Must sign that Visa

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card.gifI’m a pretty average guy—I don’t want someone to steal by cash. So when I got my Visa check card I wrote “Ask For ID” instead of signing my name. Worked great (although most cashiers don’t ask) for 6+ months. Today at the wonderful ol’ USPS Post Office, I gave the over-paid-under-worked man my card as usual. Once he sees “Ask For ID”, he points to a sign that says, “We do not accept unsigned credit cards” and then reads it to me like I’m a blind man while handing back my card.

I looked at him with the most oppressed serial killer face I could muster, take his pen, and without looking down make a squiggle on the card. Still without looking down, I hand it back to him and say nothing. He gave no complaints and checked me out as usual.

The garbage in the slight grey box in the image is what my sightless scribble made. That from now on is my sig. 🙂

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  1. Melanie says:

    It annoys the crap out of me when cashiers don’t check my signature. Why have it at all if noone is going to even pretend to look at it?

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