I own a Windows machine

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I bought a PC with Windows on it today… Yes, you read that right. It’s to test out websites and such, so I haven’t converted. I was able to configure Synergy well enough that I can use my white Apple keyboard and regular Logitech mouse which makes things pretty easy.

Both my laptop and (new) desktop connect into my flat panel since it has both DVI and VGA. With the flick of a wrist to switch Synergy and a touch of a button on the screen I can switch platforms. Very cool and no need to buy a KVM.

As for the machine itself, it’s nothing special. Good deal for the money though.

Plus, now I’ll be able to try out that Google IM client :P.

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  1. pixelenator says:

    Well Welcome, i think on some level you will like to have it around.. Not too bad

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