Prisoner abuse story

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Am I the only one that thinks this has been blown way out of proportion? Wasn’t this a story back in January? Even though the pictures make it look impossible to empathize with, if you honestly thought that the captive in front of you had information that could keep your men alive (the prison was being attacked daily from what I’ve heard), would you hold back? I wouldn’t.

Is it horrible that people could have been raped? Yep. But it happens here even when those being raped haven’t tried to kill our soldiers. If you don’t remember, the incident I speak of (one that isn’t all that unique) was when some football players sodomized a few new players with broomsticks and golf balls. If I remember correctly, maybe even some pine cones. And they weren’t even trying to make them talk.

The point is that this should be a non-story. And it was, until a few photos got sold by 60 Minutes. The parties involved will get what they deserve, and the investigation was well on its way before any word leaked out. The system actually works.

The one idea that I have heard come out of this that I agree with is to destroy Abu Ghraib. It has never stood for anything good–who knows what demons lurk the grounds.

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