Shopping spree

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Today was the last day to clear out the scholarship account. Along with a few other bum’s, I was cruising the store looking for anything that was half worth while. Here’s the cool stuff I found:

Liquid pencils – Pens? Yea, I think so too.
USB fan – So geeky, but yet just so cool.
Left hand notebook – My brother is a lefty and has never even seen one of these (have you?). It’s so… LEFT
TI-83 Plus – Yea so it’s not cool. Screw you. I got two and am putting them on eBay.

I got a lot of other boring stuff, but it was pretty damn hard to find anything useful. If it weren’t for the calculators, I would have only spent like $40. Ha. Now, to covert the calculators into an iPod…

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