Trying out some new software

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I’m trying out some new software to help increase my productivity. Here’s each and the reason why:

  • QuickSilver – I used this for a bit before Tiger and have quickly tired of Spotlight as an application launcher. It’s slow and well can only launch things. QuickSilver can do more and seems to be faster at that task (it’s not for searching inside of files…. Yet.)
  • DesktopManager – I always had too many windows open: email, web browsing (multiple windows with multiple tabs), iChat, text editing and sometimes more. Now I have a new desktop for each genre and simply use mouse gestures to get to the right one. Seems to work so far.
  • TextMate – I haven’t been happy with BBedit for some time so I’ve been looking around for a new text editor. Development on TextMate seems to be going strong and the feature set is already pretty nice. I’m trying to go BBedit free for the trial of TextMate.

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