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Never advertise with Feedster unless the money is worth the joke that will be the results. The first run was so bad for everyone that we all got double what we paid for. The CTR for the first 10,000 averaged 0% (rounded to nearest tenth I believe). Things improved to an amazing .1% with the next 10,000. So all in all for $10 I got a few clicks that weren’t my own (just to make sure the reporting was really working). Great.

Sorry Scott—You need to target ads (it says you do, but since I didn’t pick keywords and the last 10,000 went pretty darn fast I think it’s faux targeting) or get a decent lock on your door for when real advertisers come knocking for their money back. The results I got from Google AdWords were about 25-45 times better than with Feedster. 🙁

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