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Here is the video [11MB, MPEG] that was on NBC last night. Music star Kanye West decided to use his little amount of time on the program to spout about Iraq and how George Bush, “Doesn’t care about black people.” I’m sure that was news to Dr. Rice who by most estimates GW’s best friend. How selfish of West who should have helped the cause to raise money.

This video looks like a SNL skit (well SNL back when it was funny) and oddly enough even features former cast member Mike Myers. Kanye is an idiot and has never sounded more like one than in this clip.

My dad and brother are heading to the gulf coast tomorrow to meet some tractor trailers sent from my dad’s NGO in California. Food, water, diapers and no politics.

UPDATE: Kanye is a much bigger idiot than I was giving him credit for, here is a quote from him on the Ellen show today:

“A year ago I was on tour with USHER and we had a hurricane hit Florida and everybody was saying, ‘If this hurricane went to Louisiana, if it went to Mississippi, they wouldn’t be able to handle it.’ (That was) a year ago – and there was nothing done about it.”

Stunning statement there buddy. You’re right, no one knew that New Orleans was not equipped to handle a big storm until George Bush figured it out a year ago. Oh wait, it has been known since A. Baldwin Wood created the pump and levee system nearly 100 years ago. Why build a city on a fault line (*cough* LA)? Hindsight is 20/20.

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14 Responses to “Kanye West fundraiser video”

  1. PoorMike says:

    Poor Mike! I’m sure he wishes he had never volunteered to host with Kanye.

  2. Dennis Le Blanc says:

    Bush IS pathetic – go Kanye. The whole shabang shows just how much fear, jealousy, resentment and most of all lack of community there is in our hollowed out and politically wedged country. When 40,000 people died in Iran last year there were virtually no instances of looting or violence. People worked together. They didn’t sit on their porch with shotguns protecting the family VCR.

    Bush doesn’t care about poor people. As he said to a crowd of corporate dicks, “some people call you the elite, I call you my base”.

  3. Cam says:

    Kanye, we back you 100%, we believe had it been President Bush’s home town help would’ve been provided in abundance a lot sooner than the little help finally provided for our people. We also understand that this is an emotional time for our people and how easy it is in this emotional time to choke on your words. However stated you were loud and clear! God bless us all.

  4. dowingba says:

    So the two leftists in this thread agree that political gain is more important than saving lives. Nice to know.

  5. Yea I agree that this shouldn’t be about politics–if you really believe that there are much better platforms than a telethon to raise money for a non-political organization. Write a song about it, put it on MTV.

    I checked the logs and this page sits highly in a few search engine results pages, so there have been quite a few people coming here to view the video (about 1.2GB worth a day). That’s where these crazies came from :).

  6. Administrator says:

    I am a jackass. Animals roam abundant. Do not attempt to thwart me.

  7. Mzzflex says:

    I agree with the administrator’s second comment, at least the first line of it, but not the first. It’s clear that he’s just crazy. I mean, what was he talking about with animals and thwarting?

  8. John Real American says:

    Kanye is a fucking stupid, fat-faced NIGGER!

  9. Paul says:

    And you, John, are a closed-minded, racist piece of shit!
    And on a grammatical note, you can’t use two adjectives in a row, without a comma, thus proving that racists are stupid, and have a mode intelligence quotient of 5.

  10. Michele says:

    Weather you agree or disagree with Kanye’s Statement, I applaud him for saying what was on his mind. We are forgetting about his right to free speech. (I think someone wrote an amendment or something). I don’t understand why everyone is afraid of someone who expresses his opinion. We have a right to not like the president or have certain opinions about him. The last time I checked this was America, home of the free, right? So why was the network tripping all over themselves trying to detatch themselves from Kanye’s statement. They are punks. Politics has taken a turn for the worse when “the people” are afraid of the president.

  11. Michele: It’s great he can say what’s on his mind, but the venue wasn’t the right place to do so. Send out a press release, but don’t sabotage a fundraiser!

  12. The European says:

    Oh my god! Kanye spoke his mind! He did right doing it in front of a live camera. I don’t think any TV channel would have allowed such a statement as they are all ultra-right and ultra-religious. You know what I mean? Yea, Fox.

    Fight for your right!

  13. EmyLee says:

    Exactly. Kanye was speaking his mind – this is needed in this time we are going through. If I remember correctly this is supposed to be Land of the free. Key word there is Free. I can’t believe that everybody is running away scared because Kanye spoke the truth. He spoke about George bush not caring about black people. the truth is that George Bush doesn’t care about anybody except the well off. Go Kanye!

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