Shun knives are sharp

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Shun 8″ Chef’s KnifeI’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of cooking lately and have officially upgraded it to hobby status. For me that means looking for better equipment online and getting excited when it comes. Today I received a Shun 8″ Chef’s knife and I am impressed. Shun is from Japan and with this blade I feel like a Samurai.

The Shun is wow sharp. I almost don’t trust myself with something this deadly. They say a sharper knife is safer because there are fewer slips, but I’m afraid if there is a slip there won’t be anything stopping the knife before it hits the board. I did some dicing as soon as UPS dropped it off (figured I can use the carrots and onions for something this weekend) and it didn’t feel like I was cutting. The weight of the blade dropped my new steel right through the veggies. My old chef’s knife feels like a saw now. Not even a very sharp saw.

While I haven’t put the new tool through all of its paces yet, my first impression is nothing but positive. Great construction, a solid weight but not too heavy (like German knives often are) and a wickedly sharp edge. I might have to go ahead and get the paring knife now too. If you’re unhappy with your current knives, definitely check out Shun. Or really just consider high-end cutlery if you haven’t before–there is a huge difference.

Now I just have to plan a meal where I get to dice everything.

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  1. Knife Sets says:

    These premium kitchen knives are wonderful pieces! What are the ones you prefer to use ? I know many who might debate why this one blade or not, but I don’t. I love Shun, what about you ?

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