Digg commenters closing in on Slashdot

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I’m a big fan of Digg, but as the site grows it is suffering from trolls. This can be seen by both the poor selection of links submitted (and more surprisingly also Dugg) and the intelligence in the comment sections. It is really reminding me of Slashdot.

Here’s a great example of comments that just serve no purpose. There are over a dozen people that mention the same feat was done on the show Mythbusters. Discounting the fact that Mythbusters only gets a few viewers each week (it’s hardly ever on rating charts and is very lucky if it pulls a 2 share), the mere fact that everyone felt the need to point this out again really rings of Slashdot. If you’re bored, here’s another example.

I think there should be a feature that lets readers filter out comments from commenters with no stories promoted to the front page. Much like the ratings at Slashdot allow you to filter out the riff raff. This isn’t going to curb poor links being submitted, but it will help the signal-to-noise ratio for registered users. Then again, there is already a ratings feature but it doesn’t seem to be used (unlike at /. where it’s what actually powers the filter).

Just an idea.

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One Response to “Digg commenters closing in on Slashdot”

  1. Milo_Hoffman says:

    I am starting to think there more problems with Digg than trolling.

    The dupes, the poor quality articles that pop up, the fact that stuff magically disappears and its impossible to find them when they should only be 2 pages back etc.

    There are coulple things I think would help.

    a) There should be BOTH a positive and a anti digg. This would enable people to add a NEGative vote to things that are dupes etc. The problem digg has right now is that 30 idiots can make a lame ass story pop to the top, even if 2000 other people would NOT have “dug” it. There needs to be a a negative voting figured into the mix.

    b) Along the same lines, it would help if people could “take back” their dig, or change their vote from Yes to No.

    c) The whole site needs to be changed. What would work better than the current mystery rising and falling of articles would be more of a system like K5. Basically, when I first heard of digg I invisioned basically a Slashdot that people VOTED to pick the next headline, and once that article is picked as next, then it is “frozen” in that place forever in the list of old articles.

    It seems to me that this would work better, having the next article picked and not this mystery popup/popdown aging, speed of diggs etc stuff going on that just does not work to me.

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