The day has come

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Congratulations Google. I’ve used you since the main search engine was marked beta (when was that, 98 or 99?). Now I make most of my income from you. Hopefully something wise is done with $1.2 billion…

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6 Responses to “The day has come”

  1. Sean Bonner says:

    Do you really? wow…

  2. Jon Gales says:

    Just to clarify (had someone ask), I don’t have $1.2 billion…. Google is raising that tomorrow. But I do make most of my income from AdSense.

  3. om says:

    wow! what are you doing right jon. impart the wisdom to us lowly working stiffs

  4. Timen says:

    Honestly, I read your stuff… but calling it wisdom is a little overstatement. Sometimes, yes, but not often enough.

  5. Jon Gales says:

    Timen: I never called my writing wise–I was simply saying that Google is going to have over a billion US in cash added to their bank account. I hope that Google does something wise with all that cash. The results could be scary-cool.

  6. Timen says:

    I was talking to om. I was criticizing his over-graciousness. I am sometimes mean, forgive me.

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