Birthday [again]

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Another day, another birthday. This is the fourth that I have recorded on this website. See 19, 20 and 21 for more info. Despite the 3GSM madness I got sufficiently drunk at the neighborhood bar tonight, which is always a good time. Especially when you don’t have to pay because it’s your birthday… Thanks Scott! I’m really not into celebration for silly things like birthdays (e.g. parties and gifts), but I’m not above free tequila shots. Nobody should be.

Here’s to another year! Bigger and better things ahead.

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2 Responses to “Birthday [again]”

  1. Brad Kellett says:

    Happy birthday Jon! Here’s to many more. And I feel your pain about 3GSM…

  2. chris says:

    Ah, the n3rdlings, they grow up so fast…

    Happy birthday, Jon!

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