Quentin Tarantino on Leno

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Anyone else see Quentin Tarantino on the Tonight Show last night? Probably the single most funny interview I have ever watched. Evidently Quentin hit the open bar pretty hard before the interview, because he made almost no sense. Every sentence was about something new and unrelated. He didn’t even want to promote his new movie—Kill Bill.

It also helped that he was dressed in what seemed like a silk suit that showed a lot of chest (missed a few buttons and went sans undershirt) and had a cane in tow. AKA a pimp suit.

The new movie sounds great, and has received amazing reviews. I’ll be there. You?

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4 Responses to “Quentin Tarantino on Leno”

  1. allan says:

    definitely there. he’s got the best movie-fu out there.

  2. xxx says:

    why did he have a cane???

  3. Jon Gales says:

    Gotta have a gain when you’re wearing a pimp suit. It’s all part of the image!

  4. Take us as you find us.

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