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I got my Motorola black box from Vonage today. I decided to put it before my LinkSys wireless base station to give voice traffic priority on the network.

It took about 5 minutes to set up, including the time spent unpacking and looking for a plug. The voice quality is on par with what a landline provides, and I have the ability to either increase or decrease the quality (it’s in the middle now). I haven’t messed with the quality yet.

I have it set up to email me when I get a new voicemail, and I can even listen to the messages online as WAV files. Now that’s slick.

And the best part is when I am in Ohio this summer, I’ll keep my 813 area code. That way it’s a local call from Tampa to Ohio. (I am convinced that very few of my friends will understand how this works).

If you’re interested in Vonage, let me know (comment with an email address, it won’t be shown but I can get back to you). If I refer you we both get a free month.

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