Internet generation

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This AP piece sums it up:

people are now the savviest of the tech-savvy, as likely to demand a
speedy broadband connection as to download music onto an iPod, or
upload digital photos to their Web logs.
The Internet has shaped the way they work, relax and even date.

I am part of this generation. Not having always on internet access is abnormal to me. I often answer email faster than voicemail. I talk to several business partners exclusively online (concerning my online career), sometimes having never met them. I met my girlfriend online and yea I post videos and pictures from cell phones without thinking about it.

I think another point about this tech-centric generation is there are no physical boundries. From not using telco phones with long distance limits (cell phone and Vonage, long distance extra fee free all the time) to international commerce with tools like PayPal, we’re fully globalized with no extra work. I can just as easily do business with someone half way across the world as someone across the street.

It’s a fun time to be online.

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