What do you use for email?

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I think I need a new client… Mailsmith is slowing down for me. What do you use? How much mail do you have?

I have about 40K messages, and doing anything, especially deleting spam and marking messages as non spam in a search results list take forever. And I just looked and it is using 150MB of RAM, that is real memory not VM.

I use Spam Sieve for spam protection, and for the most part it does great. It has a hard time with some virus emails, but is pretty accurate.

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4 Responses to “What do you use for email?”

  1. Lee Bennett says:

    In spite of being an MS product, Entourage behaves rather well for me. Interesting to hear you say you’re not really liking Mailsmith so much because I keep giving serious consideration to switching–if they’d just add IMAP support.

  2. James Huff says:

    I’m sort of a “fence sitter” in this one. At home I have my .Mac account, my ISP account, and my MacMerc account coming through Mail.app, while my school account comes through ThunderBird. And on my PowerBook, I have my MacMerc account and school account coming through ThunderBird and I don’t use Mail.app on my PowerBook. I like ThunderBird and Mail.app equally, their SPAM filter techniques are almost identical and very accurate. I’m not sure if either will be good for your large payload. I don’t allow my inboxes to go over 500 messages. Here on my iMac G5, ThunderBird uses 27.5MB of RAM while Mail.app uses 16.5MB.

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