Who really owns 22?

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I was under the innocent impression that integers were public domain. Alas. I just found out that trendy US textile companies own ’em. Take the fight over the fine ’22’… Hollister [no site because they are so trendy sticking to a 1-year hosting contract would be a big risk] is suing rival American Eagle Outfitters over use of the number 22 on its apparel.

My favorite part of the case:

According to the lawsuit, Hollister began using 22 the day the chain was started in 2000 to represent the fictitious year it was established – 1922.

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One Response to “Who really owns 22?”

  1. jack meoff says:

    I am a frequent hollister user and an ae user and i mean its just a number they should just give it to abercrombie

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