No I won’t do your homework

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I was looking for some web dev work tonight and found this. Some guy wants his resume in XHTML… No biggy. Oh wait—it’s not his resume. Here’s the link he gives for more info. This guy is paying someone to do his homework. A quick look at his history says he’s a serial cheater.

HTML is dog-easy. I pray this bum isn’t in a computer major. It would almost be worth taking the job just to get his real name to report to the prof.

Update: So I did the prick thing and found the last name of the Prof (via the link). Using that and the search engine on the university’s site, I found his email address. He wrote back and said it was indeed one of his students. So to whoever you are: sucker.

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3 Responses to “No I won’t do your homework”

  1. Ryan says:

    I hope the cheater gets caught and blacklisted (i.e. unable to attend any college/university again). Academic honesty goes hand in hand with future professional integrity.

  2. t money says:

    i think you all are a bunch of pricks….who cares if the guy is cheating…

  3. kk says:

    this guy seems like an idiot. Why would u cheet. what does it achieve in the end. U might get a job in the end but it wont last very long if he keeps cheating because if you get someone to do it for you you dont learn anything.

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