracking & Confirmation.

    • John says:

      Well here is a cut to the chase update because it’s a long story. OKAY USPS updated the Tracking finally after its been over a full 24 hours. Says USPS has attempted to deliver at 4:16pm Yesterday (Monday) and a notice was left which is absolute bullshit! The mail man came at 1:00pm thats it! not 4:16 and no fucking notice was left either. Stupid bastards, can anyone do their job correctly?

    • Tom says:

      John, I am quite familiar with the USPS employees at Fogelsville, PA 18051, as I have a PO Box there myself for many years.

      First, they are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and not in the manner in which your comments here portray them.

      Second, they are quite familiar with their jobs and the USPS system and quite capable of answering your questions regarding any postal service concerns you may have, and they are more than willing to go beyond what would be found in the big-city post offices.

      Third, if you are speaking of the green label on the Priority Mail, First Class, Parcel Post or other parcels, you have not paid for “tracking”, nor has the shipper. It is USPS “Delivery Confirmation”. In most cases it indicates when the package has entered the postal system, sometimes showing the sort facility, and then showing delivery.

      Express Mail generally will show “tracking” as we are familiar with movements of other carriers.

      I do not work for the USPS, but I am a shipper and use major carriers, but use USPS most. There is no additional charge to residential addresses (UPS was $3 extra), USPS of course ships to PO Boxes, has Saturday delivery, and picks up at your door with no additional charges, even at a residence. Also there are flat rate boxes regardless of the weight of the contents, up to 70 pounds. When printing and purchasing labels on your own computer, there is a 5% discount and also the Delivery Confirmation is included at no additional charge.

  372. Jim says:

    From my experiences with USPS… The only difference between regular mail tracking and express mail tracking, is express mail is more likely to get scanned at various points enroute (more likely being the key phrase here). There is a ~60% chance that a postal employee will scan your package when they are supposed to.

    As for ‘real-time’ tracking… Forget about it! I’ve had tracking information backed up in their system for an express mail package for ~12 hours a few times. Most of the time, the information gets backed up 4 – 5 hours. I’ve even had an express mail package show only “electronic shipping info received” and “delivered”.

    Not to mention, my last package… Look at this:
    – Processed through Sort Facility, October 26, 2009, 9:51 pm, ATLANTA, GA 30320
    – Acceptance, October 26, 2009, 7:28 pm, ATLANTA, GA 30320
    – Processed through Sort Facility, October 26, 2009, 7:05 pm, ATLANTA, GA 30320
    – Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 26, 2009

    Is that the same sort facility? *hopes someone didn’t tamper with package*… Also, look at the acceptance time. The package got accepted at the post office after it was processed through the sort facility…? Or did the package get accepted at the sort facility? Why would they notify me my package got accepted at a sort facility, when all domestic packages should be automatically accepted?… Accepted could mean anything, could they be anymore vague!? GRRR!!!!

  373. alex says:

    I just brought press your luck 2010 edition for PC and ds and I try to track it but the system is so stupid and useless.

  374. Greg says:

    I will also never use USPS again. The tracking is an issue which has been going on for almost 9 YEARS! NINE!!!!!! When I use UPS or FedEx, it’s like shipping utopia. I’m so happy with both of those companies that even if (never happened to me) a package got lost, I’d still sing their praises.

    This is total proof how much better off the United States is when you let private industry run the world. You actually get people who give a shit. This ought to be a crystal clear sign to you Obamacare followers. If the government can’t even track and deliver a package on-time, you better expidite that reservation for your favorite cemetary plot under the big oak tree because you’re not gonna get the care they’re promising you.

    • matthew says:

      amen Greg, amen.

      • Corin says:

        Look you stupid dipshits, there is no such thing as “Obamacare.” This isn’t socialized medicine. This isn’t government-run health care. There are no death panels. Nobody’s going to kill your fucking grandmother.

        Go fuck yourselves or read something besides the shit that pours out of Glenn Beck’s mouth.

  375. Anti-CMOS says:

    Just read this thread and totally agree that USPS sucks, however I read a post where one person was like “the taxpayers pay for this and that’s why it’s not as good as UPS, FedEx, etc.”, this is a BS response to the reason, as a tax funded organization we, the tax payers, should demand a better service than we receive.

  376. Manuel says:

    This is ridiculous! Only now I found that USPS is not reliable, after it happen to me
    I never really check for gripes and complaints about USPS My stupidity is making me smarter!
    Not to use USPS AGAIN!!!

  377. Beatlesfan says:

    And the USPS has the nerve to ask for more of our hard-working taxpayer dollars?!?!?! To do exactly what with?? Untrack packages? Lose mail? Raise the stamp price some more you morons!! I’m going FedEx or Brown next time!!!!

  378. thedudeabides says:

    God, USPS is so retarded. I ordered a mouse from (located in Los Angeles) and [USPS] had DHL pick it up and take the package to a DHL facility near La Habra, then shipped it BACK to USPS in CARSON so it can get shipped AGAIN to a local Post Office in Orange County. I live in Orange County near Long Beach, WTF? That means they effectively will have driven PAST my home 3 times before actually having the package delivered. Talk about inefficient, not to mention a complete waste of fuel.

    As someone who buys a lot of electronics online, I agree with what everyone has said regarding tracking with USPS, it’s a complete joke. In contrast, I’ve never had any problems with shipping/tracking from UPS or FedEx. Packages from these guys always arrive the day that their tracking systems say they will. They’re so good/predictable in my area , I can usually just walk outside around 3-4pm and expect to get my package.

  379. KAREN301 says:


  380. Anonymous says:

    The USPS does not have tracking. The numbers they provide is for delivery confirmation. It is used only to check if the package has arrived. Sometimes you can get shipment status but it is not “real tracking”.

  381. Logan says:

    I love how I just ordered $500 worth of computer parts last Friday, because it was Black Friday, and all my stuff is already here, even though it’s only Tuesday. And right after Black Friday, even. Because it was shipped by UPS. Now, as it turned out, before I managed to finish paying, my RAM was sold out. So, I had to reorder it, only about 10 minutes after making the first order. So, they shipped it ($100 RAM, here!) by USPS. WTF?! And the tracking number, as in, it says “tracking” on the USPS site which would lead one to believe that it is to be used for TRACKING YOUR SHIPMENT, not seeing that it has been shipped. I KNOW that it’s been shipped, thank you. That is your JOB. So, one should hope that it has, indeed, been shipped. Trouble is, it’s been “shipped” since last Saturday, they didn’t supply me with a tracking number until Sunday, and as of now, Tuesday at 4 PM, it still has no information on the tracking number. NONE whatsoever. Only that on the site I bought it from it says that it’s been shipped from Tennessee.

    Because any “business” run by the US government MUST BE PERFECT. Obviously. UPS FTW.

    • Tom says:

      sorry bro but I couldn’t understand a word you were saying.

    • Tom says: actually says “Tracking and Confirm” … if it had separate windows for people, many of which are complete idiots, the page would be filled with windows and totally confuse the user. Here is a copy/paste from the site as expanded, showing various tracking and confirmation services. (better seen on that site than here)……..

      To check on the delivery status of your mailing, enter your label or receipt number in the space provided. Please be sure to enter all letters and numbers exactly as they appear on your label or receipt.

      Learn about Track & Confirm by email
      Learn about Proof of Delivery
      Learn about Return Receipt (Electronic) makes it easy to verify the delivery status of your mailing. Use the links to learn more about Track & Confirm products and services.
      Express Mail®
      Global Express Guaranteed®
      Express Mail International®
      Priority Mail® International

      Delivery Confirmation™
      Signature Confirmation™
      Certified Mail™
      Registered Mail™

      Proof of Delivery
      Express Mail®
      Signature Confirmation™
      Return Receipt (Electronic)

      Note: Online delivery information is not available for all destinations.

  382. ron says:

    I agree USPS insurance sucks. I sent an item that I sold on Ebay USPS parcel post insured. The buyer never got the item & USPS denied my insurance claim, stating that it was delivered & produced a delivery record showing that it was scanned & delivered.
    So now I’m out $75 !

    • Tom says:

      Could it be possible that the ebay buyer is trying to scam you? Sellers have some protection, too, if you let ebay know what USPS gave you about the delivery.

  383. Tiger Woods says:

    Yeah, USPS sucks. They were supposed to deliver some clubs to me ONLY, but my wife got to them first and broke out my rear window, then hit me across my suck muscle. Now she’s going to take ALL my money and move to sweeden. Me? I’m left with broken teeth, only a billion dollars and 10 ho’s that are REALLY mad at me saying I just “used them for sex”.

    Thanks, USPS!

  384. Kemuel says:

    Yeah i agree, i was so mad at usps for not telling me anything and googled “usps tracking sucks” 🙂 , it sucks bad, you only get notified when item shipped and recieved lol

  385. Dr. R. says:

    So, 7 years and nothing has changed. People are saying that USPS does not have real tracking. Well, they need to change their damn website. I am sure 99% of people who check their website think otherwise. I ordered something 3 days ago, and it is still telling me to expect my package for mailing. I will probably get it at my house today or tomorrow and still have no changes on the website.

  386. David Lebee says:

    Oh god, I wasn’t the only one, on’t know if you realised everytime a web site uses usps for shipping it dosen’t say it’s going to be usps ??!?! 😐 no wonder a 6-10 days from Orlean to canada, though my shiping hasn’t left from Canadian Customs since the 4th of December and I’ll probably not get it it seems.

    Anyways I would rather pay 20$ then use this shitty ass service.

    ( UPS FAN ! 🙂 the 1 day shipping acutally works -.- )

  387. bob says:

    …and yet we want government controlled health care?!..well not we. People only gripe when they feel powerless to change what they are griping about. There’s not a thing anyone can do about USPS tracking, yes is aspirates heavily.

  388. Billy MAD Ass says:

    I ordered a international item, it was shipped from somewhere in China, I know it was shipped because I called the seller and gave them my item number and they said in there records it says it has been sent, and they had a small delivery that day ( it was sent out this weeks Tuesday) and remember my package being sent out. I have tried to track it on and all it says is “There is no record of this item.” 3 days and it hasn’t even went through customs!? Now I know that it has, i have ordered from them before, shit it is probably in the US right now and will get here by the latest of next weeks Tuesday, but the facted that I pay for the shipping and get a tracking number that hasn’t even been recorded is so fucking lame. I called customer service and the bitch lady said that it must of not been shipped out yet if its been 2-3 days and not even a scan through customs or even once it gets through customs and into the US…now i read that most of the USPS spots don’t have the tracking devices even thought there supposed to but i don’t give a fuck, i paid for shipping because I want to know that my package that is coming from another country and is being shipped in the busiest time of the year is going to make it before the 25th… I wish some1 could just assure me that its gonna make it here, and that it hasn’t been lost of stolen, because the facted that its not in there record yet is just annoying…

  389. Ali. G says:

    USPS sucks big d*cks!!!!!!!!!!!! I shipped a package out on the December the 15th, It’s now the 19th and tracking is still saying [your package has been accepted on December 15th at 10:24am]. It has not change. Mind you I used priority medium flat rate box, paid postage online got free delivery confirmation, walked my ass over to the post office, gave my box to a rude old bitch. I watched her scan the box, but till this day the tracking is still saying the same damn thing. Priority is 2-3 days. Had to contact my buyer on ebay to ask if she received her package. She says NO, and that she also keeps checking tracking and it’s saying the same shit!!!! I’m so pissed. This is the first time a package I sent out has ever either gotten lost, stolen, not shipped, not scanned, misrouted etc. I’m so pissed right now. These fucking incompetent USPS workers.

    What’s so hard about lifting your hand and beeping in some #’s. What’s so hard about delivering something to the right address, especially when the address is written big and bold. Why are yall taking it upon yourself to dig and rip open peoples packages to steal items. One day you fucking cock sucking incompetent USPS workers are gonna dig in the wrong box, and a fucking bomb is going to blow off your fucking greedy hands. You MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  390. Katie oopps says:

    On Dec 14th I mail a prority envelope that cost me 4.95 to mail I added .70 delivery comformation on to that bring the charge to 5.65 to mail an enveope with 4 gift cards to my grandkids. The information I was given is it will be at the address in 3 days 5 days later it still was not at the address it was sent to. On the evening of Dec 19the conformation was this.

    Undeliverable as RIPLEY MS 38663 12/19/09 11:22am

    Out for Delivery or RIPLEY MS 38663 12/18/09 8:41am
    Available at PO Box

    Sorting Complete RIPLEY MS 38663 12/18/09 8:11am

    Arrival at Unit RIPLEY MS 38663 12/18/09 6:46am

    Processed through Sort 38199 12/17/09 4:22am

    Acceptance WEST PALM BEACH FL 33411 12/14/09 12:57pm

    I know I mailed it to the correct address. I feel that the postal people in Mississippi just didn’t want to be bothered to find and deliver it to the correct address. My son constantly complains that his mail is in his neighbors mail box.
    When I get it back I am taking it back to the post office from which it was mailed to get my refund or at least to rattle some cages. then I will got to UPS. Unfortunately my grand kids will not have the presents under the tree come Christmas. The date as I type this is Dec20th and I have not gotten the mail returned yet. I guess I can expect that back to me by new Years of after. I will never use USPS again when it counts. track and confirm only work when it is in the hands of intelligent people who really care about the job they do.

  391. USPS Sucks says:

    I thought i was the only one who has been checking the status of my package through tracking facility. Well its not really a facility because it doesn’t update the shipment status. I ordered Apple itouch from Amazon on Dec 18 and the estimated arrival time is Dec 21. Hopefully I get it today or I am gonna be freakin mad. What makes me more pissed is that all the other carriers like UPS/FedEx, I never had a problem with them for the tracking purposes of my shipment. It is just USPS. Goddamit.!
    On the USPS tracking page it says this “The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on December 18, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later” . And on the amazon page when I track my package it says shipment has LEFT THE FACILITY. WTF.! WHOM TO BELIEVE?

  392. Billy MAD Ass says:

    finally got this today, wtf

    Class: Express Mail International®
    Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.

    Detailed Results:

    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
    Foreign International Dispatch, December 21, 2009, 10:59 am, BEIJING EMS, CHINA PEOPLES REP

  393. Keith says:

    NEVER AGAIN! I told this to my wife, as I checked this pretend-tracking system of USPS for a package we did Priority Mail with 2-3 day turnarounds on Dec 19th. It’s the 23rd, and after checking every day, both internet, and on the phone, I finally got a hold of a rep. who told me because it was the holidays my daughter, who just moved to California to attend college, will probably not see the package until after Christmas?!? This is insane!! We paid extra money for this better service of USPS and they can’t even send us any kind of tracking info on a proven bar-scan technology system which dozens of private carriers have used for over a decade???

    Another thing, my wife and I are very worried about it even getting there to begin with. Our daughter told us almost a third of her mail delivered is either ripped partially open, unsealed and folded, or half cut to the side. She’s had the mail handed to her like that from the mail man, and he just shrugs and tells her that happens all the time. Her girlfriend sent some ear-rings to her, which came in as an empty box. It was not insured.

    We insured this package, and we will be kicking it in, BIG TIME, if she doesn’t get the package atleast by this weekend.

    When systems like this break down in quality, you have to ask yourself what is the root cause of all this. I hate to say it, but I agree with almost EVERYONE here that the USPS service is runned by not just thieves and lay abouts, but people who just don’t care anymore. We have a relative that works for the postal service in Missouri, and they told me stories that would freeze your soul. We were on the extreme budget, so we rolled the dice I guess and try to believe there was some good in the system.

    Boy were we wrong. 🙁

  394. Stephen Howe says:

    Just thought I’d add the following: I also ordered a 32 gb Touch, which has not arrived, and the tracking messages have been driving me crazy.

    From Amazon:

    Order Placed:
    December 12, 2009

    Track your package
    Date Time Location Event Details
    December 24, 2009 01:51:00 PM Bethesda MD Delivered
    December 23, 2009 01:34:00 PM Bethesda MD Arrival Scan
    December 18, 2009 02:19:00 PM — Arrival Scan
    December 18, 2009 01:12:00 AM — Arrival Scan
    December 16, 2009 08:39:13 AM Whitestown IN US Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

    And now the USPS site:

    Detailed Results:

    Delivered, December 24, 2009, 1:51 pm, BETHESDA, MD 20814
    Sorting Complete, December 24, 2009, 9:16 am, BETHESDA, MD 20814
    Out for Delivery or Available at PO Box, December 23, 2009, 10:47 am, BETHESDA, MD 20814
    Sorting Complete, December 23, 2009, 10:17 am, BETHESDA, MD 20814
    Arrival at Post Office, December 23, 2009, 8:43 am, BETHESDA, MD 20814
    Electronic Shipping Info Received, December 18, 2009

    The people I talk to at USPS, though nice, can tell me nothing except to wait a little longer and report back, or try and intercept the mailperson in his/her rounds.

  395. courtney says:

    ordered 2 weeks ago, shipped a week and a half ago but they still cant find the tracking # in their system…

  396. Amelia says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone.
    I ordered an iTouch online. Okay, great. USPS shipped it the next day. They said it’d take 5 to 7 business days.

    Mmkay. So I wait. Go check tracking, Your package reached _,_ on Dec 23.
    Yeah, great. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT? We called the Track&Confirm service. They had to idea what the hell was going on.

    We went to the post office. Did they help? NO. They said, “We’re sorry, we can’t track it for you.”

  397. BZZT says:

    I like to order a lot of crap from the internet, because, hell, who can buy vinyl records for my collectioon anymore?

    Of the three biggies (USPS, FED-EX, UPS) I would have to say that UPS would come in first. They actually care for your packages, and recognize the value of your package, and will gladly hold the 1,238 dollar PC you just ordered at the warehouse provided you call them. Not only that, but their tracking system is top tier.

    I have only had one experience with fed-ex, and am glas to say that it is marginal at best, if not very close to UPS. I rarely order form these guys, much less get the opportunitty, so i do not think it would be fair to jusge them.

    However, USPS is the shipping worlds equivalent of a steaming pile of whale shit. They are god awful. Thankfully, all my packages have come, but their “package tracking service” id nothing but an instrument of torture. it deosnt move for 3 days, and you wonder if you will ever hear form your package until one day, it mysteriously arrives at your door, the tracking info satying it is still in Michigan. Really, WTF?

  398. Armand says:

    yeah I can relate to this, I bought something on Amazon for a friend that lives in different state. So the item was shipped on the 28 of last month and it was supposed to arrive sometime by the 4th of this month, so days go by and my friend tells me yesterday she recieved the package, I check the USPS tracking thing and it still said “Arrival Scan”, it was like that ever since it shipped. It is very unreliable. I was worried that maybe it got lost but nope, it was coming after all and it arrived -_-

  399. Beat rice says:

    USPS is horrible, their tracking is a joke. My package has been in the USA for the past 3 days and there is no updated message since then where it is at. I spent a lot of money on the package that was sent and I have no idea what state it is in!! this is BS

  400. Brad says:

    Lol, you guys are pretty retarded. USPS is by far the best shipping company. You have to understand that the 3 shipping companies work completely different. Yes if you want more in depth tracking and that’s ALL you care about, sure you can go with fedex and UPS. Maybe their tracking is better. If you want more affordable and more accurate and on-time service, you should always go with USPS. ALL companies make mistakes, keep this in mind.

    • HooHaw says:

      The problem is not when things go right–it’s when things break down. Then USPS falls down. (However, I can’t imagine UPS and FedEx are much nicer to deal with when they screw up… and they do screw up, after screwing you out of a hefty fee for the pleasure!)

      Can’t believe all the whiners on this thread complaining that Delivery Confirmation only says that a tracking number was generated. That doesn’t even tell you if the USPS even HAS your package, only that the seller initiated a tracking # so USPS could come by and pick it up … DUH. Take it up with the seller, idiots. And the people bitching about US Customs … wow. And blaming it on USPS. Double wow.

    • Bryan says:

      I couldn’t agree more. What people fail to understand is Delivery confirmation is just that!!! It’s not tracking people!!! It confirms delivery. What do you expect for 70 cents. True tracking is available if you can open your cobwebbed wallets. You choose the cheaper option and complain it didn’t track the package. The USPS is still the cheapest and most efficient mail delivery system in the world. SUPPORT AN AMERICAN COMPANY!!! Mail with the best.

    • Gump says:

      “Stupid is as stupid does.” It’s not a question of spending more or even getting your package. It is simply that it makes no sense to call it tracking if it only says “Yep, it shipped!” and “Yep, you got it.” Wasting people’s time by getting them to go to a Web site designed to provide you with no additional information is something that sounds like the govt. ! Go figure…

  401. Randy says:

    Brad above me says reliable, but what is reliable? The website says track and confirm.

    Lets describe tracking – –verb (used with object)
    21. to follow or pursue the track, traces, or footprints of.
    22. to follow (a track, course, etc.).
    23. to make one’s way through; traverse.
    24. to leave footprints on (often fol. by up or on): to track the floor with muddy shoes.
    25. to make a trail of footprints with (dirt, snow, or the like): The dog tracked mud all over the living room rug.
    26. to observe or monitor the course or path of (an aircraft, rocket, satellite, star, etc.), as by radar or radio signals.
    27. to observe or follow the course of progress of; keep track of.
    28. to furnish with a track or tracks, as for railroad trains.
    29. Railroads. to have (a certain distance) between wheels, runners, rails, etc.

    Confirm – –verb (used with object)
    1. to establish the truth, accuracy, validity, or genuineness of; corroborate; verify: This report confirms my suspicions.
    2. to acknowledge with definite assurance: Did the hotel confirm our room reservation?
    3. to make valid or binding by some formal or legal act; sanction; ratify: to confirm a treaty; to confirm her appointment to the Supreme Court.
    4. to make firm or more firm; add strength to; settle or establish firmly: Their support confirmed my determination to run for mayor.
    5. to strengthen (a person) in habit, resolution, opinion, etc.: The accident confirmed him in his fear of driving.
    6. to administer the religious rite of confirmation to.

    It would seem to me that USPS has a different perspective of what these 2 words mean.

    I paid for a service that states 5 days time, with tracking and confirmation that the package has arrived. 12 days later and there is no information except that the package was picked up on the first day. I called and was then told “it may take up to 14 days for your package to arrive”. Well then why state that it will arrive in 5 days?? You can’t tell me that they have no idea where the package is when it has a supposed Tracking” number on it.

    It also states on the website that the information is updated daily. This is also a farce. If that were the case, this entire webpage wouldn’t be here.

    Somewhere along the line, the “tracking” number was scanned, and at each point that the item is actually handled or changes truck, it’s got to be scanned so that they know where it is. Are all the post office location running independently? IS there no way for them to know where the item is?

    They charge for this service and do not provide it. I guess it’s typical that yet another goverment run business is taking money from people and providing nothing in return.

    Next time, I will spend my money elsewhere, even if it costs more.

  402. DJN says:

    BOTH of my packages have been sitting in the same place for a week. Fuck you USPS.

  403. Jim says:

    I sent a priority package 11 days ago….It is delivered but look at tracking number: 4208 9502 9104 7971 9257 2001 0559 92. It was shipped on the 11th, it is now the 22nd and nothing.

  404. BRINDY says:

    i mailed 18 gifts to port angeles washington in dec than another 8 they all got there i was concerened. i was glad it was christmas ,my kids got me a montel willimas blender cost a lot. I sent the foot bath massager and blender both parcel post i got the massager in 5 days its been 18 days for my blender its in federal way washington when they told me to give 1/4 1/14 its the 23rd im pissed a gift from my kids that i dont get to see very often . postal severice told me its on its way well i dont see it on my door step longer it takes i see myself more pissed off i should trust were i send my mail ,at least i insuranced it for 200dallors . i want my blender, the usps tracking dissapointing i call constantly they dont know nothing i talked to the supervior than my home town of queen creek az called told me they were trying to help locate my blender we will see? they suggested i make out an insurance form there incompidant i will never do what i just done ever again thanks for listening january 23 2010

  405. Daniel says:

    USPS sucks FOREVER and ever and ever and….

  406. dave says:

    fuck usps i hate them with my life. UPS all the way

  407. Bob says:

    Apparently nothing changes with USPS. Nothing like a message that it has been received at “—“, wherever that is for several days when there just aren’t that many places between where it left (Arizona) and where it is going (New Mexico). And that is what I get from Amazon. If I use the tracking number and try, there is no such tracking number. Wish I could select the carrier when I order. As for those of you who ordered iPods from Amazon, order directly from Apple and it will come to you by Fed Ex (with free engraving). Ordered on Friday afternoon, received it Monday-from China.

  408. Tim says:

    I live in Germany and ordered something in the US.
    I have been really worried and really gotten pissed because nothing has arrived.

    Ever since ordering I got the following info:
    Shipped on: January 19, 2010
    Shipped via: USPS None

    Scan History
    Date Time Location Status
    January 18, 2010 8:41 pm PITTSBURGH, PA 15207 Electronic Shipping Info Received

    I have been complaining to the shop owner, but now I know where to direct my anger.
    USPS should be glad that they are run by the government, otherwise they would have gone bankrupt along time ago.

  409. Cyberxion says:

    I ordered a package from last Monday, and paid extra for the assurance that it would hit my doorstep on the 5th. Generally, what that has meant in the past is that Amazon will ship my package UPS. This time Amazon had DHL pick it up and deliver it to USPS for shipment. Well it’s now the 8th and my package still hasn’t arrived.

    Now that in and of itself isn’t the problem. At least it wouldn’t be if I could jump on the USPS website and track my package. Knowing that my package is on its way helps me deal with the wait on the odd occasion that it takes longer to arrive than I expected it to. However, I’m unable to get that peace of mind this time out.

    See, the USPS tracking page says that the package has shipped, which I already knew since I got an e-mail from telling me as much, but the only update that I’ve got as of last Wednesday is one that says that my package has arrived at the USPS facility in NJ. This is not its ultimate destination. I can’t see whether or not it has made any progress beyond that, because USPS hasn’t updated the tracking page since.

    This has also been a problem in the past. USPS routinely fails to properly track my package’s progress until after they deliver them, at which point the usefulness of the tracking service is rendered moot. Now it’s never been all that big a deal thus-far, as I’ve always got my packages eventually, and they’ve always been small enough to fit in the mailbox. However, this particular package is going to be too big to fit, and I work during the time that USPS makes mail deliveries in my neighborhood, so nobody will be there to accept the delivery when it finally does come. USPS should leave a delivery attempt notice and take the package back to the shipping facility, but I’ve spoken to other people in my apartment complex who have come home to find that the USPS has left packages on their doorstep.

    Luckily we’re a pretty close community, but we’ve recently had some people move in who are…less than desirable. In the three weeks they’ve lived there, the police have already been called to their apartment on several different occasions. This is up from zero police visits in the entire time I’ve lived there up to this point. Suffice it to say that I’m no longer confident that my packages won’t end up missing if USPS leaves them at my doorstep. Reliable tracking would allow me to make arrangements to have someone home for delivery just in case, but USPS still doesn’t offer that even now, a little over six years after this blog post was made to complain about the problem.

    So yeah, you’d think that USPS could have got its shit together in the intervening years, but nope, doesn’t appear that they’re too interested in doing that. After all, a lot of people have no other choice but to use the service, and who are you going to complain to when they screw it up?

  410. cantdeny says:

    cant beleive some on here trying to defend the usps tracking service… Randy above states it all perfectly. What i find very interesting is how i get my USPS packages delivered seperately from my USPS mail. Yep, they make two different trips to my house on same day, once to deliver a small package, and then the regular mail comes via a different mail person/truck…. they are so very efficient, arent they? This would never fly with a privatized business as they would figure out the proper way to deliver efficiently, or their competition would…

  411. Jing says:

    I sent two letters out via USPS First Class Mail, both with Certified Mail service. Now one of them is shown delivered 4 days later, but the other just sitting there “accepted”. I seriously doubt that its status will never get updated no matter it is delivered already or lost. I don’t understand why though, two thick letters, set off together, but only one scanned at the following 3 stops (which is quite full tracking), the other is totally ignored???

    Frustrated ’cause you’ll never know where the second one is……

  412. stan says:

    They could lose the Titanic.I am glad others hate this PIG as much as I…..They would never make it in the private sector….FUCK POST OFFICE

  413. To the Original Poster….

    I know exactly what you mean and you wrote that story out to a TEE….. Unbelievable how sorry that tracking is thru USPS…. What a waste of freakin $$.

  414. Jay says:

    I Agree..Just spend 1 hour at the post for the THIRD time trying to file an insurance claim on an Ebay Item that looked like it was kicked down the street!! It is such a exhaustive process that they want you to give up! The women that received the broke item took it to her post office and showed it to them, Got a claim # and then faxed it back to me (actually, once I insure the item it was her fight but I try to help my customers) I then took the claim info down to my post office with pictures and they said they needed the broken vase so they could look at it..FUCK THAT! like I am going to pay to have it shipped again?? What jack asses! Stan is right, they would NEVER survive in the private sector they are a joke..

  415. Eric says:

    I think there losing it I order something from ebay and it was process through sort facility in Indianapolis so i was like dam no package today next day same thing…. guess what 2 days later same thing so i gave up hope next thing you know the doorbell rings and theres my package but heres the funny part my package arrive but it still tells me my package is in the sort facility still….. If i want I could have go and complain about this and get my cash back but nah im not the type to do that

  416. Chustyuplitly says:

    No one could understand why the markings that had once been white were now red. Salin told me that he was awake, but hes not come out of his suite. She turned down the wide corridor that stretched past the arched entrance to the gardens. She wanted to be the one who took it in her mouth, pussy, or ass. Then she opened her eyes. Be proud of what you just accomplished. Much of her time was spent with Radin, learning how to use her powers. Im so proud of you. Ive never been more proud of you. Were bound, I cant help that, but the two of you should be together. He says we need to all make our choices, and his heart chooses you. Brevin had stepped aside, a huge shadow beside Tykirs shoulder. She froze, lost in the icy heat of his gaze. He stroked gentle fingertips along her jaw. Tykir shook and shattered, eyes closing on a heartshattering moan. Behind her, Tykir nestled close, his cheek resting on the back of her shoulder. Do you have time to come speak with me? What would you have done if she hadnt reacted? The curl to his lip was resigned. She freed her other hand so she could wrap both arms securely around his neck.

  417. Bob says:

    USPS Tracking is not tracking. it is Delivery Confirmation. Well it is sort of tracking. I mean it could be
    if the people that work there would simply scan the items when they are handled. But they don’t, and why should they ? This is a Government job… screw the taxpayers.. I get paid no matter what..

    oops.. I just got laid off along with 29999 other USPS people… damn.. I wonder why ?
    Oh well.. off to the welfare lines.. I hear you can get unemployment for almost 2 years if you work it right.

    USPS sux rox

  418. PublicEnemy says:

    Git up and git git git down – USPS tracking is joke in yo town!

  419. I love how people always blame the government. They expect the government to provide all these services but don’t want to pay a dime for them; then when the government can’t afford to anymore and stops the services, the people complain and riot. I wonder if they know we have free k-12 education because of government, it is the same for most public colleges as well with the government paying over half of our actual costs. So what incentives does the Postman have to work harder? Your lovely smiles? Your great emails and blogs? Not much if you ask me. The government can’t afford to give any incentive to them, and if the government did, idiot people would riot and sue for misuse of funds. The public sector (Post office, government office, dmv, etc.) would never make it in the private sector because they AREN’T the private sector. When was the last time a private sector ever had to get the citizen’s approval to spend funds on a certain project? NEVER! Not even Wal-mart! We complain when the government wants to do anything whether it is building a new school or funding a new program. When the private sector does it, we don’t hear anything! Not even a notice beforehand of their plans – in fact, we don’t even think to ask at all. So what if Wal-mart decides to build a new superstore, what if a new firm wants to expand overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and child wages. We do not ask and we do not care simply because they are private sector. DO NOT EXPECT PUBLIC SECTOR AND PRIVATE SECTOR TO RUN UNDER THE SAME RULES! A private sector business fires you because they are closing their office in town, no-one cares. A public sector fires you because their program has ended – you cry wolf like there is no tomorrow and STILL expect them (the unemployment office which is also government run) to carry you through until your next job. People need to learn.

    Anyway… if your shipment was “accepted”, it only means the USPS has taken it and does not require them to send it at all until it has been quality checked. Also, it usually happens when it goes through several carriers – UPS – USPS – FEDEX, etc. It is up to the sender to ensure it gets there on time. I’ve had items in the Post office sit there for 1 week with “Shipment accepted”. However, it still got here during the estimated time frames.

    I would agree that if you want your shipment done fast – go with the private sector. Just remember that UPS and FEDEX does ship things with USPS also. Public sector is always a bitch to work at – all the shit they get makes them want to work even less so don’t expect any change here. Understand they probably hate their jobs too and wouldn’t mind getting fired and claiming unemployment benefits. Shit – work 8 hours a day vs sitting my ass at home and still getting paid… think I’ll go sit at home.

    Government employee: Hi how can I help you?
    Angry person: I was wondering if you could help me with my problem.
    Government employee: Sure, I’ll have to make an appointment though, I have hundreds of other cases.
    Angry person: Well fuck you, I pay my taxes you know so I’m paying for your shit job!
    Government employee: Well I pay my taxes too, at a higher rate than you do. So you could say I am paying for my own job and working for free.
    Angry person: ……
    Narrator: That’s what I thought…

  420. Postofficesux says:

    Ya I agree with educated citizen guy. private sector dont’ work the same as public. public are held accountible to the people and the public where private don’t give a shit about the people. They just want their profits and keep their image up. THey only accountable to their stakeholders and stock. People want goverment to act more like a private sector business. They actually want to be treated like customers and not citizens. In business, if you don’t like it you dont buy it and move to a different business. If you in government if you don’t like it you move to another governmetn or another country, but no u sit and complain instead. you don’t want public governmetn to be like business anymore. It just dont work. if post office was private sector, then dont’ expect your mail to be confidentially safe cause government won’t guarantee it. if your shit get stolen or lost, you better pay up to a lawyer and sue them which may cost more than what you shipped.

  421. MiaZ says:

    Really these really makes me worries…
    I ordered something from US for my business stock that the customer has place an order.
    Firstly, the tracking sux. It is so slow and useless.

    and the most stupid part about USPS,
    i checked few days ago and it says;

    ‘Service(s): International Parcels
    Status: Arrived Abroad

    Your item arrived in CZECH REPUBLIC at 11:19 PM on March 10, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    Detailed Results:

    Bullet Arrived Abroad, March 10, 2010, 11:19 pm, CZECH REPUBLIC
    Bullet International Dispatch, March 07, 2010, 6:42 am, ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS)
    Bullet Arrival’

    Great it arrive.
    The only thing is, it’s frickin in a WRONG COUNTRY!!!! WTF!! NOT EVEN IN SAME CONTINENT!!
    They suppose to send it to Malaysia(next to Singapore incase you dont know, and in Asia, again if you dont know.) but they send it to CZECH REPUBLIC! WTH!!!! Those item cost alot, i am so worried if it never gonna arrive here. I called them and the operator who handle it wasnt being nice and ‘sigh’ alot when handling my case.And raise her voice when i got pissed(which i have right to! and i was nice enough i didnt curse!) It pissed me off! Who’s mistake is it! They told me they will take 23 days for investigation n all those bulls*ht. I paid for express mail and i got better than the fast delivery, my item ship 6000km away from the right destination! I have no idea how long more it gonna arrive(worst will it arrive!?! WTH!!! this really pissed me off, i should sue them!) They are just so stupid! Malaysia doesnt even hv the word C or Z or E or Z either REPUBLIC! HOW THE HELL THEY CAN BE SO STUPID doing THIS STUPID MISTAKE!

  422. Gizmo says:

    The post office is not a tax paying job. There are a lot of people with pride in their jobs. Your mail does not get handled that much to compensate for scanning in every office. Your mail gets put in a cage with a header and goes directly to the transportation system of each office. When the cage leaves a small office and goes to a bigger one, the cage is moved – not each piece of mail touched in every office. So your mail, might never get touched in several offices that it goes to. The cage is transported onto trucks. So usually you will get a received in office scan and a received in delivery office scan. The cost is minimal compared to what other companies offer.
    For $.40 cents (or whatever the going price is). I have been postal employee for almost 25 years, and I have never seen any mail messed with or delayed due to people who did not care about your mail. Your mail is moving as fast as it can with minimal personnel handling. Mail even goes on planes in equipment, so it does not get handled by people – to do the scanning that you expect it should be scanned by.
    As far as scanning your mail when it comes in the door at an office. Those offices have to clear the mail they receive each day, so it will be scanned when it arrives at final destination. Your mail is on the move. UPS hired about 10,000 people for holiday work. I don’t think the post office hired many this past year. I would say it is because people like all of you on this site giving it a bad name. I would think people would want to pay as little as possible to get something somewhere. USPS is a good deal, compared to all the companies out there. I am 3rd generation postal employee. I have a degree in college. I currently still go to college. I have worked each day, just as hard as every day that I have been hired for the post office. Most people that complain are people that want to make money off screwing over everyone else. It amazes me all the people that go to other companies to mail their packages. Those UPS trucks come into our office and drop off your packages that you deliver through them to us. So even they have faith in us. You that go to them are the stupid fools….and they are bringing more and more packages to us to deliver, while charging you extra. Jokes on you. Be conservative, get the most for your dollars. USPS is still the best deal in town.

  423. Rocky says:

    Where is my package? Use your tracking #, what tracking#? This will add to the frustration i’m feeling right now while trying to verify the location of my package….

    I just wish they would offer better service, when they do deliver the package and your not there to accept it (even at a private residence where the can safely leave the package) they make only ONE attempt to deliver. To make matters worst you either have to call them and “BEG” them to make a second attempt or make an early move to the post office even in the cold of winter…

    That was a nice little vent :-). Sorry! got to go check the status of my package at 🙂

  424. Eltee says:

    Mailed a 6# parcel, 24″ long (about the size of a rifle) from AZ to a gun parts store outside Poughkpsee NY, Priority Mail. Aftter about 2 weeks of “Accepted at Sierra Vista Facility” and no response from the local office, I emailed the Inspector General in DC, expressing concern that this parcel may have been stolen. They forwarded the email to Phoenix, AZ, telling me that their office investigates thefts and integrity! Duh, that’s what I was implying.
    Phoenix Office did an invest (same one I did…called the recpient) and emailed me that the parcel was “irretrievably lost.” End of story.
    2 weeks later the package mysteriously appears at the recipents address. No tracking numbers from when it left the local office until it “Arrived at West Hurley, NY.” I have yet to hear from the recipient if in arrived intact! Phoenix Office had no comment!
    I’ve had things arrive on my door step that show “USPS HAS BEEN NOTIFIED………….” WTF???
    I purchased Priority mail online, mailed the package, only to get an email later saying my credit card wasn’t accepted!!
    No wonder drug dealers use UPS/FedEx…they’re afraid the USPS would lose their package of dope!!

  425. Jane says:

    I’m lodging a complaint about the Porter Square Post office in Cambridge MA and the postal workers there. I want it looked into.

    On more than 3 occasions I was mailed either packages or letters to my PO box at zipcode 02140 that were not delivered to me.

    In cases such as letters which were clearly addressed, they were returned to sender. In cases of packages, they were also precisely addressed to me and with tracking numbers.

    With regard to the packages, it is a situation where the postal system/ worker there is scanning them in that they are received. However, the worker(s) are :

    A: Not putting notice in my mailbox to inform me a package has been sent
    B: Writing such things as: “Customer not available”. “Business closed” on the same day they receive the package.
    C: Returning to sender saying “No such person at this address”

    This is unacceptable and I feel it is tantamount to the act of TAMPERING with the US mail and on the part of which ever postal worker (s) there wishing to SABOTAGE my right to receive mail delivered there.

    Prior I had a situation where I had gone there asking where my package was and had gone in there with the tracking code from the company that sent it. A particular postal worker there told me: “The company must have not sent it given that they “had no record” of it being received at the post office. On 3 occasions, I went back to the post office telling them the company had indeed sent the package. Ostensibly they “looked for it” but it “was not there”. About 1 month down the road, still not getting the package and with NO HELP from the postal workers other than to tell me; ‘It was not received there’, the company sent me PROOF that the package was delivered there shortly after they sent it AND the post office scanned in this delivery. It turned out that the package was delivered, yet not only did the workers there FAIL to give notice after they scanned it when they got but they also DENIED a package was there. At that point, I asked them: “Did you even look for a physical package?” It turned out they did not even LOOK for a package and they only actually looked for it after my having to insist they do so. Prior they were just telling me that a tracking number did “not mean the package was sent by the sender” and all they did was look to see there was a tracking number.

    On another occasion, another package was sent to me by sender and I was waiting in line. The postal worker who I had confronted prior saw me waiting in line and saw it was my turn to have him as the worker. At THAT POINT, he retreated into the back room. Another postal worker noted it was ODD he do that. Yes, indeed, it was ODD even to the other postal worker, that he would retreat into the back room when I was next in line and for him to attend. She told me I needed to lodge a complaint and gave me the number of someone in charge. (But I misplaced the number.) as there was no reason for that kind of behavior on his part. The other postal worker did find my package. However, this was a case where the package had to be REDELIVERED to me because the first attempt was “return to sender”.

    Today on 16 March, after trying again to find out ‘what happened’ to a package that I KNEW the company had delivered (I know because I have been doing business with this company for the past 20 years and they are prompt to put in delivery!!), yet AGAIN, I was told by a postal worker that ‘It may not have been delivered’. I asked her to check and she said: ‘No package found’. I called the company (Puritan’s Pride Vitamins). They:

    A: Gave me the tracking number: (removed here for my privacy)
    B: Confirmed they mailed the package on 4 March and it was delivered to Porter Square office on 8 March.
    C: Said package was scanned at 9:30 am on 8 March .
    D: Postal worker who scanned it wrote: “Customer Not Available”, “Business Closed”. (and THAT was done INSTEAD of putting notice in my PO box that my package was delivered!!)
    E: Another note was written: “Contact local Post Office for redelivery. If not within 15 days, package will be returned to sender”.

    I later went in a few minutes past closing and approached the particular worker with whom similar problems were coincident with prior. I demanded an explanation as to WHY this happens frequently and under circumstances where his behavior was both ODD and inappropriate in OTHER circumstances. He told me: I was “irate”. Well of course, I’m going to be “irate” when on many occasions, I find that my ability to receive mail is being SABOTAGED in this way. I shall note again that THIS is the particular worker who on prior occasion failed to do a physical check for a package that was indeed delivered to me and instead told me that ‘all a tracking number meant was the company sent notice but did not mean they actually shipped it’ and by doing so, FOR ONE MONTH, prevented me from getting a package that was indeed delivered there. It took some time to get the verification that it was delivered and scanned. It was also the same worker, who upon seeing I was his next customer (on another occasion) retreated into the back room which also seemed ODD to another postal worker (who told me to lodge a complaint against him).

    I wish to know WHY soon after a package is delivered to me and scanned by the post office (worker/s) an electronic message is sent via the Post Office in Porter Square that they “attempted” to deliver my item. In this particular case, a package was received at 9:50am on 8 March and in the SAME MINUTE classified the delivery as “attempted”. How is it that a package delivered and SCANNED is assessed as an “attempted” delivery. Fact of the matter seems to be it WAS delivered BUT a postal worker classified it as an “attempted” deliver. Furthermore, the company who sent the package informed me that the notice they got was: “Customer not available”, “Business closed”.

    Could it be that if I am not in the post office THE MINUTE my package arrives, a postal worker there opts to classify the package as “attempted delivery”? Could it be that doing so is easier for a postal worker to do RATHER than noting the package was delivered and putting notice in my box that such occurred and also holding it for me. Also the tracking info says; “Notice was left” (to me) of such an attempted delivery. I NEVER get any “notice” of these “attempted” deliveries. Case in point, an “attempted” delivery on 8 March at 9: 50 am. What’s happening is that the postal workers are receiving my packages and CLAIMING an “attempted delivery” the SAME minute they receive them!!! Yet no notice is given to me of this even when I alert them that a package was sent to me. The situation resolves to my having to WAIT a long time ONLY TO FIND my package was indeed received there, yet the postal worker opted to classify as “attempted” delivery furthered by entering the ‘reason’ as “Customer not available” and “Business closed”.

    The situation seems to be one where a postal worker (who perhaps does not like me), has some ‘leeway’
    to ‘loop’ my packages through the system so that not only do I not receive them but also, I get NO NOTICE of any “attempted delivery” EVEN AFTER inquiring about an expected package.

    I find it UNACCEPTABLE that postal workers at that office, DESPITE actually SCANNING that a package was indeed received there, PERSIST in telling me they ‘have no record’ of it being delivered or don’t even physically look to see if it’s in the storage room.

    I feel this veers on being tantamount on TAMPERING with the US mail as to OBSTRUCT delivery of items delivered to me and to DENY delivery. It’s WRONG. The system should not be one where they have the liberty to SABOTAGE delivery of mail to me. In essence which ever postal worker who is doing that to my mail, is doing it because ‘he can’ as there is some opportunity for him to get away with not putting notice in my box after a packaged is scanned for arriving there.

    I am requesting that you look into this situation as I wish to CLOSE THE OPTION of what ever ‘leeway’ your postal worker(s) have with regard to doing this sort of thing on numerable occasions.


    • repete says:

      I really hope you have reported these instances to the Postal Inspection Service or the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) or at least your local Postmaster. This website is not the correct place to be hoping for a resolution to this type of problem (or any for that matter). As far as the comments of “Customer not available” or “Business Closed”, employees do not have the power to enter this type of information into the system or change anything, so I am not sure where this information was found. They may have been scanning it as “attempted” in which a notice should be left in your P.O. box. Not until the package is being placed in your possession or in a safe place where you can receive it can it be scanned as “delivered”. I hope this helps.

  426. NO bama says:

    Lmao Not to change the topic but you just made a very valid point when u said its a government organization and they wont move as efficiently. Keyword Government so now i have a question to all you out there? Why in the hell would we let the government run our health care if they cant even simply scan boxes or envelopes and update often lol. God we are all going to die. Nurse: “Hey Doctor was it the patient in room 201 who is having surgery or 267?” Doctor: “Hell if I know!!! Just Pick One!!” Sorry for changing topic just really wanted to make that point and thank you everyone for being very informative you guys really helped me understand why my package is 3 days late

  427. nick says:

    yea wow dates back to 2003 this is dumb and the excuses there so called employees put on here
    i buy and sell on ebay all the time and there priority mail says 2-3 days not guaranteed because no one can guarantee that i understand but when it takes at least 4-7 days everytime i think thats justwrong to say its 2-3 days but ive received hundreds of packages and no i dont live in the middle of no where i live in a urban area anhour away from the state sort facility look at this now

    Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, March 18, 2010, 7:21 pm, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55401
    Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, March 16, 2010
    Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, March 15, 2010, 11:21 pm, KEARNY, NJ 07099
    they receive info about my shipment a day after they processed it i wonder how that works how can they find out they have a package a day after its been in there system?

  428. Austen says:

    I’m declaring shenanigans on USPS’s tracking.

  429. sirnathan says:

    Its not that this thread dates back to 2003 that is so sad. What is so sad is that after 7 years… we still have a lot to complain about! The USPS has not made a single improvement to their package tracking. I had a small package shipped from Jersey City to Kodiak, AK. It made it from NJ to Washington state in 2 days… flash forward 5 more business days and surprise, NO UPDATES!

    I really don’t see USPS being around in the next 10 years. Private shipping companies are far too efficient.

  430. i hate usps says:

    They missent my package three times in a row by sending it to the same place each time even if it was wrong. I called usps and asked them how long it would take and they said they couldn’t speculate….god i hate them

  431. SCREW Usps says:

    USPS needs to be shut down. Who sends letters anymore? Anyone that still does probably won’t be around much longer themselves. If more people started using FedEx, UP, etc. they would be able to lower costs. More customers, more competition = lower costs. I mean hell they aren’t even that much more expensive than usps now for packages and in some cases cheaper!

    And now they want to stop Saturday delivery!?

    USPS should go postal on itself. They suck sooooo much. 7 years and no improvements. Sad

  432. USPSTrackingSucks says:

    You’re right I totally agree with you, the tracking information USPS provides doesn’t matter what service you choose… sucks!

    They need to start posting tracking details like every 5 hours!

  433. Ex letter carrier says:

    I worked for the USPS for 2 years and if you forgot to “scan a package” with a barcode you would get your ass chewed out. It’s not the letter carriers fault or the clerks fault it’s the system that SUCKS I have the same problem as the rest of you. It shows the item shipped and delivered nothing else. It’s useless!! UPS has a much better system.

  434. H says:

    Delivery confirmation is the primary use of the USPS system. For example, after selling something on EBAY , it can be important to have confirmation that the package was delivered in order to avoid false claims.

    It is called delivery confirmation when you purchase it at the PO. The so-called “tracking” feature does show that the shipper has gotten the ball rolling, but not much more unless the package is coming from from across the country.

    Of course, those needing or wanting premium tracking can purchase it at a price premium from private companies. But the USPS does do something amazing in being able to deliver simple pieces of mail at very low prices.

    All that having been said, it would not seem to take a whole lot for the usps to substantially upgrade its tracking….


  435. S says:

    You have no idea what I am going through sent 2 packages to India via USPS dropped them off personally at the post office it has been 3 weeks and it says electronic information received. There is no update nor the packages have been delivered. This service sucks. I should have spent the extra $40 and sent via UPS would have been much more happier.

  436. rob says:

    For the record, UPS ships shipping supplies to your door for free. USPS is the only one that advertises it but UPS will ship you supplies. And they have a LOT more to choose from. I would know.. I have worked for them for the last 8 years.

  437. uspssucks says:

    My order has been suspended there for like 10 days. It says it may take 1 or 2 additional day to deliver. I have no idea why they don’t deliver it, but one thing i’m pretty sure: They suck!

  438. johanna says:

    Well, after reading what everybody said on here, I immediately regretted choosing them.
    Unlike most, though, I was extremely satisfied.

    Last time I went with them I did priority and it arrived on the third day after ordering and was in great condition.
    This time around I did the free 5-9 day delivery.
    Got my package on day number 5 and in great condition again.

    So I don’t know if it’s my area or what, but they’ve been pretty reliable for me so far.

    …just saying

  439. bird says:

    I figured I’d say something after this huge list of complaints “). USPS Is a fukin cock goblin dick smouch kill yourself i hate you.Slow as fuk

  440. tore says:

    sorry for that! usps you must get some new gutz in your company!
    soo sorry for my bad langu….., what ever!!
    waiting for 35 days for one shipping, (mailman dead?????)

  441. Dan says:

    Wow, this thread has lasted almost 7 years. A real hatred for the USPS

  442. bob says:

    How about this joke they call priority mail. Paid $4.95 priority mail to send a job application to my son at the other end of the state I live in. Still took 3 freakin’ days to get there. Next time I’ll send it via UPS. Cost is a little higher but at least it gets there a WHOLE LOT QUICKER. I wish they’d quit spending all our tax money to support this white elephant.

  443. Tim says:

    Has USPS tracking gotten better? My secretary used it for me to ship something non business (I always use Fedex, mainly for the tracking) – and it was priority with del. conf……….when I checked it, it showed every stop along the way. Unlike when I decided to go Fedex – because USPS would just show that I shipped something and then nothing until delivery (so, when it was lost, the tracking did absolutely no good)……….Now, I didn’t check this shipment until after it was delivered, so maybe all this good tracking wasn’t there when the shipment could have been potentially lost.

  444. Sandy says:

    USPS still sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! I was tracking and confirming my package today,….ummmmm said, I received it today at 1:36pm, so I went to local post office, their response ” MUST have been stolen “”

    Sucks, sucks, sucks

  445. Lucas says:

    yeah USPS tracking is COMPLETE bullshit. its a fucken fail i always try to track my shipments because i hate waiting for something i dont even know when it will arrive. i check and you guys are lucky at least it says sent. mine says its invalid when it clearly is. Fuck usps they are bullshit our government is bullshit and obama is a nigger. FUcken shit Kentucky Grilled?? chicken. FTW ahhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK USPS u lazy ass bitches mow my fucking lawn! BEANER!

  446. Dan says:

    I ordered some equipment from China. I specifically requested it be shipped by UPS or another shipper and not to ship it in any way that would be regular mail. Package arrived in the US in ISC NY 10 days ago. I have been told it doesn’t get scanned in until after it clears customs, so I believe it has cleared customs. My package has not arrived in Virginia. I called the 800 number to ask about my package and the customer service rep indicated that it should have been delivered by now and was probably stolen. It would appear that the canned response for late and missing mail is that it was stolen. If it was stolen, it happened inside the ISC NY (Jamaica, NY) facility. Maybe the T&C system notates the theft of a package as part of an internal system but not to external systems. I am going to attempt to get the serial number of the of the product and report it stolen so it will at list raise some red flags if it is taken to a pawn shop.

  447. Jason says:

    paid $30 EXTRA for overnight shipping. Said it would be guaranteed 3pm next day. 3 days later, nothing. goddamn thieves is what they are. I could have paid the standard $5 shipping and got it just as fast! it is a car part I need for my car to run. So I have no car, because fucking USPS is the biggest group of incompetents on this planet.

  448. Anthony says:

    All I have to say is, the USPS should *NOT* be wondering why they’re losing money AND business to the private carriers.


    I just went to track a Priority Mail package that I brought to the local post office 2 days ago and got this message:

    “Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site.”


    Oh, by the way, a 4:55PM I noticed the guy closing the gate to the lobby and people were still pulling up to run in. He saw no one one in the lobby, and I was using the self service stuff (I dare not ever go to a postal employee – I’d rather have pneumonia + strep throat!), and he closed up!!! I said, loud enough, “thats nice, close 5 minutes early even though you saw people getting out their car frantically to make it in there by 5!”

    Idiots. Every last damn one of them and Obama their boss as well.

  449. jake says:


  450. If it was ok to look into microsoft, its must be OK to investigate check up on apple. A tough choice since on one hand, its their company they can do as they choose but on the other, when people start trying to decide what kind of content we can view and when, its a slippery slope.

  451. I’m having some trouble trying to load this site. I visited it many times before & never got anything like this, but now when I try to load the blog it just idles 4 a minute or two & then just stops. I have tried both with www and without. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Please ask your host support… I hope to be able to come back soon.

  452. tim says:

    haha lol im another member of the USPS-tracking-support-group lol!


    Mine just sits there saying that the sender has notified them electronically he will be sending.
    Meanwhile he insists he sent it 2 or 3 days ago.
    In other words – this is making their own customers look bad.
    I really did think he was lying to me that he had sent it, but he insists he has – and now i can see he is probably telling the truth.

    USPS shipping is a fanny-mae-lovin joke!

  453. tim says:

    lol it’s service like this that turn liberals into privatising conservatives lol!

  454. Rebecca says:

    I am actually waiting on a package right now and so far so good. I paid for First Class but I still got the tracking service. So right now it’s out for delivery, and I can’t wait to get it! It’s pretty fast. I got a package from Florida in 3 days (I live in California) and I’m getting one from New Jersey today, and it’s been only 2 days!

  455. Skittles 316 says:

    USPS is the worst next to Paypal!! Paypal has the option now where you can link your bank account and then ebay has it where you pay thru pal.. I did that and now I’m over drafted in my bank account.. not only that.. UPSP put the wrong label on it and instead of my package coming to me.. it is now being sent to Colorado… So now I’m over drafted broke till next week to pay for a phone that got shipped to the wrong address which now will take about a week and half to now get to me. I know it’s not the sender’s fault since I saw it showing my address as the shipping address and I feel like a huge annoyance to her now b/c of this.. I’m in a 3 hour difference and won’t here anything back till probably midnight tonight or tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.. Frustration is nothing to the way I feel.. I have now a dispute with Paypal and my bank and living on PB and J till payday paying for buses and trains with freakin quarters.. NEVER again will I have anything shipped to me via USPS!

  456. Skittles 316 says:

    The other thing is.. this is a government agency that we ‘pay’ for through taxes and they can’t even hire people with a fucking brain in that shit.. we pay for them twice actually when we pay for them to deliver our packages to us or for us.. I could walk to California from New Jersey and probably get my package a lot sooner than with the mishaps and constant mistakes that these agencies make..

  457. Nick says:

    I recently ordered a game with 3 day shipping through gamestop. It shipped sometime yesterday morning or afternoon.

    I am yet to even receive a tracking code….

  458. Obomalmonopoly says:

    And we voted for President to let government to run healthcare? You’ll get the same run around.

  459. Rick says:

    USPS should pay us to take the mail they raise the rates and the mail comes later and later everyday. it is very poor service.

  460. Jim G. says:

    I don’t question the validity of any of these posts, I just want say that there is hope out there.
    I mailed an iPhone to an ebay buyer in Guam. They estimated 12 days, after 30 days nothing, so the buyer emailed me. Latest tracking as of this morning had it leaving Richmond, CA 3 weeks ago.
    I called USPS this morning, they said they would investigate, assigned a case number and get back within 2 days. This evening, the post office in Guam called and left a voice mail that the package arrived last night and would be delivered today. I checked the tracking and it was updated with the arrival info.
    Again, I am not doubting any of the comments. But they can get it right. It probably just depends on the people. Interestingly, the USPS estimated 12 days delivery, the voice mail from the Guam PO said it normally takes 6-8 weeks.
    If nothing else, I have learned to insure any shipment of value, if for no other reason than to avoid the stress!

  461. Robert says:

    I’m still getting ‘Electronic Shipping Info Received’ after 3 days of it being supposedly shipped. School starts next week and I need my calculus book. So annoying.

  462. Richard M. Mendez says:

    This is a vicious cycle. Government employees are incompetent monkeys that know it takes an act of Congress to fire them which only breeds more incompetence.

  463. Dexter says:

    I have a shipment since the 9th of sep and its still getting “Electronic shipping info received” till today the 18th of sep does that mean .The shipper is playing games on me and its shipped from Austin TX to Hudson OH by priority mail .

  464. Dexter says:

    I have a shipment from shipped from Austin TX to Hudson Oh and the status of the shipment is “Electronic shipping info received since the 9th of sep till today the 18th of Sep .So is this normal with USPS or the seller is playing games on me ?.

  465. SpikeRazzor says:

    Ordered a set of HID light bulbs from California on eBay over a month ago, I got them because the light degree was lower than what I could get in most stores (2500k, most places sell as low as 3000k). The shipping service was with USPS and they still aren’t here… I’ve ordered stuff from China with free shipping before and the stuff arrived in two weeks flat.

  466. michael says:

    Lol I checked the tracking on my package and it says I Picked it up last year! It shiped on the 30 of sept and I still havnt seen it nor do I know where it is at.

  467. You get what you pay for. You the public always go for the cheapest way to send everything. Even if it is important. Then you all have the nerve to complain when something goes wrong. You don’t insure packages because you don’t want to spend the money. No system is perfect. How much will it cost you? You all need to start using your head and take some responsibility for your own decisions and actions. The economy is in this mess because nobody fought against the WAR that set off the chain reaction. STOP COMPLAINING AND START ACTING.

  468. Max says:

    Someone sent me a check via Certified Mail. The check *arrived* at my post office in mid-September, but was not delivered to my home.

    Delivery *finally* occurred in mid-October, after the woman who had sent me the check had paid to put a stop-payment on it, in case of loss or theft.

    This is the second piece of Certified Mail that was either delayed or lost on its way to me THIS YEAR. Thank God these were not unique documents!

    NEVER send anything important via USPS. As has been pointed out numerous times on this site, their “tracking” only tells you when items have been “accepted” at the post office, or when they’ve been delivered. There is NO DOCUMENTATION of the “black hole” in between.

    When I complained at my local post office, where my Certified Mail had languished for one month, the ugly, overweight supervisor refused to give me her boss’s name and contact information. This inspiration for Bart Simpson’s Aunt Patty/Aunt Selma thinks I’m too lazy or stupid to find that information out on the web. When I write my letter of complaint, I can add to it the fact that she was obstructionist.

    The frustration of dealing with “Aunt Patty/Aunt Selma” left me with a lingering feeling of powerlessness over fat, ugly, ignorant bureaucracy, and the fate of my mail. It made me realize how much anxiety I’ve built up dealing with the post office–the damaged shipments (usps), the delayed and lost Certified letters, constant worry about whether or not my shipments will reach their destinations.

    Earlier, I said, “NEVER send anything important via USPS.”. Scratch that and make it, “NEVER send ANYTHING via USPS.”

    The originator of this thread is right. You get what you pay for. You may pay more for UPS or FedEx, but your packages will reach their intended destinations on time. That’s worth bank to me.


  469. Max says:

    And now, to switch to online bank statements and charge card statements.

    Boycott USPS so their only income comes from junk mail!!!

  470. Max says:

    Hehe. Look at the dates on these articles. The post office is hurting! We must see to it that they get their just desserts!


    ISSA: Time for another government bailout – The Post Office wants your money to protect its monopoly (Mon 20 Sep 2010):

    USPS Proposes Action Plan to Battle Mail Volume, Revenue Decline (Wed 03 Mar 2010):


  471. pdot says:

    i have to this package before halloween that is being shiped by this crap shipping company

  472. John says:

    The USPS is just one more scam bureaucracy fleecing the taxpayers and providing crappy service. It’s time to end their monopoly, cancel their fat pensions and health benefits and let the free market fight it out.

    It couldn’t possibly be worse than the Post Office. And maybe the “tracking” numbers would actually track something instead of being some randomly generated number to fool shippers into believing they are getting something for their additional tracking and confirmation fees.

    Did you know that the Post Office wanted Congress to charge taxes on *email* and just fork the money over to the lazy postal service slobs? I guess they figure that since the word “mail” was involved, they were entitled to another bite out of your paycheck.

    I can’t wait for government run healthcare: The efficiency of the Post Office combined with the caring and compassion of the Department of Motor Vehicles. What could go wrong?

  473. Anon says:

    I find it interesting that a blog post made seven years ago in 2003 is still getting comments in 2010. With the Internet everything that you post stays forever. I look forward to coming back on this thread in 50 years to laugh at the times when we had to physically move stuff instead of using some advanced teleportation device.

  474. Tired OfUSPS says:

    Mailed a simple priority tube on 10/27, it’s now 11/3 and it’s not even there. Nothing showing on the stupid Track & Confirm but “acceptance” Duh! I know they accepted it because I gave it to them. I need to know it was delivered. Never again….SMH…..

  475. Drew Green says:

    It’s pretty pathetic that this article written in 2003 is still entirely accurate today at the end of 2010. When I get packages from Amazon, usually it is initially shipped by FedEx and then handed off to the local USPS office for final delivery. I can track every little detail about my package up until USPS gets it, then nothing for a few days. Then my package arrives. The USPS tracking system is garbage. It’s not a tracking system. It seems like it’s a static webpage who’s content never changes, ever.

    I think the reason is that USPS probably doesn’t track your package for even their records. They stick a package on a truck, unload it and hope that the guy pulling it off the truck puts it in the right pile. I have no evidence for this, but if they provided any more of an advanced handling system within the business, how hard would it be to reflect those checkpoints on their website?

  476. dr. surf says:

    You’re not being conservative, you’re being accurate. I just bought something on Amazon. The first USPS tracking report (on the Amazon website) showed the item had left KY on 11/10. The problem was, the current date was 11/08. 11/10 was still two days in the future. Time travel?
    Then on 11/10 (actual date in the real world), tracking report on Amazon showed arrival in Chino, CA. Great! So the next morning I checked directly with USPS tracking (not via Amazon). USPS showed “No record of this item.” Back to Amazon: the item is still in Chino, CA. Or is it? Who knows?

  477. Chris says:

    “Electronic Shipping Info Received”
    For 8 straight days now, via “Priority mail” thats supposed to take 2-3 days to get to me.
    What a joke….

  478. sago says:

    you know what is more ridiculous?

    Attempted Delivery Abroad, November 15, 2010, 4:45 pm, SINGAPORE
    We attempted to deliver your item in SINGAPORE at 4:45 pm on November 15, 2010.


    and there was no notification or what sort, no slip for redelivery or anything! i wouldn’t even know if my parcel came if i had not check their “track & confirm” site and i can’t request for redelivery cos they only redeliver in US if i’m not wrong, cos they require a zipcode which is 5 figure but my country’s 6 figure.

    I was seriously disturbed after reading this. Because i have had 6 parcels, priority mail international and express mail international shipped to me from US and they all reached me safely and in contact (although 1 item had broken). But i’m at loss now, what to do about this whole situation?

    going to check my local post office tmrw. finger’s crossed.

    • Johnny says:

      I have had the same experience as well. I was studying in silence on my couch about three feet from my door for 6 hours and that’s apparently when the USPS delivery arrived. No notification, no knock, nothing. Two days later I find the notification slip. It was in a snowbank at the end of my driveway (that was plowed) and the top was not torn, indicating to me that it never was placed on a door handle. The truck arrived, parked, threw the slip out the door and left.

      Meanwhile the tracking information was saying it hadn’t even entered customs yet.

  479. blitzed says:

    Use USPS, game over dude…you might get your package if they get around to it. I imagine the US postman in the movie “Better Off Dead” as he opens everyone’s mail, drops uninteresting stuff on the street, digs the porno mags, etc.

    USPS employs more workers than than all branches of the US military combined…yet they still can not deliver a damn package within a reasonable amount of time. Send them to Iraq & Afghanistan, perhaps they could be of some use.

    Not only is USPS not profitable, all the over-paid unskilled workers, will enjoy fat government pensions. Even if USPS is shutdown right now, generations of pensions will still have to be paid out.

    That is one big scary flustercluck!

    Shut ’em down, shut ’em shut ’em, down!

  480. Jason says:

    I can’t believe it and got frustrated. I sent a package from Michigan, USA to China on 11/15/2010. I chose EMI (Express Mail International) because it have guarantee to be delivered on 11/22/2010 and it had a tracking number. I thought EMI was the fastest and safest way but I was totally wrong!
    When I check online it showed the package was delivered to Belgium (Stupid! How could this happen????) on 11/18/2010. Wired thing is when I check by phone it said the package was in China???

    I have to wait until 11/23/2010 to call USPS (it is hard to get to the representative, hundreds of times automatic answers and questions, Annoying). Finally a lady took my call and told me the same same as the website showed. It was in Belgium.

    I check tracking everyday and nothing changed. I called USPS again two times and each time they told me different story. Once they said they are trying to contact Belgium but had no response yet. It will take 4 days to have results. After 5 days I called again and they said still no response.
    On 12/1/2010 which after 15 days I called again and they told me the package got lost……

    My experience tells me that USPS EMI is totally garbage and USPS service is the worst in this world.
    I will never use USPS EMI, ever!!! Lessons learned also to others want to use EMI.

    • Jay says:

      I was in the Air Force and got deployed during the statr of the war my family sent alot of stuff to me USPS but i never got it then when i come home on the news they show these big rooms full of mail that USPS has sent to the wrong locations i mean there was tons of unclaimed mail that never got to its destinations. I am waiting fro a package right now that took 5 days to update just to say in has left the facility in Boondocksville PA and is on it way i really don’t understand why they won’t and can’t give detailed up to date tracking info they have got to be the slowest mailing company by obviously us the people are of no priority to them for this i am thankful for fedex and UPS will be sticking with them even if costs extra.

  481. Chris says:


    “Electronic Shipping Info Received”

    FOR 35 STRAIGHT DAYS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Via “Priority mail” which is supposed to take 2-3 days to get to me.
    What a joke…

    Shipped on the 7th of november…..

    LOL!!! Everytime I talk to my post office they tell me to “Come back next week”

    Everyone basically rushes me off the phone. I think I lost my money…. 🙁

  482. I’ve worked at USPS. USPS mgnmnt fires postal worker clerks, (and never replaces them) and use that “slot” to hire unnecessary, (in some cases involving nepotism), supervisors at twice or three times the salary. Bonuses for USPS mngmnt executives are ALWAYS paid before ANYTHING else is paid, including machinery repairs. The union refuses to remove lackidasical workers – and in doing so ruins their own otherwise excellent reputation, which helps bring public opinion against the union. The original U.S. Mail, the government owned, operated and controlled postal entity, never had costs incurred like the now PRIVATIZED USPS. The USPS is a farce compared to what the U.S. Mail used to be, (always the case when a government entity is “privatized” – go look at the Army Post Exchanes or the Navy Exchanges to view the financial raping of our service men and women via the “post exchange privatization” scheme). UPS, on the other hand, is the lease expensive major freight forwarding company – and it’s because they are archaic in nearly every aspect of their business – when compared to other major frieght fowarders such as Federal Express. Packing tracking is virtually non-existant with UPS – or the USPS. Federal Express tracking is so detailed, they can not only tell you what aircraft contains your package, they can tell you in which cargo container your package is “riding”in, inside that plane – and – if you want, they’ll stop that plane and take your package off, and re-route it! Yes … that’s the truth! Try that with UPS or USPS! With UPS or USPS you’ll be lucky to ascertain what COUNTRY your package is in once it’s been shipped! UPS and USPS tracking is a farcical joke, in fact, it’s nearly worthless.

  483. Richard says:

    I’m a software developer and e-store operator, and on this side it’s no different; USPS is a joke. Their developer certification consists of demonstrating that I can copy/paste an XML request that they provide to their server. One fellow developer explains this as the equivalent of a math teacher asking you to write the numbers from 1 to 30 on a piece of paper to demonstrate that you understand math. Then they want an email requesting that the process proceed from test to production status. Once I do that they ask me to submit another form where I must select the right choice for the proposed business use of USPS web services, except the choices are not explained and use inconsistent terminology. So of course I checked the wrong box and the USPS response was to send me 11 copies of the same email telling me “Since you did not select anything in the application stating you will be shipping or mailing by USPS we can not grant you access”. I wonder what the hell they think that I want use their system for if not to mail USPS packages. But they did offer to sell me an address database CD for $3800 per year instead. So since I checked the wrong box, I was rejected and had to submit an “appeal” in order to get access to their web services system. All of this so that I can get access to a system that’s unreliable, difficult to use, and poorly supported just so that my customers can save a couple of dollars on shipping.

    Another funny thing; it takes email from the USPS developer support team 2 days to reach my inbox. Seems like it would be hard to screw up email too, but they do.

    Much of the USPS software only works with Internet Explorer (too bad, you Firefox lovers). And it often crashes my PC’s. And when it crashes, USPS assumes that the task succeeded and bills me anyway. Then I get to go fight for a refund. Joy Joy Joy

    If you want to complain to USPS, go to their site and you’ll discover that they have categories for “Information”, “Problem”, “Suggestion”, or “Compliment”. But there’s no “Complaint” category; they just don’t want to hear it. And if you do send them a message, the usual response is a form letter that may or may not address your issue.

    FedEx, on the other hand, has been rock solid forever. I asked for access to their equivalent systems and got it with no problems. When I call their tech support I get someone that knows what they are doing within 10 seconds. And FedEx always delivers on time (sometimes even faster than they quoted). And of course their tracking is flawless. Unfortunately they do cost a little more than USPS.

    So I do give my customers choices for their package shipments, but FedEx is the recommended choice. If they choose USPS, it’s made clear that the shipment is not insured and may be untrackabke; basically the moment it leaves my store it becomes their responsibility.

  484. Boden says:

    I bought a Dell Axim on the 14th, USPS said ETA was 20th…
    Fucking bullshit. This is the tracking info for my package:

    Expected Delivery Date:

    December 20, 2010

    Class: Priority Mail International Parcels

    International Parcels

    Status: International Dispatch

    Your item left the United States from ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 2:35 pm on December 19, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
    Detailed Results:
    International Dispatch, December 19, 2010, 2:35 pm, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
    Processed through Sort Facility, December 17, 2010, 9:25 pm, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19116
    Acceptance, December 17, 2010, 1:27 pm, HERSHEY, PA 17033

    There’s been no updates since the 20th. It’s now the 27th and my package has not shown up at my door.

  485. coree coppinger says:

    How about the USPS, took them 30days to deliver a bill mailed from my own city! If it fits they ship it, god knows where they send it to. I am now waiting for a priority ship, as usual it is past due. If the post man does not come in on a day, well they don’t deliver the mail. That is what they tell me. If your dog barks behind locked doors, they don’t deliver. If you pay for over night delivery they won’t guarantee the delivery. Take my advice put the USPS out of it’s misery, don’t use them. They are scary!

  486. FED EX IS KING says:

    All I can say is what a waste of time USPS super sucks they are the worst when it comes to tracking a package. They never update their site and just let you sit around and wonder were the package it and if it is ever going to come. This is mostly amazons fault they have gone way to cheap

  487. Cybervang says:

    I just ordered some stuff for my kids and so far the TRACKING & CONFIRMATION is an EPIC FAIL.

    They don’t update anything for an entire day until it’s already at the door.

    1 day later it’s finally posted.

    All I can say is that they don’t track, confirm or are about it at all until it’s already at destination.

    That’s my experience. Peace.

    Next time I’m forcing my seller to go FED EX or I’m not buying. PERIOD.

  488. dick says:

    My item usually arrives before the worthless “tracking” is updated. If the USPS wasn’t a government agency, they’d have gone out of business by now.

  489. jane says:

    Not only does the tracking suck – Their service sucks worse! They lost 2 different packages I shipped. They will not pay for the lost items. They will not even give me back the postage I paid for the service (delivery) that was not provided. This is CRIMINAL! DO NOT use USPS!!!

  490. Johnny says:

    I shipped something last month via USPS and the tracking system is verging on criminal.

    Monday1 Shipped

    Monday2 I check tracking information and see “This item has been shipped” listed and that’s it.

    Tuesday2 “Item is out for delivery”

    Wednesday2 “Item is out for delivery” is now listed as the happening Wed2, and Tues2 has been changed to “Arrival at customs”

    Thursday2 “Item is out for delivery” is now listed for this day, and the previous two days have been shifted down another day.

    ::Repeat for five more days:

    How a shipper can go back and edit things that happened beforehand is ridiculous. A week after receiving the package the tracking information seemed quite accurate, they had gone back and edited everything and made it look nice, neat and tidy.

  491. DT says:

    Sent check for wife’s medical bill on 1/28/11 by certified mail, which bears a postmark of the same date.
    Bank reports that check cleared on 1/31/11.
    USPS “Track & Confirm” still has “There is no record of this item” as of 2/3/11.
    LOSERS! and the worst part is, they DON’T CARE.

  492. ttr says:

    i agree. usps has really really bad tracking service.
    Even they after delivered their items, it just says “shipped”.
    UPS, FEDX has much much better service than usps.
    I wonder why amazon uses USPS instead of these. what a stupid.

  493. Zach D. says:

    Okay, it’s been EIGHT YEARS of comments about how USPS Tracking sucks.

    Is it time for a State Attorney General to file a class action?

    I paid extra to use the tracking feature on my parcel and got nothing useful or timely in return.

  494. gary says:

    I love this,a bunch of usps customers getting together and talking about how bad usps is,and they are right,and a few lazy incompetent postal carriers(postal misplacers) try to justify their incompetence.I used to never have a problem with usps,but the last 10 years they have lost more than they have delivered.THEN i MOVE TO TEXAS….I live on the longest route in odessa and the lazy shits dont want a 6 hour route…we have a different carrier every 3 days,they lose most things,and mis-deliver the rest.go to the post office and you deal with rude disintereted employees.I work for a company that delivers sensitive materials all over the us,one HOUR late and I get fined,4 hours late and I’m fired.I ain’t asking for rules that strict for postal workers,but come on,we all see how incompetent they have become.And yes their tracking system is about as useful as a boil on my ass! not worth having and is just as painful.Work for the usps? Don’t tell me how hard your job is when I see you guys sitting in your trucks(HA HA) for long periods of time playing with your cell phones.If you pricks worked for a company like mine ,you wouldn’t work for a company like mine.WE have a right to complain about any service that sucks as bad as yours,until I see postal workers try and actually do their jobs instead of workingf at looking like you are….SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

  495. Daniel says:

    I bought something online over a week ago and it was supposed to be here monday or tuesday, today I found out that there was something going on in Maryland and it was delayed for over a week. They finally updated the shipping information today and it is sitting in a sort facility in New Hampshire which is further away than Maryland. I am hoping that it was just late with updating and will be here tomorrow and the shipper has already decided he will send my money back because of it which is good because I spend extra to get it insured and tracked and this is crap.

  496. Daniel says:

    Overall, my local people are great. All my arrival information is updated quickly by them and I always get the delivery thing before I even have to go check and see if I have it. So they are not all bad, but I live in a small town where the guy can actually have a nice house and a family on the salary and actually enjoys his job.

  497. Postman says:

    USPS delivery confirmation is not meant to be a stop by stop process. It is only meant to tell whether it has been delivered or attempted. The scanners that the USPS use require the information to be downloaded when the carrier returns from the route. This means that there will be a delay in the information until the carrier returns to the office.

    Tracking vs. Confirmation of Delivery

    Some USPS® products provide Tracking, while others provide only Confirmation of Delivery. It is important to understand which products include these services and the difference between “tracking” and “confirming”. The “Tracking Mail” and “Confirmation of Delivery” FAQs provide additional detail on these topics. This FAQ provides specific information about Tracking. For additional information on Confirmation of Delivery, please go to the Track & Confirm – Confirmation of Delivery FAQ.

    Premium products, such as Express Mail®, include Tracking. This means that a user checking the Track & Confirm site for a mailpiece sent via Express Mail should see, at a minimum, when the mailpiece was accepted and when it was delivered or a delivery attempt occurred. Additionally, the user will likely see several additional scans as the item moves through the mail stream, such as “processed’ or “arrival at unit”. Products that include tracking provide end-to-end visibility.

    Lower-cost products, such as Delivery Confirmation™, only include Confirmation of Delivery. This means that a user checking the Track & Confirm site for a mailpiece sent with Delivery Confirmation should see, at a minimum, when the mailpiece was delivered or when a delivery attempt occurred. USPS may also provide users with additional scan on items that include confirmation of delivery, such as “processed”, “arrival at unit”, or “out for delivery.” However, the price of these lower-cost products does not include end-to-end visibility.

    Top of Page
    Tracking Information –Scan Events

    * What is Tracking?

    Tracking provides information on the progress of a mailpiece while in transit to its destination.

    Tracking is only available for the following mail classes:

    o Express Mail®
    o Global Express Guaranteed®
    o Express Mail International®
    o Priority Mail International®**

    When you send a mailpiece using one of the mail classes listed above, tracking is included as part of the service that you purchased – there is no extra charge when using one of the eligible mail classes.

    o *Priority Mail International only has tracking to major cities and destinations. You cannot track a flat rate envelope or small flat rate box.
    o You cannot purchase tracking to add to any other mail class. It is only included with the eligible mail classes listed above.

    * Scan Events – Tracking Information

    As your mailpiece travels to its destination, postal employees scan the mailpiece when it is accepted; when it arrives or leaves a postal facility, and when it is in the process of being delivered. These scan events can then be viewed by using the Track & Confirm function on®.

    A description of the most common scan information that you may see when tracking a package is as follows:
    o “Electronic Shipping Info Received” – This scan indicates that the shipper has notified the Postal Service™ that they intend to submit the item for processing and delivery.

    o “Acceptance” –This scan indicates that a Postal Service employee has accepted the item at a post office or that the carrier has picked up the item at a customer’s residence/business.

    o “Processed Through Sort Facility” – This scan indicates that the item has processed through and left a Postal Service processing facility. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    o “Arrival at Unit” – This scan indicates that the item was scanned at the final postal unit where delivery of the item will take place.

    o “Processing Complete” – This scan indicates, for Delivery Confirmation™, Signature Confirmation™, and Express Mail® services, that the item has arrived at the Post Office™ for delivery.

    o “Out-for-Delivery” – This scan indicates that the item has been given to a carrier for delivery to its final destination or placed in the customer’s Post Office Box.

    o “Notice Left” – This scan indicates that the item is ready for pickup at the Post Office. If it is unclaimed after a certain number of days it will be returned to the sender.

    o “Delivered” – This scan indicates that the item has been picked up by or delivered to the final recipient.

    o “Refused” – This scan indicates that the item was refused by the recipient at the final delivery address and will be returned to the sender.

    o “Forwarded” – This scan indicates that the item has been forwarded to a different address. This is due to forwarding instructions or because the address or ZIP Code™ on the item was incorrect.


    Can I Track / Trace First-Class Mail®?

    Letters or packages sent via First-Class Mail® service cannot be tracked or traced based on name and address. However, there are several options available to customers to assist them in learning when their mailpiece was delivered if they choose to use a different type of service and/or add Extra Services to their mailing. Customer options include the following:
    o Registered Mail™ – The mailpiece is accounted for its entire journey and can be monitored from location to location. This service can be added to First-Class and Priority Mail.

    o Priority Mail® with Extra Services such as Delivery Confirmation™ and Signature Confirmation™ – By using Priority Mail service instead of First-Class and adding one or both of these services to their mailpiece, the customer can find out when the mailpiece was delivered and/or who signed for it.
    o Certified Mail/Return Receipt service – Adding these services to First Class or Priority Mail will provide a record of when the mailpiece was mailed and when it was received. The Return Receipt is a written or electronic record of when the mailpiece was delivered and who signed for it.

  498. Bank Card says:

    Goddammmit! My fucking debit card took 4 weeks to arrive. Thanks USPS (Priority MAIL!!!). I’m all for privatization of the USPS, even if I have to pay more.

    • Postman says:

      What is the postmark date?

    • Postman says:

      You do realize they if it were to be privatized, the information (meaning your debit card) would be less secure?

      • JG says:

        You do realize that your debit card is run by private companies right?

        • Postman says:

          I think this comment was made to me, so I’m trying to figure it out. My comment was the fact that there would be multiple delivery companies, meaning that it would be harder to differentiate legitimate delivery personnel from those just looking to steal. It would also mean that state laws for stealing apply, which are less severe than the current federal laws. Multiple competition within the delivery service means that wages of the delivery personnel would be lower than they currently are, which means that there would be more of an incentive for the personnel to “steal”.
          Currently the usps has the most loopholes in order to get a job when compared to the other delivery companies.

  499. CR says:

    I don’t know what you are whining about. I love usps, they just became my fav way to ship, which I used to love ups. When people ship with usps my item usually gets here a little faster and is cheaper. The tracking hasn’t been all that bad. It usually tell me when and from where the item shipped from. Then it tells me when the item gets to our general sorting area, then it tells me it has arrived at our post office, then it tells me it is out for delivery. Yeah, it probably would be nice if they told me a little more, but I definitely would rather a faster cheaper delivery. Also, ups and fedex dosn’t tell me much more on their tracking system. I do like ups also, they are pretty fast too, but not as fast. Oh, and the one thing that I like about usps better is that they know my area, because they have the same route. I always get my packages. The ups sometimes delivers my packages 2 blocks away, because we have similar addresses! Luckily nice people live there, and it is only 2 blocks away.

    Just don’t get me started on FedEx… They load packages on snails!

    • Postman says:

      That is a problem when Fedex or UPS packages do not require a signature, they will just drop it (ringing the doorbell) and go. With usps it is up to the discretion of the carrier. If you look at the pricing for delivery confirmation and what you are actually getting, it is easy to see why the usps is losing money.

  500. Quang says:

    I shipped an Ebay item to customer, 2 week after, buyer received item and left me a positve feedback but the USPS tracking still said “Electronic Shipping Info Received…” It happened to me often. How stupid USPS is!

  501. Wahid11180 says:

    USPS sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a dj controller online, it was shipped out 3/1/11 from los angeles ca. and i live in sacramento ca. no more then 400 miles, i got the tracking number from the sender and expected delivery date was suppose to be 3/7/2011 when the package did show up i checked there site to see where it is it was checked in springfleild MA. over 3000 miles away. saying it left there MA. facility to its destination(what kinda dumb fucks run this business)

    • Postman says:

      I think you meant “didn’t show up”. Since you haven’t received the item, how do you know that the seller put the correct address on it, or that the seller didn’t use a fulfillment that shipped from another state. Stuff like the reasons I gave happen all the time, but people will automatically blame the usps. Another one is where the usps have received the information from the seller, but have not physically received the item, but the addressee will interpret that that is when it was sent out.

  502. zach says:

    its really surprising tht usps sucks so bad im waiting for a package as i write this and your right ive figured out now after three days of no change but like i said im surprised their tracking doesnt work arent they supposed to be a government agency lol u know funded by the government our hard earned tax dollars wow im glad taxes go to stuff thts important not you think they being a government agency would be aimed to please and beat their competition for ex… ups and fed ex shows how much usps and th us government care about the people…….WOW

  503. Mr.Invisible says:

    I am still waiting for a charger I ordered on amazon. I live in Oklahoma City and for 2 days it says it is in transit to destination and left sort facility in Houston, Texas. I does not take 2 days to travel 7-8 hours that is a bunch of crap. I only had problems with delivery 1 time. USPS lost a ipod battery I ordered thank god seller shipped another.

  504. K T says:

    I so freaking hate USPS. I mail packages via USPS every other day – up to 10 per post office trip. I don’t know what the hell their problem is, but it seems like the postal service Employees can’t take work, period. They almost get upset when I show up – they will have to freaking stop standing around and will actually have to work. And then it’s a big surprise that USPS is always in the negative – may be someone needs to work on Employees’ attitudes???? And the other day they forgot to put postage on some of my packages – that’s with me standing right there…

  505. Tren says:

    I dropped my package at noon 03/24/2011. Tracked at 8:30PM same day. USPS said:
    Shipping label printed on Mar-24-11
    USPS Parcel Post
    Shipping cost: $xx.xx
    Delivered, Apr-30-09, 11:45 AM, COLUMBUS, OH, 43212
    USPS, you are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  506. Tren says:

    6 days after, nothing changed. Destination: GA but tracking still shown: Delivered, Apr-30-09, 11:45 AM, COLUMBUS, OH, 43212. Called to them but they didn’t fix.
    USPS, how crazy, lazy you are. You took my money for shipping and insuarance but you did nothing.

  507. Fran says:

    Wow. USPS is a joke. They take forever. The company I bought from said shipping was 5-10 days. It’s been 13 days. They are so slow. No wonder people pay for UPS/FedEx.

  508. Greg says:

    Of course their service is sub-par, they are a federal agency. They have to deal with all of the bureaucratic inefficiencies that all agencies are plagued with. Anyone who has worked for federal or state knows this very well. You can’t hire the right people (read: productive), while simultaneously, you cannot terminate those you need to fire.

  509. Avenger9 says:

    Mailed an overnight letter by USPS on Sunday to be delivered on Monday on a Business, 4 hours round trip from my home. USPS tried to deliver on Monday at 5 AM, didn’t find anybody, kidnapped my letter at theirs post office giving me 5 days to make 4 hours round trip to get back the letter or send back to me after 5 days. The letter was time sensitive and destination was a business, and BUSINESS HOURS ARE 0800 to 1630 or 0900 to 1700. What kind of dead brain sheep morons are USPS employee, going out of business hours, to make deliveries at Business at 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM 5AM and tell you that there was nobody. I do not care for $13.25 I paid. The damage they inflicted to me is much bigger. Government is doing nothing, they are looking other way. Next time I will drive 4 hours and deliver my letter by myself.

  510. Nepsteade says:

    We have now completed a complete fat burning furnace critique to aid you discover if this method is worthy of the money or not, learn much more at +++

  511. There should be a class action Suit against usps tracking says:

    USPS should be sued by everyone who paid to have their item tracked. They do not track it! This happens every sigle time and I ship around 20 parcels a day. Their web site tells my customers that the package was never given to them, that only they were notififed that there was an incoming package and then hours after the parcel is delivered only then are their records updated that it was delivered. Only till it is delivered do they take any responsibility for it (when it is out of their hands) They dump it all on the sender and claim they don’t have it when they have had anywhere from 2-10 days! They are liars, bad business, completly unethical that they are collecting our money and then denying they even have it. Really people should stop using them all together. ProBest Warehouse / eBay user name weshipfast4u

  512. Robert Daniel says:

    USPS lets you know the package has arrived AFTER it has arrived!!!

  513. Marty422 says:

    The USPS doesn’t offer tracking, they offer “Delivery” Confirmation. Delivery confirmation is for the benefit of the sender to have proof that the package has arrived. The click and ship from Ebay and Amazon produces a delivery confirmation number, it isn’t accepted by the post office until it is scanned either at a retail station or by automated equipment. If you choose parcel post or media mail when you buy from ebay or amazon then the only scan it will receive is arrived at unit, out for delivery and delivered and these services take 3-10 days for delivery because they go by truck. To get True USPS tracking then you need to choose the guaranteed on time delilvery of Express Mail. I work at a retail station and I scan all Click and Ship parcels that are dropped off at my counter, but if the package is dropped in the mail box those packages when “tracked” will say, “the postal service has been electronically notified” this doesn’t mean we have received it, it means the sender has printed a mailing label and either dropped it in a drop box or left it on there kitchen table.
    I hope you continue to save money using the United States Postal Service but if you have the extra cash to spend on tracking either use our Express Mail service or our competition. Our competition only has regional offices so if you aren’t home for a package that needs a signature you have to google to find there office.

  514. Marty422 says:

    Guess which companies drop pallets of parcels at your local post office for delivery daily. UPS and FEDEX find it more economical to use the postal service for the “last mile”

  515. Sarah says:

    I think USPS lost my Express Mail package to be delivered from Hawai’i to Astoria, NY. Sigh. I paid extra to have it shipped with a GUARANTEED DELIVERY date by Monday, May 30, 2011. I understand it was Memorial Day and all, but I paid EXTRA to have it delivered by then. It is now Thursday, June 2nd 2011. No EXPRESS package, no updated information other than it was PROCESSED THROUGH SORT FACILITY IN HONOLULU, HI May 27th 2011. Nice going guys. Now I don’t know whether my express mail was sorted through, lost, stolen, or just hiding in a FedEx plane somewhere. Everyone is telling me the same information I know, and sent out an inquiry. This was on May 31st 2011, and I have been calling for updates since then. Sad part is, I have a front desk at the apartment I live at, and all USPS needs to do is drop off the packages to them. No dogs, no interference with the weather, nothing. The front desk also emails me when they receive the packages. Good luck lying on “delivery” confirmation, USPS guys.

  516. Sarah says:

    Update: My package was delivered to JAMAICA, NY at 11:09 PM. AT NIGHT? Sigh. Like I said, I’m in ASTORIA, NY. Wonderful. Thank god for the 24 hour front desk, because they scan everything in perfectly as soon as the delivery man gets through the door, and I receive an instant notification via email. A couple of days late (almost a week) but it finally came in at 8:58 AM this morning. I will personally thank my carrier for coming in so early, but still think the system is effed up. I’m sure the employees are trying their best, especially Consumer Affairs in Honolulu, but all they can do is recite what is on the Track and Confirm webpage. I’m happy to say it arrived intact with nothing stolen. I have nothing against the USPS employees, but murderous hatred towards their tracking devices.

  517. katie mailcarrier says:

    I work for the USPS and where it does have some issues. We are the only company in the world that delivers to each and every home,busissness, etc EVERYDAY at no cost to you… I understand that you might have a little trouble tracking a parcel however USPS does not truely offer a parcel tracking service unless you recieve Express mail… So when you order your packages from whom ever remember that we at the postoffice handle millions of pieces of mail and parcels daily and i am sure you will recieve them within 5to 10 days however we do not have guarenteed a delivery date .That comes from the store etc you order from……so when you go out to your mailbox and retrive your mail remember that it only cost you nothing it a service that we provide to you.

    • Chui says:

      To Katie MailCarrier – If this service that you are providing is free, why do I have to pay for stamps or postage?

    • Jen says:

      A service???

    • A dissatisfied Customer says:

      >I work for the USPS and where it does have some issues. We are the only company in the world that
      >delivers to each and every home,busissness, etc EVERYDAY at no cost to you…

      This is stupid. Any shipping company where the shipping is paid for at time of shipping doesn’t wait at a door for another payment when they deliver. If I ship a package by anybody, I expect to pay for the shipping at time of shipment. When I receive packages (including *shock* usps) the amount of money charged for the shipment is on the box. Everyday includes Sunday, but I’ll let that slide. At no cost though is an outright lie.

      >I understand that you might have a little trouble tracking a parcel however USPS does not truely
      >offer a parcel tracking service unless you recieve Express mail…

      Possible, but I’d imagine that all Amazon super saver shipping orders get the same USPS tracking option. So why is the service so inconsistent? On one order I will see that the item has been at least shipped a day after Amazon has said it shipped. On another order, it has been 7 days since amazon shipped it and sent me a tracking number, and USPS HAS NO RECORD OF THAT TRACKING NUMBER.

      I understand that it might take the system a day, but a week is ridiculous. If Amazon gave me the USPS tracking number, the number exists and the system should at least say no activity on this number, but that it is a valid number.

      >So when you order your packages from whom ever remember that we at the postoffice handle
      >millions of pieces of mail and parcels daily and i am sure you will recieve them within 5to 10 days

      So what you’re really saying is that USPS is too large of a company to care about customer service to one person? Or are you saying the company is too large that managers can’t (or won’t) do their jobs to make sure that the service is good? Or are you thinking that by saying that, that everything will be fine?

      Imagine the uproar if it took that inconsistent amount of time for people to get their paychecks to them. Oh wait, this is the 21st century and we have a computer system called direct deposit that does it. Oh wait, this is the 21st century, and tracking systems are computer systems that can talk to each other in the blink of an eye.

      Huh? If its a computer systems, and computer systems need very little time to communicate things (1 tracking number anywhere in the world on the internet backbone however we do not have guarenteed a delivery date .That comes from the store etc you order

      So is this a blanket excuse for any “bad service” that can happen that causes delays (or loss)? Like the delay that comes from me delivering my neighbors mail a few times a month? Or the loss that happens to me when they don’t return the favor? Not to mention privacy invasion when improperly delivered mail is accidentally (or intentionally?) opened.

      >so when you go out to your mailbox and retrive your mail remember that it only cost you
      >nothing it a service that we provide to you.

      You said it again, so I’ll say it again. This “service” (for the most part) does not charge the recipient because the sender has already paid. (I’m aware of the case of COD or Postage Due mail). But I’d really like to show this post to your superviser, and tell him that Katie told me this was a free service, and I’d like to send all these letters using this free service, and I’d like not to pay for shipping when shipping using this free service.

      I’m probably ranting as long as the OP, but this is really sad. The system is sad. I do expect that UPS and FEDEX will outlive the USPS. And as unlikely as it is, another company needs to step forward for offering service of standard delivery of letters. Maybe if the USPS had real competition it would either shape up or shut down.

  518. LEN says:

    The Utterley Slow Postal System does it again!….suprise-they’ve fucked up, but never like this
    I orered an item from uses USPS-Bt this time they chose Usps.’ve never had a problem with USPS like this before-but-as Jimi Hendrix said: “DIG!” -BTW-I live in central Connecticut
    Shipped out of’s wharehouse in Brooklyn N.Y. around June 4, or 5.. Processed in a MICHIGAN??? wharehouse–“SAY WHAT!”-As Stevie Ray Vaughn would play..
    Why in God’s name whould they ship it from point a to point b, via point z???????????????

  519. Eric says:

    USPS tracking is such a joke. My package shipped two days ago, and their tracking says that they’re still waiting for the package to arrive at the shipping place!

    • Syria says:

      When I ordered a product from China I was told the tracking number would not appear until 2 days. Needless to say the customer service rep. was correct… I am still waiting patiently for my package. I can say that my package was shipped out on the 16th of July from China and it is now July 25th and my package is in Bethpage NY; only 45 minutes away from me….

  520. i hate buying shit online says:

    This is redic usps has a lot on their plate and all but that’s what they get, technology is booming and tracking a device is miniscule compared to all the gadgets coming out, just scan the damn pkg and have it upload on the damn mainframe, how hard is that?? Might cost money but they got that

  521. Chui says:

    Why even have this service if it sucks a fat man’s ass?

  522. ralph marlow says:

    Yep, I agree but would like to add that not only tracking is a problem but when they say delivered it is usually delivered to my neighbors mail box. So when I get the morning paper I always check to see if if my neighbor left me any mail. My number is on my box but they drop it in the wrong box before they even get to my house. They would never think of going back to correct their mistake. I don’t have that problem with UPS and they don’t deliver every day. USPS could do better!

  523. garrett says:

    I like FedEx

  524. Isak says:

    Hi all!
    Your sympathy’s from Sweden 🙂
    I googled the following…..

    “Your item was processed through our ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS) facility on September 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. ”

    So I found this blog and I find it hilarious that you all hate the USPS (United states postal service?)

    My package is a high priority package so how many days will i take to fly it to Sweden?
    The tracking is a joke, why should you need to know what time it shipped if its stuck or in the wrong part of Usa 😉
    Hope i get my package to Sweden soon ,
    once its here i will be able to track it from Stockholm and every step of the way to my door 🙂

    Thanks for putting up with my poor english and hang in there USPS will be better … Or not.

  525. LA POSTE Employee says:

    Hello all,
    I am an employee of “La Poste” in France, working in the International Claims and Inquiries Division. We process claims on items sent from France to other countries and vice versa. From a professional point of view, I can confirm that the USPS is among the WORST postal operators to work with. They refuse to process our claims for ridiculous reasons (example: We sent them a claim on a parcel delivered without some of it’s content, some hand towels to be exact. The description we provided them included the color, dimensions and brand of the towels. They refused to accept it because “we did not provide a complete and accurate description”. We sent back the claim for to as what was missing from the description. Are you ready for this ? They replied that they could not process the claim because the description of the missing towels did not contain the “thread count” !
    Another thing they do : According to UPU regulations (UPU is the Universal Postal Union, the body that regulates relations between the different Postal Operators worldwide), once postal operator A, sends a claim form to postal operator B, operator B has a period of 2 months in which to provide a reply. The two month period begins on the date that postal operator B “receives” the claim. The USPS interprets this as meaning that they have 2 months from the date that they “begin their investigation”, irregardless of the fact that they let the claim for sit on a desk somewhere for 6 months before they begin.
    I am an expat American living in France and working for La Poste and I have to say, I love the US… but I truely despise the USPS both as a client and as a professional in the postal field.

  526. sportske says:

    I get pleasure from, cause I found just what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  527. Meh says:

    It’s shipment for a reason, extra $$ doesn’t mean faster travel and shorter stops. It simply means your priority is changed from regular class to executive. It’s still the same damn shipping system unfortunately.

  528. CrownVic26 says:

    I have a question about my situation here through USPS. I know about how the online tracking is not actually tracking unless they scan the package every stop it goes thus why its really called “delivery confirmation” and will only show up online when the package is supposedly at the house,when most cases it hasnt arriived to the destination but it says it did on the tracking info.. i dunno this is all messed up. so here is what mine looks like:
    Expected Delivery Date: December 7, 2011
    Class: Priority Mail®
    Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
    Status: Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    Your item was processed through our MARTINSBURG, WV 25401 facility on December 05, 2011 at 8:41 pm. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    Detailed Results:

    Processed through USPS Sort Facility, December 05, 2011, 8:41 pm, MARTINSBURG, WV 25401
    Dispatched to Sort Facility, December 05, 2011, 5:02 pm, SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV 25443
    Acceptance, December 05, 2011, 2:09 pm, SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV 25443
    Electronic Shipping Info Received, December 03, 2011

    My question is: does this mean my package has been brought to the post office to get shipped out by the person who sold me the package? the guy seemed kind weird on the phone, but owns a site where he sells WWll and Civil War relics, so i dont know what to think. package hasnt arrived yet and is supposed to take 2-3 days . im right in Minneapolis MN and package is coming from WV. I just want to make sure the seller actually shipped the package out so i can have a pece of mind and can just know its on the way. and another thing he requires everyone to get insurance on orders is there still a possibility to get scammed? My mind is telling me its still on the way but cant be too certain. USPS really needs to take down the tracking confirmation as its been useless still for the past 9 yers i hear any feedback would be great Thanks

  529. frustrated says:

    I tracked a package I was waiting for and it showed delivered only I never recieved it. When I contacted the post office it took them 4 days to return my call and they never replied to my email. The carrier said he delivered it and personally put it on my porch. 3 days after that conversation a neighbor from a block over brought me the package carrie got the house numbers right but not the street name. The names of the street are in no way similar. I then contacted the USP and let them know I am worried about receiving other packages I ordered and he told me you can track them. I told him a lot of good that did me this time it was delivered but to the wrong street and the carrier lied about it. I am always getting my neighbors mail.

  530. KM says:

    I thought that Delivery Confirmation was a good thing. WRONG !! I sent a package with Delivery Confirmation attached, and when it did not arrive after 2 weeks, I inquired at my Post Office. The postal clerk told me that USPS waits 60 days before they start searching for an item with Delivery Confirmation. The clerk further insulted me by saying that I was wrong for not having another item to send to the recipient. He then added that I was not providing adequate customer service. HUH??? I informed the clerk that USPS is the entity that is not providing customer service by refusing to track a package, when I had purchased a tracking device for such a purpose. My package was never found. USPS is the most worthless outfit in the USA. I will not care if they go broke.

  531. Clesmacio Luque says:

    Fuck I am from Honduras last week 5/13/2012 I bought some shit on ebay and the seller sent via that fucking shit usps it says processed through usps facility for 2 weeks

  532. Clesmacio Luque says:

    i receive the item but usps tracking shit stills says in transit

  533. Goophy629 says:

    Yes, USPS’s tracking sucks.

    e.g. Priority International, the “use your own box” option is just double the price of using Flat Rate International, and they claim that the “use own box” option has tracking, while they claim Flat Rate doesn’t have. So obviously, they’re just the same, lucky if you can get an acceptance and custom leaving, normal you’d get nothing.

    For domestic First-Class, they do occasionally mis-scan a package, which leads to completely no tracking/confirmation; and sometimes they just forget a package on the shelf of their inventory.

    When it works, it works like normal; when it’s not happy, it give you some glitch, and hopeful just little glitch; when it doesn’t work, it just completely doesn’t work, best wish if you can retrieve your package.

    Beside the cheaper price, nothing worth sticking with USPS. Being hit by the bad economy these years, perhaps they will be even worse in a few years…

  534. Steve Parker says:

    Just for laughs I looked at the USPS website this morning to check on their take on the progress of goods I purchased from a company in Florida. According to the USPS tracking system the parcel is on holiday in Miami, where it has been since 11 July. I have my doubts about this because I received it in New Zealand last Tuesday!

  535. Kieran says:

    Usps is a crock of shit! i ordered sometimg 2 weeks ago and it looked like the track and confirm shit was working but as for a week its been in coppell texas 3 fucking states away from me shits pissing me off.

  536. Syria says:

    I concur with the aforementioned statement. I am receiving a package from China. Never-the-less, I reside in the Bronx and noticed that my package was shipped from China to New York, NY; thereafter, the package was shipped to New Jersey to be processed at Bethpage NY (utterly baffling to me the parcel bypassed The Bronx) . Needless to say I do receive updates within a 2-4 day time frame…. I suppose free shipping has its downfalls. But who is to say paying more one would receive a better experience. Finally as far as Amazon is concerned: I have had one ridiculously late delivery dealing with a specific seller on Amazon… I suppose there is a first time for everything.

    By the way sometimes when a package is shipped to a different country the delivery time can be up to 30 days depending on where you live and who is processing your parcel. I am most obliged that my parcels from China do not take 30 days :-). I am happy with USPS despite them bypassing the Bronx with my parcel at least an update is provided…. Eh no complaints I just have to be patient…

  537. Syria says:

    Hello!!!!!!! it is me again…. Great New:s my parcel was shipped to the Bronx today. Alas I missed my delivery; However, a note was left on my door as usual (I love when the note is left on my door if i am not applicable). In conclusion, it took approximately 2 weeks for my package to arrive from China to the U.S. ! WOOO HOOO!!!!! I will definitely order from again. P.S. The 2 week shipping was free shipping from China to the United States. 😀

  538. Christine says:

    I wish I knew this before. I ordered something yesterday in the morning and it says shipped on amazon but no tracking.

  539. Gidi says:

    Aha so thats how USPS works! 🙂 (If i would be right to call it “working then..)
    I have used it for the first time for international shipping to Italy and I have already blamed italian post office that the last entry on the tracking is july 12. Maybe some italian postman ate pizza and lost my package or maybe USPS simply made they last check in USA and don’t give a damn anymore where the package is.. Hopefully it will arrive, but knowing italian post service, the probability is quite low..

    One of the “best” things is the tracking service on the phone! I wondered if i could ask anybody how the system works and where should i complain and I was shocked by the automatic answering machine… well, maaaan, show some respect for your customers, who may be realy confused when the mail does not arrive in a month, but all you hear on your phone is “the delivery time on international shipping is 7-10 days. Now further info is available”. Nice! I waited double that long… And as an european i can not even write a complain, because on the formulation one has to chose a state and ZIP code… good luck…

  540. kathy says:

    I ship items from my Ebay auctions, and I can say that it’s really hard to explain to buyers why their Tracking info doesn’t show up when I send them their number. I have to sometimes take the hit,like I’m lying or something. The USPS takes and Ships for a FEE,and FEE for Tracking that is paid to them. Well it would be nice to have that service expedited in a timely manner..

  541. Its not the tracking that sucks. It’s the lazy ass government workers that get money for being fat and lazy while people who REALLY need work and will actually work are suffering. Our Government has developed into a society of feed the fat and lazy and to hell with the poor & needy. Ever watch CNN ? Ever hear ANYTHING about lower class to poverty level people ? No !! Only middle class and above ! People in poverty are like diseases to the people in government who are interested in one thing and one thing only , hiow can I line my pockets with cash from these constituent losers . The sooner people realize this the better ! I love America , our government sucks ass ! Every last one of them ! Greedy fat pigs living off other peoples money ! Screw the government ! they can all kiss my ass ! But wait till I take a dump ! That would suit you all better !

  542. tiredofwaiting says:

    UPDATE 2012!!!!!!! UPS tracking is still a joke……see a trend here?

  543. disappointed USPS-errrr says:

    WOOOOOW!! Im kinda Glaaaad that USPS is shutting down random locations across the US.

    My ol’ Boss always said to those who sucked at the job:
    EITHER SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT–oh wait.. USPS hardly does both… hmmm… funny coincidence eh?

    -Recent Ponderer of Failing Organizations

  544. DAVE. says:


  545. Andy Herman says:

    I’ve found a new and more irritating way for the USPS to screw us. A lot of online vendors are now using the USPS instead of UPS or FedEx. I have had two packages now, that were supposedly sent via FedEx for the first item and UPS for the second.

    You receive a tracking number and click on the “tracking” link that tells you no information is available. The first item was a sink I purchased from a vendor in New York. I live in Oregon. I received an e-mail that the package was to be delivered on Monday October 29. Nothing came. Checked the tracking number (after three days there was finally a status of the package. The item arrived in Oregon on Friday the 26th of October. When I checked the link later on the 29th there was information that the package was sent from Oregon to Washington state??

    I called FedEx and was told that they only delivered the item to Oregon and the USPS was responsible for delivering the item to my home in Oregon. UPS said that according to their information, the package would be delivered on Friday, November 2nd. So it took a week for the package to go via FedEx from New York to Oregon and another week for it to go from Troutdale, Oregon to my home 75 miles away!!! What the hell!

    I ordered a computer from a vendor in CA. They charged my card immediately. I received an e-mail confirming the purchase and then a follow-up e-mail with a tracking number stating that the package was being shipped via UPS. Unfortunately, the tracking number they sent looked dreadfully similar to the tracking number I received for the sink. Oh No! Please don’t tell me you shipped this dam computer via UPS/USPS. Well, I have tried for the past three days to track the package, but is still says no tracking information is available. I called UPS and gave them the tracking number (anyone who has used UPS knows that ALL of their tracking numbers begin “1Z” and sure enough the woman at UPS said the number I gave her sounded like a USPS tracking number. However, when she entered that number into the USPS tracking system, she said there was no record available.


  546. jacobs says:

    Right now there is probably some guy wearing my running coat i ordered, that i opened a claim on 6 months ago, i cant stand USPS those asses owe me some money for all the undelivered items i paid for

  547. ian says:

    USPS tracking only works about 90% of the time, In my experience. I agree usps is bullshit. Especially when people send from germany with dhl-usps.

  548. KIIRA says:


  549. Danicus Rex says:

    “Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier ”

    This hasnt updated in three days. It only has to go from NY to NH. I don’t get it. Fedex has a new update every single time the freaking package changes trucks, at the very least the USPS could let me know when it gets to a major hub like Boston or Albany.

  550. Tito says:

    Agree 110%! I paid 15$ more to get a tracking number and same nonsense! It’s been shipped! Geee thanks tips!!!!!

  551. Daniel Casselberry says:

    USPS is rude, arrogant, and dishonest. You are correct, their tracking system is a fraud. I placed an order with a company on May 7, the item shipped from Tennessee and arrived in New Jersey on May 10. Next it went to Massachusetts, then it was later shipped to a different location in New Jersey. Now, 14 days later, the idiots cannot tell me where the package is, but their tracking information changes daily. Today, May 17, it says the package is due for delivery on May 15. Yesterday, it said it was scheduled for delivery on May 14. Tomorrow it will probably say it will be delivered on the May 16. The website says you can reach the Postmaster General’s office by calling the 800 number for USPS. This is an out and out lie. When you call, they tell you they have no phone number for the Postmaster General’s Office. They promise to find your package and get back to you in 24 hours, but they never do. I hope the get closed down and taken over by a private company. I am a liberal, and I believe in government, but the government I believe in should be honest and competent. USPS is neither.

  552. kuro says:

    go priority mail. takes 9 days to get to uk from the us….. also never had any problems so cant see the issues you people are having. Ship stuff all the time and use tracking, it gets there so maybe USPS is finally getting it together

  553. Youdontneedtoknow says:

    What a bunch of ignorant drama. I’ve tracked dozens of packages via USPS, and so far they’ve never fuc(k)ed up, neither by being excessively slow, or losing a package. When a package departs, it takes a day or two for the truck to reach its next destination, then be unloaded and scanned among hundreds of other packages. Most of you just need to constantly have something to bit(c)h and whine about, hoping others will feel sorry for you. Well guess what? They don’t; you’re just impatient. And if they have screwed up on you once or twice, then realize errors happen because nothing is perfect, and get over it.

  554. Leijorna says:

    UPS all the way, my UPS packages always come way early and thankfully they leave my shit at my door in a discreet place. It is a fifteen minute drive to the USPS nearest to me and when I request to have it just dropped off, they leave it right in front of my door ?_?. Not only that, I always know where my package is with UPS, USPS tracking is just too staggered.

  555. Ken says:

    Well, well, well, it seems as though there are some unhappy customers out there.

    I AM a USPS employee and contrary to popular belief, a very well educated one. Not only educated, but also a proud Military Veteran of 25 years in the United States Air Force with 3 combat zones under my belt. So please, watch your tongue regarding your defamation of character when it comes to the employees of the United States Postal Service. There are MANY educated employees within the Postal Service.

    Now let’s talk about the Government funding…we ARE NOT supported by government funds. What does this mean? It means that YOUR tax dollar do not go towards the operational costs of the service. A service that has been around for more than two centuries, since Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General in 1775… (Oops, there goes the lack of education)

    As a matter of fact, the United States Postal Service has been named the ‘Most Trusted Government Agency” for the 7th year in a row based on a survey from the The Ponemon Institute.

    Now let’s talk about the tracking issues. Yes, there are some drawbacks to the “tracking” system but as many people have stated, it was never designed to TRACK…just to CONFIRM. But, as with anything else, the misconception can definitely throw people off track. The good news is this however, the Postal Service has in fact identified this as an issue and a need for the customer and they will be going to real time tracking VERY soon.

    International shipments: I will keep this one very brief as it needs no explanation. Once your package leaves the borders of the United States, your package goes into what is called CUSTOMS. That’s right folks, it gets detained to ensure that nobody is importing or exporting illegal contraband. Oh, and if you really want to complain further…the package is then taken over by…yes, you guessed it…FED EX and UPS. So if you’re going to blame anyone…blame them for the delay.

    To sum it all up, the employees of the United States Postal Service work VERY hard, day in and day to get your mail and packages to your door step for very little money, no matter what the conditions. Hurricanes, blizzards, blazing heat, you name it and they have done it.

    160 billion — number of mail-pieces processed
    522,144** — number of career employees
    108,000** — number of military veteran career employees

    So yes, there may be flaws in the system and we know it. But show me ONE company that does not. As a matter of fact, tell me where YOUR Company is so I can defame you and the employees that work there. GO USPS!

    • Mike says:

      It’s not about a company having “flaws” it’s about a company that has one of the worst customer supports coupled with things like priority mail only “estimates” 2-3 days. That’s fine but when I tell the lady at the register that I need it there in two, she should recommend the best product for me.
      On top of that, man power alone clearly isn’t speeding up deliveries. USPS needs a broad overhaul if they are to survive with some of the top rated companies in the country (UPS and FedEx).

      It’s nice that you hire veterans and that you work in harsh conditions but that doesn’t make up for the fact at the end of the day your job is deliver parcels and if you can not do it faster than other companies or offer a better product then something needs to change.

      If u think USPS is doing fine then maybe you need to wake up and smell the roses.

  556. victor says:

    takes more time from jamaica, ny to miami than china to isa !!!!

  557. nate says:

    Yeah I can’t figure there tracking either. I order something & depending on time either later that day but usually 1st thing the next morning I get E.mail your item has been shipped overnight express & here is your tracking number. Then the frustration starts. I put the tracking # in that I received around 8:30am USPS Says there is nothing showing up for this number. So unless the places I order from has psychics telling them what my number. Is going to be what’s the deal. I’ve called & get the maybe they haven’t updated computers yet check back after 6. Then when it finally starts appearing it sit at one spot for hours & that’s usually it till next morning & I check & luckily so far its in my town or being delivered. Have to say I like UPS Tracking so much better. At least you know your package is moving not just in mail limbo? Better not say to much have package guaranteed to be here by noon tomorrow or money back hope I don’t have to see. It be nice to get money back but if I’m paying extra for next day that means I’m taking off to make sure km here when it gets here instead of going to work for the fingers crossed!

  558. Izzy says:

    Soooooooooooo This topic started 10 years ago and is still a F…ING Problem! Ok so I am an artist/Animator. Just moved into a place and I needed to buy a new workspace. I ordered an 100 lb desk/ desktop and screen/ chair / and a Wacom Cintiq Comapanion Hybrid(drawing Tablet) Which is $1,499$

    cintiq = california to georgia / Weak ass USPS
    chair= california to georgia/ Fedex
    desk = same state / UPS
    desktop= maryland to georgia/ Fedex

    The cintiq was ordered Nov. 6th 2013 and sent , accepted and departed , San fransico by 10 pm
    so It is in transit and due Nov. 9th (2 day priority mail because i wanted it asap)
    Everything else I ordered was on Nov 8th.. they all departed and arrived by wednesday Nov 13th with the exceptaion of the chair from california which will be here tomorrow on the 14th.
    The Cintiq which was due the 9th from USPS still has yet to Update and still is in Transit.
    I called USPS and an automated voice wouldnt let me talk to an agent so ….what do i do? I CUSSED THE AUTOMATED VOICE OUT !!! THEN REFUSED TO ANSWERS ITS QUESTION… ALL MY RESPONSES WERE ” I WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN, I WANT TO TALK TO AN ASSOCIATE. NO I WANT TO TALK TO AN ASSOCIATE. after 10x it finally let me talk to one and the guy said that my package was either missed sorted and put in 3rd class mail and is on a truck to ga instead of a plane and they filed a case for me. The next day the ga location called me and said they havent received the package and once they do they will send it to me… NO FUCKING SHIT B.TCH ..I didnt know that? I didnt know mail people were supposed to send me my mail when it comes 16 months later.. Fu.king Joke I couldve walked to fucking san fransico myself and been back before my package comes!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS PIECE OF SHIT SERVICE!

  559. ed says:

    You stupid winkies get the service you deserve.Track this.

  560. Sara says:

    YES ME TOOO!!! I ordered something on amazon and it has been in Beth page New York for the past 2 weeks it keeps on saying Estimate shipping- Dec.6 and I ordered my package on Nov. 24 and it is dec.8 no package. If I were the president I would tell that stinky USPS to change there tracking information.

  561. Sara says:

    Sorry I mean is Dec.7 no package. My bed =)

  562. MisterP0P0 says:

    I am extremely frustrated with USPS, not only does their online tracking system suck, but also their customer service. My dad has sent me my iPhone 5 over TWO WEEKS AGO! From California to Minnesota, with other postal services like, UPS, and Fedex, it only takes to the most 5 days. It’s extremely ridiculous. The only thing it has ever said was that it was “ACCEPTED” in Moorpark, CA to finally get shipped. It has been saying the for the past two weeks! It HAS NEVER UPDATED since then. My dad has been furiously calling them each day, and he get’s the same response, “It has been shipped, and is no longer in California” NO SHIT SHERLOCK. But WHERE THE HELL IS IT NOW? I am so done with USPS, I am telling my dad to longer ship anything via USPS. Sticking with Fedex, because they actually update things regularly.

  563. JOey says:

    They still suck! i ordered a package from LA. I live on the southern Oregon coast. i ordered live fish that should be here in 3 days. I finally was able to see the new sorting facility it was at and it actually past me on the southern Oregon coast and went to the state above me! (Washington) So it traveled like 12 hours, then past me, then went another 6-8 hours north of me into another state by Seattle. i hate usps, oh and on another note i actually got “hired” on with them and its been 2 months and they keep saying when i call they will call me back and sorry its taking so long but we need u ….pff what a joke should have not passed up other jobs….

  564. Mike says:

    So I had to send a money order to Sony and had heard that USPS offices sell them so I went there. I sent $110 money order that was only insured for $50 which is a joke. I told the lady I needed it in Californian in 2 days (I live in Pa). So she told me to buy priority shipping and that it comes with a tracking number.

    After a day it said it had left Philadelphia. Then nothing for 2 days. It is now the day it said it would be there (even though it is longer two days). Still no update.
    I called the customer service and after being stuck with an awful computer responder for 10 mins I got it to patch me through a representative.

    I waited on hold for 1 hr and 25 mins. That is completely unacceptable and so I just hung up. I called the number on the reciept for my local post office and I was met with a “this number is not in service”. After going into the post office I was told that they could not help me and “priority mail” is just estimated 2-3 days no guarantee. On top of that he could not tell me where the mail was or when it would get there. Completely useless. If I ask for a product that gets it there in too days I expect to be sold one that will do the job, not one that is “estimated” to do the job. I will never use usps agian by choice it is awful and it is no wonder that they are failing.

  565. person says:

    Ordered two live pet (praying mantis, jumping spider) a plastic container, and some mealworms for food from the same supplier. I used priority mail, it was more in my budget but faster than standard mail as I heard.

    Three weeks and a half later, still no bugs. Bet they’re all dead. Bet it ain’t even gonna come.

    I would have been fine with five days, seven, or even a week– The insects would have survived that long. But three whole weeks! That’s very unacceptable. I don’t know whats wrong with these people. I know that their job must be tough but it is their job, they can at least try. Everyone who sends mail counts on them, Do they not know that?

  566. Meehyon says:

    So i’m not going crazy, thank goodness! My package was shipped 12.13.13 and was ecpected to arrive on 12.19.13. The status says its in transit and on schedule (clearly its not) and the usps have not updated its whereabouts since the 17th. Its 6 days later. Is it really that difficult to scan something and deliver it on time?:( slacking off at christmas on time-sensitive orders is the epitome of lazy slackers paid to sit around and not update the usps codes for fellow orderers’ convenience. the other two packages i ordered with said MIA package and they arrived in 4 days. Its been 10 days since the order was placed. The lack of consideration for customers is appalling. Especially when its extremely time sensitive and needed asap ugh….. Accio package! *pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee*

  567. Sharon Dryuet says:

    I have a pacakge that was accepted at post office Dec 16h. its now the 23rd the day it is showing for expected delivery date and its still showing just accepted. What good is tracking if you accept it then dont show if you shipped it out or where it is.. Just saying USPS has alot of problems and they wonder why they are losing money.. HA!

  568. Theo says:

    USPS sucks big time, package 28 days on its way and last tracking is from 22nd Dec on their site. Just called and guy can give no explanation as in where package is and hwy there is delay…. $45 service….

  569. Smitty says:

    Why even bother with providing a “tracking” number. As a frequent shipper, I got so fed up with USPS that I just send everything UPS or FedEx now. I complained one time (like a govt run entity cares) and the guy said “well, technically it’s a delivery confirmation service, not really parcel tracking.” No shy, Sherlock. Then why does your website call it tracking. They’re a fucking joke. All of their employees are morons with no integrity. A friend used to work at the main postal center in Richmond, VA and would brag about stuff that he and his buddies got “for free” around the holidays by stealing Christmas gifts or how funny it was to “fuck folks’ shit up” by slamming their packages around. NEVER USE USPS if you can avoid it.

  570. Roy says:

    They are worst than sucks, they are the worst!
    Took 5 full days to have my package deliver from LA to Blain Washington!!!! and they call it first class………….WTF

  571. Sajida says:

    USPS sucks !!! It’s all bullshit !
    I’ve been checking the website for almost a week and all they say is :”processed through sort facility ” !!!!
    I need my package now ! R’nt they known worldwide !!? Y don’t they improve their system !
    I’ve got the right to know where my package is !
    Especially that I paid more to get a tracking num and paid even more to get it as a first class !
    Is this the first class in USPS !??
    And to my surprise, when I searched the internet to see wt does ” processed through sort Facility ” means ….
    I was surprised actually with the number of people who have been complaining about lost packages and stuck ones!!!
    They’d better deliver my package then close this looser company !!!

  572. Voomer says:

    i ordered something and its being delivere troug UPS, and im checking the status ver often, and after being translated trough several city from texas today sudenly say this ” Package arrived at destination country ” and the country marked is COLOMBIA, but im in mexico!!! haha how is possible that the package went from texas to colombia in 1 night jajaja, i know thats a mistake and probably is not in colombia hehe but still, that type of mistakes are kind of…. hilarous

    sorry for my bad english ><

  573. Richard Neva says:

    USPS tracking is worthless! I sell on Amazon and I am not going to pay extra postage for their lame ass tracking system that works half time. It must be run by Jew cronies.

  574. Victor Jarvis says:

    Sometimes they don’t track the packages at all. Every time you check it just says that they have been notified electronically by the shipper to expect a package but they never bother to update it even after the package has been delivered.

  575. Geoff says:

    Funny…I mail a pkg. on the 4th but the tracking says accepted on the 3rd.
    Really….usps is a joke.

  576. Shawn says:

    I sent an important letter by registered mail from Sweden to the U.S. three weeks ago. It took two days for it to reach the U.S. from Sweden. The tracking says that it went out on June 26 for delivery… Today is July 8, and it has – according to the U.S.P.S. tracking information – not yet reached its destination. It’s still in transit… That’s what it says. So I call U.S.P.S. “customer service” and have to wait for more than 45 minutes before getting through to a representative.

    A woman answers in a tone that speaks of boredom, and total indifference… She could just as well have told me to go and … myself… and it would have sounded better… So I tell her that my registered mail is still in transit in the U.S. after THREE WEEKS… and that it only took two days for it to reach the U.S. from Sweden. She tells me to call the Swedish postal service because according to her they’re responsible since it was sent from here… Whereupon I tell her that what she’s telling me doesn’t make any sense at all… and that I know from previous experiences that this is not the case. She keeps arguing with me and keeps addressing me with “Sir… Sir…” in a tone that strongly suggest that I’m the retard… which is quite ironic, because it is SO obvious that she is the retard big time… So I tell her: “I’m sorry, what’s your name?” She: “Vanessa”.. Me: “Vanessa, can I ask you a question… She: “Sure…” Me: “The letter was sent from Sweden, and it took only two days to reach the U.S.A…. Since then it has been in the custody of the U.S. postal service for three weeks now… And you’re telling me that Sweden is responsible for that?!” She: “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you… because you sent the letter from Sweden…” Me: “If the letter was sent from Sweden, and there was no evidence that it ever reached the U.S., and that it currently is in the custody of the U.S.P.S., THEN I could agree with you… BUT the letter is trackable… as you yourself just looked it up after I gave you the tracking number… and it shows that it has been in the custody of the U.S. postal service for three weeks now without having been delivered… How in the world can you suggest that this is the responsibility of the Swedish postal Service??!” She starts stuttering and talking nonsense that I don’t think she even understood herself… ” So I interrupt her…. ME: “Can I speak to a manager please…” She: “No you can’t… you have to call back…” Me: “I’ve spent a good hour on the phone – most of it waiting to get through, and you’re telling me to call back?!” She hangs up…

  577. Kevin says:

    The tracking is just a farce. It never gets updated. It doesn’t matter how much you pay. I tried to reach USPS by phone and was on hold for over an hour and a half listening to their ads. Nice ads which tell you things you need to do to give them more money and not to make things any easier for you. I’ll never use USPS for anything ever again.

  578. Trevor says:

    Yeah, usps tracking’s a bit of a joke. Apparently my package has been in the LA area for like the last days!

  579. Mort says:

    What with this “tracking” my package gets to a location, gets shipped, 5 days later its back at the same location to be shipped again 2 days later.
    I’m in Australia and next time I won’t purchase from anyone that uses USPS. It Sucks.

  580. Mitch says:

    You guys must just have bad luck or bad local post offices I 5ship and receive multiple packages a week and I have NEVER had any issues. Always fast shipping and never a lost package!!!!!

  581. Dee says:

    Hi. Does anybody know what way are the packages travel, like do they come on the ships by ocean or sea? Maybe thats why there is unrealistic delays all the time?

  582. Bryan says:

    USPS Tracking does not work most of the time. USPS charge customers but does not provide the service. Not only money, it involves serious issues.

  583. Brian says:

    Lol for over a day it’s been at “shipping label created” i’d at least like to know that my package was shipped out already…

  584. Brent Walker says:

    @Dee…. very good thought. The delays of shipping on the water are varied and much dependant on customs / port authority and awaiting clearance.

    What successful Global Shipping companies rely on is the multitude and magnitude of freight with low quoted and secure rates of the shippers & freight forwarders.

    It’s a no-brainer… for any United States -or- European manufacturing company to utilize one of the top 3-4 Global & Logistic companies…and in my opinion, stay far away from doing busines with the non-compete and expensive rates in outta-their-league…like R&L Global and the similar.

    USPS, UPS, Ceva, Fed X …. have their problems indeed….and yes at times…a joke…. But… none more than R&L Global!

    R & L Global …. equates to ( Real Laughs )

  585. JW says:

    I had a package intercept done because someone used a stolen card to pay for the item. (A Playstation 4) USPS then not only takes 3 weeks to return the package, once the package is a day away from being delivered the tracking number disappears from their system and they will not even help me because they quote “have never in the history of the USPS had a tracking number just disappear from their system.” Now I am receiving a chargeback for the stolen card, the PS4 is missing, and I am now out $900+ dollars plus my wife just lost her job last week and now we are overdrafted so am now in it for over $1000. If they would have just returned my package I had someone to buy it and it would have balanced out my account. But the overdraft is $78 a day for some reason and I cannot keep up with it! FUCK USPS they have screwed me, my family, helped out a crook, and now I can barely pay the bills or feed my family all because they want to steal from me. They even made $60 in shipping both ways.

  586. Robert Q says:

    The USPS is unreliable but the joke of USPS tracking is you can see how they screw up. The irony is they don’t try to make any amends for their screw up. I ordered a package to be shipped to me from the next state over by expedited (1st class) mail. The tracking showed me that the U.S. Postal Service shipped my package three states to the south, and then started to route it back up to me. The total time of transit for expedited shipping was 7 days — for something that should have arrived in one or two. Lame. They deserve to go out of business.

  587. Truthful Scammer says:

    I had the delusion that I wanted packages I’ve bother to order: delivered to my house, and on occasion have the house the package is delivered to be the very same one listed as the delivery address.
    Thankfully USPS listed my package as delivered when it was quite literally not so.
    There are three places in my apartment complex that could have held this package, and none had it! At this point, I’m thinking this is a dandy time to cash in on some of the insurance the USPS tracker boasts. Thankfully, since my package WAS delivered (to somebody)
    Now I don’t even HAVE to worry about some incongruous process to get compensated for shit service!

  588. Anonymous says:

    USPS needs to get their website fixed because every time I enter my tracking number on my receipt it says that tracking isn’t available even though I received an email saying “Your package has been shipped, you may go visit and track your package…

  589. Anonymous says:

    I mailed a package from St. Paul MN via USPS.
    The package was addressed to someone in Florida.
    The first tracking location other than St. Paul, MN, was, drum roll here………………..
    That seems a little bit out of the way. But what do I know.

  590. R Medina says:

    I live in NJ.
    On Jan-30-15 a small package was accepted and sent to me from Shenzhen, China. Here is the tracking info:
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    Feb-07-15, 15:46 PM, FLUSHING, NY 1135

    Then after 3 days, I see the following info when tracking my package:
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    Feb-10-15, 21:45 PM, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70113.

    So, package was about 30 miles away from my local PO, then it is sent out more than 1000 miles away. Can someone explain please?

    • jaeger83 says:

      I’ve never heard of it being that bad. I live in Buffalo and have had packages that go from Los Angeles, then overshoot Buffalo to Syracuse, which is several hours east before getting to me. It’s not just USPS, but all of the carriers do that.

      I would guess that it has to do with where they keep their major hubs, and that depending on the level of service you paid for, it will go through the ones that are most efficient for them before they put it on a truck delivering it to your house. Unless it’s a grand piano, it might actually make more sense to shuffle it around the country with other packages, hitching rides on different trains or trucks until it is close or it gets on one where a majority of the packages are headed your way.

      There must be some kind of logic to it.

  591. chris says:

    I also love how at my local post office in tucson az there so terrible to there customers including me! they always over charge me for shipping! even though I use ebay and I go through usps so it calculates everything up including the weight box size destination and type of shipping. For instance I just sold an rc car and the shipping for priority 2 to 3 day shipping with box and everything combined came out to be 18 dollars went to the post office and she charged me 30 dollars for a longer delivery date. I even told her and showed her and she’s like well there wrong! lol even though it was an official usps site! just like when I shipped a package that i insured for over a 1000 dollars so it automatically comes with signature of confirmation and the scum on ebay tried to scam me saying he never got it! so i went to the post office told her i need the confirmation signature and she told me umm no you didn’t get it! i said yes i did! it comes with anything insured for over a 1000 dollars automatically you dumb idiot! finally she gets her manager and comes back with the signature paper never admitting she was wrong! what is with these people! there so f’ing DUMB! I’m only using fedex for now on!

  592. chris says:

    I sent out a package on the 11th of feb 2015 and all it shows is that it was accepted that day and that it left it is now the 14th of feb and it still says the same exact thing! whats the point of tracking if it only tells you it shipped? lol what a darn joke!!! how is this tracking at all?! they need to get better people working at the post offices and also change a lot of things! there just as bad as the people at the dmv!

  593. nk says:

    I booked a pickup service on the USPS to ship out a box, and of course, they never showed up. I had to grab a UPS gentleman on the street to send the package instead.

    One time I tried print & ship service on their website to avoid crazy waiting time at post office. I kept getting error, so tried using different browser/credit card number etc. After about 15 times, I gave up. I googled and found other people were having the same issue for a long time. Basically it didn’t look like it had ever worked before.

    The other day, they lost an official transcript from school. It just disappeared into thin air. I had to order it again.

    And just recently I was expecting a very important documents required for job application from overseas. It was sent as a registered mail. Apparently I was not at home at the time they came (although I was), but they didn’t leave a note. I went to tracking service on their web, and it said the mail was returned to the sender. I didn’t want to believe that, so I went to the last post office that had the mail. They said the letter was not back from delivery and they would call me once they tracked it down. Of course, there was no call. Then I went to another post office, which is closer to my address, and they had it there. It took a week to track it down since the day they didn’t leave the note.

    One time they lost a pair of boots that I bought on Amazon. Amazon sent me another pair, but the first one never turned up. I loved buying things on Amazon before, but I don’t use it so much anymore. It’s just not worth going through the hassle of dealing with USPS delivery.

    I never use USPS to send something that needs to be delivered for sure. I just get really worried when something comes via USPS.

    They should take down all of the services that they are not capable to offer from its website and focus on delivering letter/package to right address. It is a bare minimum service that any post office in the world offers, and USPS is failing to execute that. I only have been here for a year in a bit and I had way too many USPS issues so far.

    I wonder why USPS is so incompetent. And why is this kind of laghable service operating as a legitimate business in the first world country?

  594. ray hamus says:

    u s p s could t track their ass with 4 eyes

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  596. My mother, in ny, always sends stuff that way to me. With me being in Las Vegas, I am always trying to track things. So I completely understand your frustration!

  597. Mrs Maria Jolly says:

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  598. casino says:

    This must be the worse company on earth… for sure. Cannot do anything if u try to track anything down throw at U a million forms to fill, Come on moving to move my little parcel from one end of their storage room to another side, same location, took them one MONTH… hahahaha. No wonder in Australia nobody uses them…. A laughing stock… I have been waiting for an item from eBay for my iPhone. But I am upgrading my phone now and the item will be useless…

  599. chris says:

    Sometimes I find difficulty in tracking my USPS package. The USPS website throws errors frequently

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    working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and
    I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.
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  601. Scott says:

    Post office employees have guaranteed jobs. It takes an act of Gd to remove them. And they know it. And that’s why all the problems.

    As soon as it is easier to fire them, they will fix it.

    Only Congress can fix it bu they only vote the way of the top 8 lobby groups. Our USPS concerns are not theirs.

  602. Victor says:

    I bought contacts on the 25th last month. It’s the 19th. Halloween’s in 6 more days (I think) and these cosmetic contacts were around $100. I’m kind of worried. It’s been in the same facility for 20 days and it went from NJ to GA and I’m in CA. Seems like an excuse to complain about the hurricane.
    I honestly wish the International Market near my house was open (but they’re on holiday due to summer I guess). Wouldn’t have been such a waste of time and less costly :^(

  603. R says:

    Fuck USPS order my shit like 2 weeks ago and my shit just keep saying its has been shipped motherfucker LA isn’t even far from Pittsburgh so we’re is my shit never ordering through USPS ever again💯💯😡

  604. Victor says:

    Haha 4 days after I made that comment, they sent my stuff to NY, claimed it unclaimed after a few hours, then sent it back to the Czech Rep (where it originated from).
    A+ service, USPS.

  605. Moseley says:

    I ordered a package from an individual in China. It shipped, made it’s way through New York on the 19th but has since been lost in action. I am sure that it does not take that long to fly a small package to Florida, nor update tracking information but still am seeing the same information since it left New York. Real time information is not that hard to implement. Use Linux for God’s sake.

  606. Adam says:

    Hello 2003, it’s me from the future in the year 2015. I was about 12 when this was posted and now Im about to be 25 yo. I can confirm that USPS still sucks. Their tracking system is still horrible, and stupid Amazon still uses them. Wow how much things have changed lol.

  607. Eric says:

    Can anyone explain how my package made it to NY in three days, got sorted for two, through customs in one, and wound up back in China where it started, halfway around the world, in four hours?

    December 4, 2015 , 9:30 pm

    December 5, 2015 , 8:38 am
    Processed Through Sort Facility

    December 8, 2015 , 5:15 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    December 10, 2015 , 5:56 pm
    Inbound Out of Customs
    Inbound Into Customs

    December 11, 2015 , 11:41 am
    Processed Through Sort Facility


    • emc says:

      I’m sure the whole “4 hours to china” thing is just because of the time difference. still ridiculous that they sent it back. maybe it had wrong amount of postage? No idea. Can anyone really explain a practical way usps functions? Did you ever get your package?

    • lara says:

      means the package going back to you , its been rejected.

    • John Doe says:

      Perhaps your package was broken into two packages w/ the same Tracking number? Did you order from Fasttech? who knows … did you ever get this package? will you ever return to this website .. .and how has this site stayed up for so long?

  608. Chacon says:

    I purchased something overseas in China. It got to customs in two days. it got approved through customs in two days. It reaches USPS offices on January 26. The package left January 28. My expected shipping date was February 1. The whole way I was tracking it. Except if never updated not even on February 1. Knowing how USPS works I didn’t put much mind to it and figured it would arrive. Yesterday I called my local USPS office. He told me on his system it didn’t even show the fact it left New York. But It is now February 5. I just received an email saying that my package was delayed (yeah no kidding). My package is currently in Baltimore. But the icing on the USPS cake is that they cannot garuntee me an expect date. I swear I have learned my lesson on being cheap. Next time I’ll pay extra on shipping

  609. Brian Clark says:

    Almost 15 years after the blog roll was created – and no change in the USPS – except; if I dare say – may even be worse and more worthless than before. It is unfathomable how any sort of business operation can go on this long and be this shameful – without having enough complaints to the US Government to fix the damn problems – or be forced to shut down.

  610. Brian Clark says:

    I have seen chinese rickshaw drivers deliver more weight – a greater distance – and work all day doing it – and these idiots at the post office think they have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaints to their job? Worthless individuals – get out of the business and go somewhere else because you’re fucking with people’s personal stuff and we don’t want someone that doesnt take their job seriously to be messing with our mail.

  611. Matt G. says:

    2016 and still broken, it takes less time for packages to travel between Az and Vt than from NM or CA to Az, as far as I can tell my package has been sitting in Reno for almost a week(it takes 14 hours to drive to Reno from my house……(Your item was picked up by a shipping partner at 1:27 pm on February 27, 2016 in RENO, NV 89506)

  612. Brett says:

    Been 13 years and it still looks like nothing has changed. My package has been in the
    “Arrived at USPS Origin Facility PHILADELPHIA, PA 19116” state with the information message,
    “Your item arrived at our PHILADELPHIA, PA 19116 origin facility. The item is currently in transit to the destination.” Since March 7, 2016 , 8:06 pm. It has a scheduled delivery date of “Thursday, March 10, 2016”, and it is currently 3:35 PM, they have about 2 hours from my understanding before it ‘won’t’ be coming today. Hmm, that sure is a long way to go in 2 hours 😉

    Why don’t they just pay a team of developers for 300k (could hire about 3-5 decent ones for a year), and actually get a system that works….? I mean grab a Walmart handheld scanner from Epson or Symbol, and create a SIMPLE database system that updates when a person scans the dang package. Them provide all processing employees with a scanner and call it good. Problem solved.

  613. Chelsea says:

    I was 8-9 years old when this was posted, now I’m 21, going to be 22 in a couple months and it’s still 100% true. If after 12 years USPS still sucks this bad I have no idea how they are still in business. My mom who is 200 miles away mailed me a letter and it took a WEEK before it was in my mailbox. I could have driven there and back in 6 hours. Tracking is still a nightmare. I get scans from it leaving a location, then arriving back at the same location 6 or 7 hours later.

  614. Madelyn says:

    USPS does really weird things, i sent this package to Spain last week, they send it from Opa Locka to Miami, then from Miami to Fourt Lauderdale (can’t understand why) and now it says departed from Fort Lauderdale but that was three days ago… don’t know what kind of plane takes 3 days to go to Spain.

  615. Tom Daugz says:

    I agree this is the ultimate joke… I sent for an item in China and it was shipped quickly, moved through customs there quickly and then arrived at ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS), but then was sent to Puerto Rico instead of coming to me in Upstate NY, only 130 miles north of the ISC in NYC. TWF do they think about on a daily basis??? I see this happens all the time. Can’t USPS employees read?

  616. usps track says:

    We have successfully received the transfer with the amounts indicated USPS Tracking
    in the budget. Until is not checked that the payment is made, post can not proceed to the procedure of import before the Spanish customs.

  617. CSH says:

    I live in the Bronx, NY. My mail and packages, originated in Queens, NY, approximately 5 to 10 miles away, arrive in the Bronx through New Jersey. I actually had one package that went from New York to Pennsylvania to New Jersey to my Bronx NY destination. What a waste of money, manpower, resources and time.

  618. WindTheWolf says:

    I ordered a package from the UK about 3 weeks a go. I dont mind it taking so long to ship. The description for the item (a faux fur tail) said it would take about 14 days before it could be shipped. But since february 4th, it has been in a ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) for three days! Today is February 7th. I keep checking my email just incase I get a message. How long does it freaking take to sort mail?! My dad told me it might be on a truck and it juat hasnt checked in to tge next place. Well if its on a truck WHY DOES IT TAKE FREAKING 3 DAYS??!!!! It has been 14 years and the STILL havent changed this problem or have even tried! If its not here by next week Im sending them an email. Its not gonna work but its worth a shot!

  619. WindTheWolf says:

    I live in Rocheser NY. I ordered a package from the UK about 3 weeks a go. I dont mind it taking so long to ship. The description for the item (a faux fur tail) said it would take about 14 days before it could be shipped. But since february 4th, it has been in a ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) for three days! No info since then. Today is February 7th. I keep checking my email just incase I get a message. How long does it freaking take to sort mail?! My dad told me it might be on a truck and it juat hasnt checked in to tge next place. Well if its on a truck WHY DOES IT TAKE FREAKING 3 DAYS??!!!! I have a cosplay convention in April, but I have to get other parts of my costume. I dont have time to deal with this. It has been 14 years and the STILL havent changed this problem or have even tried! If its not here by next week Im sending them an email. Its not gonna work but its worth a shot!

  620. Bob Buckley says:

    Every time i order something it takes twice as long as the other 2 companies, They should start paying employees on performance, as see how quick we can get packages. I hate USPS

  621. Bernard Jones says:

    USPS Tracking is useless. Totally and completely useless.

  622. takes 4 days from FL