Re-visiting PHP Nuke

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I just downloaded the latest version of PHP Nuke to take a look at how the source has progressed (I haven’t done much with it since version 5.X which is what MacMerc still runs, though we’re going to switch to Drupal). Well, it hasn’t gotten any better (either in code quality or user experience). PHP Nuke may be the most bloated CMS ever. Look up feature creep in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Francisco Burzi in a PHP Nuke shirt. Amazing that it is still being actively developed.

I’m glad I wrote these guys off years ago!

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2 Responses to “Re-visiting PHP Nuke”

  1. Alex Payne says:

    I had to get intimate with the PostNuke source for a previous gig. Not happy times.

  2. I feel for you Alex. You should see the source for 5.X that we’re using for MacMerc!

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