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My domain makes me out to be some what of a stalker, but I am not by any means. I don’t even have the hots for Mena, I just wanted to give them all a laugh.

I am here today to tell you that there really are TypePad stalkers. I met one tonight.

At about 10:50 PM the home phone rang (this is odd, as there were already parties in bed). I sprang up from CSI and answered:

Me: Hello? **rage builds but is low because it could be someone in trouble**
Stalker: Hey you don’t know me… But I was wondering if you had another discount code for TypePad.
Me: Umm no. **holds back words that would make a soldier grimace**
Stalker: Really cause on the post it says you have a lot
Me: Yea well email or something and I’ll look. I’m not at the computer. **in disbelief that holding back rage is working**

To whoever you are: I do have some discount codes remaining. You’ll never get one from me. And I hope from no one else. Calling someone’s home number (not posted anywhere… what did you do? Look it up in DNS?) late is uncalled for. Call the cell during the day if you feel the need to hear my [sexy] voice. However, the post said “comment” not “call my house at night”.

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