George Sodini’s deranged suicide journal

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George Sodini plotted a suicide rampage for nearly a year and unfortunately carried out his plan yesterday. Sodini was a .NET programmer by trade and according to his writings was a very lonely man who felt anger because women didn’t want to have sex with him (he hadn’t gotten laid since 1990–one hell of a drought). He documented his rage and posted it hidden on his website, to read the page you needed to know the date of his death. The last posting in his suicide journal was the day before his massacre.

His website has been taken down thanks to a surge in requests (despite being around since 2000, his website had no incoming links and was hosted on a shared account). What he did was inexcusable, but what he wrote is still worth reading. I have archived his journal in its original form (I saved the HTML file when I first accessed it as these things have a way of disappearing).

There’s an included comment on the page that is especially depressing:

At the gym I saw a woman I like. I see her at the park and ride sometimes, so she isn’t a stranger. Occationaly she makes good eye contact and smiles, etc. She is maybe 40ish, and attractive to me. I made brief conversation to her and a younger woman she was with today. To get a friend like her (and for night time action) I would cancel this plan, or put on hold, at least for a while.

If you’re suicidal please talk to someone, no matter what you think there are people out there that will listen.

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