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Use this space to comment on iPodLand. Evidently a few people have a problem with it, and have been spamming this blog and other spaces to get my attention. All that did was get you banned. Say what you want about me and my demon tactics here.

For those that don’t know what this posts means, I registered a domain name (ipodland.com) and in the process upset a whole host of geeks. It was publicly available. First come first serve. Welcome to America.

Update: If you posted a comment in the last day or so, it probably got deleted. I’ve been getting tons of spam comments, and have been blitzing the “last 5” without reading the comments. The attack seems to have stopped, so you’re welcome to try again.

But, if you leave fake information and or a personal attack, your comment will be deleted and you will be banned from ever posting another. Why? It puts some honesty in the discussion. I’ve noticed several people commenting under different names to make it seem that there are others that agree with them. This is sophomoric and will not be tolerated.

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7 Responses to “iPodLand”

  1. MacManX says:

    I think iPodLand will be the greatest thing to come to the iPod community since pocket-sized FM radio transmitters.

  2. Bill palmer says:

    I think that the high school pranks of cybersquatters such as yourself are generally met with the kind of bad karma that they deserve.

  3. Brian says:

    I think age-discriminatory remarks need to be confined to those with the aptitude to back them up. The Internet is about opportunity. If you can’t keep up with the speed, then you’re better off in a different medium.

  4. Jon Gales says:

    Good point brian. The friend that tipped me off to the domain was the original owner of ipods.com :). It really is all about speed.

  5. RickMacMerc says:

    Bill…buddy…c’mon! You advertised a website for before you secured the domain–what were you thinking? That’s got to be one of the first rules of marketing: you can’t sell what you don’t have.

    This isn’t cybersquatting: Jon doesn’t want your money. File this one under “Live and Learn” and get on with your life. You screwed up. Put on your big boy pants and admit it. Admit it to Jon and admit it to your MUG, but most of all admit it to yourself. Jon did nothing wrong.

  6. MacManX says:

    Bill, it’s not cybersquatting that got you, it was your poor choice in registration company. There are plenty registration companies out there to say “yeah, sure, we’ll get it for you”, but only GoDaddy.com gets it when you ask for it. Welcome to the game of life, it’s about learning. BTW, cybersquatting does not define a person who beats you out of a domain name because you’re too slow, it defines individuals that purchase popular domain names with the purpose to sell them at very high prices.

  7. PostScript

    How about last week. There are hold-ups for the iTunes Music Store in Europe. Apparently they’re having trouble meeting with compliance requirements or something. One thing making the Euro-iTunes easier: genre. Only two to worry about, Techno and Dance…

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