Hear that? It’s called class!

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I’m starting up school again tomorrow. Monday’s conist of Calculus 2, Physics and its lab. Not bad at all. Gotta love Match + Science. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are the lame artsy classes.

I was hoping to have a PowerBook before classes started, but Steve Jobs is being really slow releasing the new ones. I’m getting cranky.

Postscript: Wow. My physics class is the easiest class I have ever taken. 83% and up nets you an A. I’m going to try for a final grade in excess of perfect. Take that you under-achievers.

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2 Responses to “Hear that? It’s called class!”

  1. Lee Bennett says:

    Damn, and you said you had PowerBook envy back when I did the ATPM interview.

    My two cents….the 12″ is too small and the 17″ is too big. the 15″ is not going to get an earth-shattering speed bump. Firewire 800 is nice, but not a deal-breaker. Ditto for AirPort Extreme, which is really only useful if you plan to move files across a LAN with multiple 802.11g-equipped machines.

    But the big deal for me is that since the 15″ will, most assuredly, get a facelift to match its siblings, I’m not too fond of all the ports being on the sides due to the redesigned hinge. Also, the new hinge (at least on the 17″) is a bit too loose. I like the stiffness of my 15″. I can pick it up and not worry that the open display is going to fly backward from the inertia.

    My advice: look hard for deals on the 1GHz 15″ before everyone is totally out of stock.

  2. Jon Gales says:

    Oh come on. I *like* ports on the side. I can see where they are without having to straddle the LCD. 🙂

    If they announce new 15″s, that’s what I’m getting. Screw getting a deal on an older one. I want me some Bluetooth + speed :). Probably add the unlimited data plan on my phone so I can get access wirelessly on the go.

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