Dhiram Shah steals designs

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Larry pointed me to a site that totally ripped my design at MobileTracker. The CSS even has my designer’s email addy in it!

Gizmodo linked them today, that’s how Larry found it, so I wrote the editor to ask him to not link in the future since the site is low on ethics. He was surprised and agreed.

I’ve emailed the site alerting them that this is a copyright violation and is absolutely not acceptable. We’ll see…

UPDATE: I found the site is owned by Dhiram Shah, who also runs PhoneyWorld.com.

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7 Responses to “Dhiram Shah steals designs”

  1. dowingba says:

    As of 2:48am EST on September 2nd, it looks like they’ve deleted their CSS file (and not replaced it with anything).

  2. He blaims it on a “design company”. I know he was a reader of MobileTracker as recently as a few months ago, so it seems fishy.

  3. Well, I agree with you people because I had already worked out there a Dhiram’s place for two months and It was shocking to me when I saw him really stealing the designs and after that I stopped working out there!

  4. John says:

    He also steals this content too, whole articles sometimes from other sites sometime, he also find entries, from other blogs and doesn’t give that blog the credit through a via link. I always thought if you found something at another persons site you always gave them credit via a via link i thought this was blog law

  5. John says:

    he is getting alot of traffic from gizmodo from the entries he steals from other sites and doesn’t list any via link so people think that content and products was first done at his site, when it it was not it was stolen form another persons site. This guy is giving bloggin a bad name. i think he is in co hoots with gizmodo.

  6. craig says:

    yeah he stole my content the other day, i noticed because i saw it list on gizmodo

  7. Dhiram Shah says:

    At that time I had contacted a design company to redesign our website – Newlaunches.com. Yes, I had come across Mobiletracker (Jon’s website) in the past, being a writer I come across hundreds of new websites everyday. Had I known that the designer had ripped a website design I would have never used it.

    Following Jon’s email I immediately took down the CSS of the website and rolled back to our old design. My fault being that I could not figure out the designer I had contracted had ripped off a design, I have apologized to Jon on multiple occasions to delete / edit the misinterpreted information that he has put up here but to no avail. Contrary to whats posted here, Gizmodo has linked to our content hundreds of time along with the likes of Engadget, Digg, Slashdot, PCMag to name a few.

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