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If you’re like me and wait until the lastest time possible (if you have to pay, why pay early?) to file your tax return, make sure to use free file. If your return is simple, you can use an online service for free. I used TurboTax and it worked like a champ. If you go right to the TurboTax site, the service I used will cost you, so make sure to use the link on the free file page.

(I haven’t e-filed in the past because I didn’t think it was right to pay for the IRS to save money. Now that it’s free I’m all about it.)

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One Response to “Tax tip”

  1. pixelenator says:

    Hi, i just saw that file free this morning on my bank’s website, but will it work for a one person company.?
    i know exactly how much i’ve spent and gotten for the past year so simple no more than 8 trans… but i dont if that will work for me since it’s business not an individual.???
    Thanks for the tip