Spam ratchet up a notch?

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Anyone else seeing more spam today (literally it just started today)? I woke up to literally 20 messages that got past my filters pushing nothing but Viagra, low interest rates and weight loss. I’m 18, in no need of a loan, and have a body mass index that would beat Tiger Woods in a round of golf. When will they learn to target this crap?

15 more awaited me when I got back from class. Using 91% as the average number of spams caught by Spam Sieve, this makes today’s junk in the 300-320 range. Not bad for half a days work eh?

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2 Responses to “Spam ratchet up a notch?”

  1. allan says:

    yeah I’ve noticed more spam than legally recommended recently. Mostly in the breast enlargment and lip enhancement area. And to think I was hoping for gynecomastia to kick in and give the nice full bust line I need to get ahead in life.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    I updated to SpamSieve 2 and have heard good things. Stuff like 99.5% of spam being filtered. That’s impressive!

    It’s still high today, I’d guess at least 100 so far.

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