DV video camera reviews

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There’s a big gap in the online market for a killer DV cam site I think (Camcorder Info just doesn’t do it). A nice database of what’s out there with a search that can let you choose what features you want and what you want to spend.

And reviews. No one has reviews of the latest cameras. Search results pages are littered with shopping comparison BS from the likes of Epinions/Shopping and C|NET. Typically they let you write your own review but have none from existing users. Since you can buy the stupid thing already there should be reviews all over the net.

I have a feeling a site with good (but not over the top like Camcorder Info’s) reviews of consumer camcorders would do very well. It’s a big purchase that most people will research quite a bit.

Case in point, try to find an actual review of the Canon Optura 60.

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