Monkey see, MacMinute do

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A while ago I changed the ads on MobileTracker to a new color/size scheme. The main page gets standard web banners (468 x 60), while the permalinks get larger “rectange” banners (300 x 250). The colors went from default Google blue to a nice set of oranges (there may be a few alternations as one of the ads is testing out rotating colors). The clickthrouth rate (CTR) went from great to amazing.

Last week, MacMinute made some changes too. They are now using standard web banners on the main page and rectangle banners on the permalinks. Oh, forgot to mention–they have a nice orange on orange color scheme. I think their main page banner rotates colors, but refresh enough times and you’ll see the orange.

Too bad I don’t have their traffic, because I bet just the increase in money they are making by using my technique could pay a nice part-time salary.

**I’m not angry/bitter/upset at MacMinute, they are my boys. Hopefully this will bring them their second sports cars**

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2 Responses to “Monkey see, MacMinute do”

  1. Adelyn says:

    Small is good. Orange is tacky. Times font is my enemy. 😛

    Oh yeah, MacMinute is hot.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    Tacky is the point… If the ads blend in, clicks go down the crapper. 😛

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