Loving life at 1920×1200

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I finally got the 24″ Dell display that I ordered last month and it was well worth the wait. This thing is hot. My PowerBook is able to power both its 15″ display and the new one, leaving me with an amazing 39″ of pixely goodness.

Why I chose to go Dell over Apple:

  • Cheaper, but both Dell and Apple use similar screens since they both just repackage OEM equipment.
  • Dell offers a three year warranty versus just one year from Apple.
  • The Dell screen has so many inputs its silly, I’ll be able to hook a Windows box up to it for testing purposes (there is a button on the front to switch inputs).

I haven’t figured out how to get the memory ports on the side to work (Compact Flash, SD, etc). That may be a Windows-only feature. Other than that, it’s perfect.

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  1. Brian says:

    When I got my mini, I went Dell with the monitor and am glad I did. It looks great, was dirt cheap and the extras are fabulous: built-in USB 2.0 hub, digital + analog inputs.

    Since then I’ve bought a digital camera (Kodak) and Pocket PC (Axim) from Dell Small Business (both for much less than the alternatives). If you’re not going with Apple, it’s hard to beat Dell.

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