Work for free. Serious candidates only.

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As seen on Craigslist:

Seeking iPhone Application Developer ASAP. Project details will be provided upon acceptance. MUST be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure contract as this is a SERIOUS project. Payment will be deferred as percentage of profits as this will be an on-going project. Please reply with relevant experience, credits, and contact information. Please not that we are NOT accepting bids at this time as we are looking for a long-term developer.

It’s refreshing to see a project that is so SERIOUS that they are unwilling to pay for labor. At least it’s an ongoing project, because free work doesn’t come around often.

Update: Another gem from later in the day. I’d love to see who replies to these sort of things… Full text with emphasis added:

I am a senior in college looking for a great web programmer with amazing vision. I need ONLY PEOPLE IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA! This project requires regular meetings and so you would need to be in the vicinity. I have an amazing idea for a website and I am offering NO PAY but PART OWNERSHIP of the site in return for your work, which if it is a success can be lucrative. Think facebook or myspace value. If you are someone that has the drive and patience to build this site, please contact me. I need someone with experience in PHP and database programming. I will do the advertising explain my concept to you provided you sign a non-disclosure form and we will go from there. This site can be done in a month tops with hard work…Facebook was built in a week for crying out loud.

So, if you have ever wanted to start something of your own this is the time. Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.

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