I was blocked

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Jeff over at the new dick-site-of-the-week (AKA www.ipodweek.com) didn’t reply to my emails. He didn’t post a comment to my exposé on his site. But something he did do was block my IP from hitting his content pages. When I try to visit a blocked page, I get sent to www.mrbrainsfaggots.com. Cute.

Since Jeff is about as tech savvy as his new redirect is intelligent, I’ve been keeping up on his site via a proxy server. If there is any doubt about the blocking of my IP, I can read the RSS feed without the proxy just fine. It’s no DNS issue. Tip: Jeff, just wanted to let you know that mod_rewrite can block my access from your whole server, Google for it! It can also make your URLs sexy like MacMinute’s, question marks are so passé.

So where do things stand? Marginal success–tons of people know he jacked MacMinute’s design (hence my blocking). Also, his site hasn’t been updated for over a week. Any readership that he had is surely tired of such poor publishing.

Since no email has been replied to, I suggest calling him: 315-372-6391. Let him know I said hi.

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6 Responses to “I was blocked”

  1. RickMacMerc says:

    Jeff, if you’re reading this, give it up! Pick up a book and learn to design your own site. The effort you are expending to divert the eyes of your accusers could be better spent digging yourself out of the hole you are in…or the one your head is shoved up.

  2. Tom Bridge says:

    Jon, keep it up, web thieves ought to be exposed for what they are: thieves.

  3. Spratt_ says:

    Hey Jon,

    I agree, keep it up. This guy is a moron and clearly this affected him, which is the purpose. As for posting his number, be careful with that, he can definetly cause you some problems because of that. Just some advice. Oh and Jeff if you are reading this, seriously, just forget the pride and take down the site before it gets worse, just until you get your own design.

  4. Jon Gales says:

    The tele is just from a whois, no digging required.

  5. MacManX says:

    As of 12/1/03, no updates since 11/20/03. Sad…so very sad.

  6. dowingba says:

    You’re a hero, Jon. If only more people had it in them to go as in depth as you in punishing design-thieves.

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