Horse racing for geeks

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I was reading John Gruber’s latest post (he makes some great points) and then went back to other things. Then I saw Kottke posted a link to it, and Larry said he was writing a post about it. From past experience I know that you can watch the referrers of Daring Fireball posts, so I couldn’t resist. Kottke had a lead of around 100 when we (me/Larry) started watching the race.

MacMinute took over in about 10-15 minutes, and now owns the top 2 spots. Kottke still is on top of MacNN, which got into the game a little late. Expect MacMinute and MacNN to own the race down the straight away. My money is on MacMinute. Like it matters, but this method isn’t entirely accurate because referrals from RSS feeds don’t count–Kottke has a ton.

We played this game with Ranchero Software’s referrals on Monday (MacMerc vs. MacMinute). Try it sometime!

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