It’s a global world

When I was in school I wrote a few papers on globalization but it’s just now starting to hit home. According to Measure Map which I’ve only been running for a few days, MobileTracker has reached 155 countries. The list includes countries like Sudan, Iraq, Iceland, Congo and Ghana. The long tail holds true and most visitors come from the US (followed by the UK and Canada), but I still find it amazing to see so much of the world represented.

Yesterday I started to dabble in outsourcing for some programming that I just don’t have time for. Don’t worry, no US jobs were lost–it may just mean the project will actually launch in a reasonable amount of time. In about twelve hours there were bids from over a half dozen companies/programmers located around the world. We’ll both be getting a deal.

Normally I would be nervous about outsourcing a project like this, but since it’s stuff I know how to do it’s a different situation. I won’t be duped by hype because I know exactly what I want and can look at the code and see if it’s up to snuff. I’ll report back here on how it turns out, hopefully soon!

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