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My What is Twitter piece last week was interesting enough to spur more research. Google Suggestions are quite interesting and is great way to take the internet’s pulse.

Most one-letter suggestions (A, B, C, etc) are for specific companies or services. A = Amazon, B = Best Buy, C = craigslist, G = Gmail. A decent number of these–J = JC Penny, K = Kohls, L = Lowes–are not large online brands, which is surprising.

I’ve known for a while that a lot of people use Google as sort of a universal address bar. They type in a web address and hit search and then hit the top result. I’m not sure why this is so popular, but a certain percentage of people seem to not know you can type in your own address. This is especially popular with real estate searchers apparently, the top suggestion for R is “”. Zillow’s audience is somewhat savvier and decides to just search for Zillow.

The most striking example is one of the suggestions for W is “”. Think about that.

Some other results that surprised me include (these were all found by searching the first letter and looking at suggestions):

  • “edible arrangements”
  • “utube”
  • “poptropica”
  • “addicting games”
  • “kawasaki disease”
  • “”

Overall it seems a lot of people are searching for things that don’t need to be searched for. Curious.

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