Allow this website to use space on your disk?

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Allow this website to use space on your disk? Alert box.


This is part of Safari’s newish support for a database storage feature that’s part of the HTML 5 spec.

This message pops up twice for every page load on the InfusionSoft “ideas website“. Here’s an idea: stop asking to store a megabyte on my computer on every goddamn page load. Technically this is the fault of UserVoice, but I don’t miss many chances to make fun of amateurs like InfusionSoft (and hey, it’s their logo on the page right?).

I finally caved and accepted the databases so I could inspect them and see what was so important that I had to be asked twice on every page load… It’s to use a library called PersistJS. Only they aren’t really using the tables for anything, other than creating them and keeping basic session data. Session data that would easily fit in the 4KB limit of a cookie. In fact there is also a cookie set that contains the same exact data. Good thing we have those databases!

At the moment these databases are technically slick (SQL in JavaScript!), but functionally useless thanks to lack of support and the dire warnings for those that do support it. I’m all for the nerd-cred, but please at least store the fact that I rejected your DB in my cookie session so that you don’t ask repeatedly. Once is annoying, every page load is intolerable.

UserVoice fail.

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3 Responses to “Allow this website to use space on your disk?”

  1. Alan says:

    I have, in the past few days, been getting the same message from Google for my gmail database! So it’s not just the amateurs

  2. Bob Keen says:

    Infusionsoft again? Heavens… how silly and amateurish!

  3. Bjorn says: does the same on EVERY pageload. Sickening.

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