FedEx billing is crazy

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I have no luck with shipping companies. Just when I thought I was a fan of FedEx, I run into their insane billing policies. My bank was bought out recently, so my account number changed. This caused everything I had on autopay to be rejected, so I had to change a lot of my account information for various companies. This includes FedEx, but of course I didn’t remember this until after I had sent a parcel.

I got a note in the mail reminding me to update my account information, so I went on the phone and did it right then. I then went to a customer service rep to make sure they would know to try my card again, now that it is current. She told me that I would have to mail in a check, because they had already sent a paper notice. I told her I know they sent a paper notice, that’s why I called, and to just run the payment now while I was on the phone. This it appears is an impossible task because it could appear confusing that I got a paper bill and then paid it online (she confused me by calling this process confusing, really haven’t figured out what she meant.)

Any other time I get a bill there is an option to pay online or by phone. I don’t write checks, so I of course put it on the back burner and now it’s going to be right at the wire. If FedEx wasn’t retarded, they would have had their money weeks ago. Way to go.

So now, onto UPS?

UPDATE: I went with DHL. They have a nicer website than either FedEx or UPS.

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