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Every week in Environmental Science we have a debate. They are usually on topics that are pretty “in the news” and blown way out of proportion. Example: global warming. It really is a non-deal. But if you search Google, good luck finding someone that says global warming doesn’t exist. Or even that there is no global warming.

This week the debate was on the state of our tropical rainforests. Of course if you subscribe to the facts coming out of researchers being paid to come up with numbers that net them more research money, you’ll think that we are destroying swaths of the stuff daily. When an animal comes out of hiding, these merciless killers just swat it to the ground and spit on the now extict wonder. Well that’s not so true. We aren’t deforesting our tropical rainforests. Brazil has actually had a regrowth of rainforest. Asia is having a few problems, but most of the hippies hit on South America. Oh, and we are not killing 50,000 species a year. Enough said.

For daily readers, you can ignore this. It’s purely for poor souls who are in need of a non-biased voice in the world of enviromentalism.

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3 Responses to “Random facts for Google”

  1. rob says:

    And yet…


    “About 9,170 square miles (23,750 sq km) of forest were lost in 2003, just up from 8,983 square miles (23,266 sq km) in 2002, the Brazilian government says.

    The scale is not as high as in the mid-1990s, but it confirms the world’s largest forest is disappearing rapidly.”

  2. pete says:

    No global warming? Thank goodness. Here in England we have had a noticable shift in temparture over the past decade, but its good to be told that we are actually all making things up. You can check the bbc website for further information of the UK’s mass delusions of record temperatures and precipitation. We’ve probably been drinking too much tea.

  3. Jon Gales says:

    Wow Pete. Let’s stop doing research or looking at the big picture–it’s warmer in your part of the world, colder in others. It’s not like we’ve ever had cycles before (ice age?).

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