QuickPayPro is awful

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A new day, a new amazing awful eCommerce CRM known as QuickPayPro. I was tasked with moving customer data out of QuickPayPro for general awfulness and was pleasantly surprised with a very visible “export” feature. Easy I thought.

My first hint that this was going to suck was the form to select date bounds for export data…

QuickPayPro export sucks

Exactly what I wanted–two ways to choose 2009 and an ability to export data from the future! No sorting to boot.

QuickPayPro’s actual export data is a simple CSV format which would be great, but they break one of only a handful of real rules in CSV files–escaping data with contained commas (all it takes is wrapping it in quotes). Address is just one field in their sytem, so for all the records that have something like “123 Main St, Suite X” the contained comma starts a new column and that record will be one column longer than the rest. Bush league.

To top it all off, the export file is riddled with duplicates. The web interface shows X contacts and the export file contains 2X. Joy.

What a load. If you want to move your business off of QuickPayPro let me know. If they can’t master the very basics of CSV they shouldn’t be handling your revenue.

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4 Responses to “QuickPayPro is awful”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I was considering using QuickPayPro. Other than exporting problems can you offer other reasons to avoid using it?

    Seems like QuickPayPro does a lot, including Shopping Cart, CRM, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Management. What did you replace all this with?


    • JG says:

      I haven’t used it first person, but have heard a lot of complaints. I ran into export trouble because the client was trying to get away from them because orders weren’t getting processed correctly and a lot of money was being left on the table. The support also seemed really poor–calling just gets you voice mail and email replies were slow if they ever came at all.

  2. Chris says:

    I would like to give some credibility to the idea that they are not a good company based on the issues you have stated, but looking at the BBB site this company has 0 complaints filed in the past 3 years and an A+ rating.

    • JG says:

      My complaints weren’t regarding how they run their business, but by how their data export feature worked. Things may have changed, this post was from 3.5 years ago and I have not used them since.

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